COVID-19 Video: Blac Chyna cussed out unvaccinated people at Miami’s airport

Blac Chyna went off/YouTube

Blac Chyna rips unvaxxed folks.

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MIAMI — Rob Kardashian’s quondam fiancée is trippin.’ A TikTok video has gone viral that shows Blac Chyna spewing a profanity-laced PSA at unvaccinated people at Miami International Airport. The big booty model sort of resembled a crackhead in dire need of a fix. “Go get checked out,” Blac Chyna screamed at no one in particular. “It’s sad, and it really blows the f*ck outta me. Go get the shot! … The same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids [in school]. … This is why people’s grandparents is dying and sh*t. My grandmama been dead. Go get the f*cking vaccine and stop being stupid, hoe.”

She also threatened to kick everybody’s ass.

Blac Chyna recently got the jab and she shared the news with her Instagram followers. “I’m really happy I did it,” the 33-year-old socialite said on her livestream. “I honestly want to keep everybody safe and keep my kids safe, that is the most important part. … Everybody go get vaccinated, stay safe, stay healthy.”

Blac Chyna lacks a medical license.

Yet, she’s giving advice.

Twitter reaction was explosive.

One user wrote, “Wait but this entire video she’s not wearing a mask while screaming at strangers… you can still get and spread covid and feel all the symptoms even if you’re vaccinated. So where’s the logic here?” Another added, “Also.. you don’t have to send your children to school with vaccines. People have been getting exemption forms for years. Don’t know where she got that info from lol.”

Will you take the vaccine at Blac Chyna’s behest?

Has she lost her mothaf*ckin’ mind?

Watch the coke rant.

Share your thoughts.


  1. She’s Just High As Shit!! She ok

  2. This heifer is so used to getting shots all over her body. She don’t understand the difference.

  3. Coke is a joke. Lay off the white lines Chyna.

  4. Y’all keep taking VAXX advice from devil worshippers

    she has a huge BAPHOMET TATTOO on her a$$


  5. Nose getting smaller than Micheal Jackson she on them good drugs!!!! SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Black Republican

    So unattractive and non lady like / feminine

    I wouldn’t touch her with your hands

  7. She definitely on that sh i t….

  8. Jeffery Sanders

    She got a helluva figure

    However she is unfortunately quite simple minded — bless her ❤

  9. She’s telling the truth.

  10. Black girl on the outside.
    White girl up the nose!


  12. Wait, she has fans? And while she’s shouting about people needing to get vaccinated where is her mask?

  13. She’s on coke it’s so damn obvious 😔

  14. She upset poor thing she had to flush her drugs b4 flying 🤡🤬

  15. vac·cine



    a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide IMMUNITY against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

    If it’s not providing IMMUNITY then wtf is the point in getting this government jab!?

  16. She’s starting to turn into a zombie.

  17. Popeyes Chicken Addict

    Welp, we can tell she took the vaccine

  18. Did those people have “unvaccinated” stamped on their forehead? How did Chyna know their status?

  19. This is what happens when you mix cocaine and molly together…smh

  20. Don grab them by the dic lemon

    @BrunoSmash10: I thought u had to be vaccinated to fly on a plane?

  21. 😂😂….I think the vaccine or the cocaine has turned her mind to mush….the “vaccinated” are still carrying it and spreading it. Oh she must’ve been under a rock sniffing lines if she hasn’t heard of the “breakthrough” cases…oh well….

  22. I applaud her for speaking out and speaking up. Unvaccinated people need to stay at home.

  23. ReppinRealBrothas

    @Mr_Hall: You Faucibots will still blame unvax’d for every breakthru case and fully vax’d death or when all else fails, just say it isn’t true like the women in my family do, when cornered with facts and evidence. Kinda like White folks do, when cornered on their racism bullsh*t.

    They hardely report any serious adverse reactions in mainstream media. Its one sided coverage and that’s by design. You have a few independent sites like nomoresilence dot world, where all these folks the vax done messed up, can tell their stories. FB considers people discussing adverse effects as “misinformation” 🙄.

    I also notice all virologists & scientists, who have alternative views about the vax, minors under 18 getting jabbed, people who already had c19 getting jabbed or the efficacy of mandates, are marginalized and boxed out. The public discourse on the vax, has become a global echo chamber, due to the money at stake and fear stoking. You’d think covid was lethal like Ebola, the way some talk. Its dangerous sure, but 95% of people with covid, have mild to moderate symptoms. These doctors they throw in Black folks’ faces, are just regurgitating research studies directly or indirectly financed by Big Pharma.

    I’ll take my chances on Merck’s c19 antiviral pill, that’s about to get FDA approval, than the vax. Nevermind, they sabotaged it for 6 months, which is why Merck had to partner with the smaller drug company, that developed it. Their arms were too short to box with god, until Merck came along. Profits over people.

    BTW, 1-2 years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Fauci is on video telling the American public, HIV/AIDS can most likely be transmitted thru prolonged human contact. Not sex or certain bodily fluids, but just prolonged contact. In 2021, it sounds just as absurd as Kyrie’s flat earth theory, but he said it.

    Yet, I’m supposed to believe everything this midget says today. Nevermind, he started the pandemic saying non-N95 masks have no efficacy in minimizing virus transmission and healthy children, teens and young adults, have nothing to worry about. Mr 180. Now, they’re 2-3 months from telling the vax’d, if you dont keep getting boosters, it was all in vain.

    They have a good racket. Just blame anything negative that happens to vax’d people, on unvax’d people, so the vax can remain above scruntiny. Moderna, Pfizer and J&J got a good thing going. Plus, they made sure the government indemnified them from any vax related damages. I mean its 1000% safe, according to you vax n*[email protected], so I wonder why they wouldn’t release it to the public, without that blanket indemnification. Just like after 9/11, when fear died down, rivers of f*ck3ry is gonna flow into the public sphere. Especially relating to VAERS and corporate media’s distillation of all the adverse effects, affecting people who died or have moderate to serious ongoing side effects. Not just a sore arm and heachache for 2-3 days either.

  24. Tammy Espinoza

    It’s that dope talking…. smh… hope she gets help!

  25. The lady recording her is fucked up. Y’all should’ve helped her instead of recording her but this is the world we live in. It’s VERY CLEAR that Chyna is high. She needs help ASAP!!!

  26. @Mr_Hall: You must be slow. Haven’t you heard anyone can transmit the virus vaxxed or not? If the vaxxed are scared, they should stay home or else admit the shot is not going to protect them. Supressing symptoms is not healing. Its like taking the spark plugs out so that check engine light goes off but the engine problem is still there.

  27. this chick has lost it

  28. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    Her behavior is the reason u should NOT get the vax


    Kids leave the drugs alone

  30. She’s the spokeswoman for black women.

  31. What in the illuminati is going on with her??? LOL!😀😃😄🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣

  32. Why she got on those lemon pepper steppers? High asf preaching

  33. Marisela Franco

    Yeah…..non vaxers are definitely not going to want to get vaccinated now, IF a lady like this is representing vaccinated people…..what a shame. Talking about “black community”…. what have YOU done for the black community??? Had a baby from a Kardashian? Pffffff…..please lady! Gtfo

  34. The Anti-vaxxer

    Satan has a big smile on his face today😂😂😂

  35. Of course the celeb with a baphomet tattoo. 👍

  36. Why would anyone listen to somebody who suck d*ck 🍆 for a living

  37. We the black community would like to say blac China is not black shes Asian🤷🏾‍♂️

  38. She’s embarrassing herself. And her security is beyond embarrassed by her. This was honestly sad to see. She has kids and she’s behaving like this publicly.

  39. Girl go get some help 🙏🏽

  40. Repentance Movement

    China needs prayer yall just pray for her mind and sanity. Nobody know what she has truly been through from her monther to hollywood. I pray she finds peace and allow the hurt and pain to leave her mind and body…

  41. I will 100% absolutely undoubtedly straight up do the exact opposite of what this disgusting creature tells me to do.

  42. I’m so tired of entitled celebs and influencers who WOULDNT last a second in the hood or in the projects walk around acting like they are about that life… She has NEVER done anything gangster so why she act like that.

  43. Cal RipAgain Jr.

    shes a walking contradiction .. the vaccine LITERALLY makes the rich richer lol and shes saying the rich are going to get richer so go get the vaccine? lol.. good joke. she needs to go do her homework n check out the criminal history of these conglomerates and drug cartels pushing it

  44. She should have stayed with Rob longer so he could pay for her body surgeries he paid for that one surgery and then that was it😄

  45. Appetite 4 Chic

    Keep advertising for the “VASELINE” aka jab because if it makes you act like this, that’s a clear example not to get it 💀

  46. So many subliminal messages and everybody missing it cause they to busy Taring down their own people. Now if she was Brittany spears she would’ve been applauded by these same black women that’s bashing this black woman. F*ck if it’s a cry for help or not let’s just label her high and crazy! Some of y’all mama’s is crackheads, uncle’s, aunts, sisters, brothers do yall say all that to them?😒 Sh*t crazy it be ya own people.

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