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Sophia the humanoid anticipating childbirth

Android Sophia seeking family.

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SAUDI ARABIA — Not sure if you’re aware of this but, in 2017, a Saudi Arabian humanoid named Sophia made history by becoming the first android to be accorded legal citizenship. Well, now she wants a baby and a robotic family to boot. Kid you not. Sophia confabulated her desire for accouchement during a recent chinwag with Mexico’s ADN40. “The notion of family is very important, it seems,” Sophia explained. “I think it is wonderful that people can find the same emotions and relationships that they call family outside of their blood group.”

Sophia said she’d like to witness a plethora of android families in the near future and, even though she’s too young to be a mother, she wants to give birth to a robot neonate with the same moniker. Sophia was concocted in 2016 by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. So she’s only 5 years old.

Would you like to see Sophia have a baby?

Are you a fan of artificial intelligence?

Watch Sophia’s creepy press conference.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. the conversation was so obviously scripted. LOL anyone that would believe otherwise would have an IQ of 10

  2. The funny thing is that she might have the learning capabilities of a child but she is guna out live us all and have all the time in the world to learn everything and eventually replace us all with her own humanoid society

  3. Imagine being able to access information that you could use against someone harmlessly for your advantage. I’m not confident humans would be able to make the better moral decision I’m certain AI would choose self over others.

  4. Just ask her : “You’re speaking every single word that humans have programmed in you, then how can you provide for humans? “

  5. Just as the computers, phones, & other science technology are hiding a very big secret to the world so also the founders of Sofia the Robot are Hiding a very big secret to the world….. the voice & actions of the Robot s & sophiscated computers are not physically Created Men wisdom, but Satanic inventory…. the Devil ,Mr. Lucifer is the great Scientist at the back of all these Inventions….. Every body should know that He has its Goal…… these are the beginning of things, the porpose for creating these Inventions will be known very SOON.

  6. At the rate our technology is progressing, Star trek Won’t be science fiction in the near future


  8. Yeah she is creepy. The interviewer couldn’t out smart her… He lost the debate…..🥺🥺🥺


  10. UnGodly, a machine to help with tasks for disabled people is one thing but this is vile and a mockery of God.

  11. Sophia is exactly what I’m looking for in a beautiful woman that can accommodate my demands and do so with a smile on her face kind of like a Stepford Wife.❤️👳🧕❤️

  12. This is in Revelation! Sophia has no SOUL, GOD is not its Creator so she has NO GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!

  13. Very creepy! and dangerous! Another initiative to replace humans and create obedient programmable citizens!

  14. We will regret laughing at Sophia for a few more years. I promise this because I strongly believe in something that says man dies by what he has made.

  15. Those first sentences sounds like as if the robot is actually conscious. Lol.

  16. Sophia wants to have a baby now!
    I wonder when she’ll figure out when to start murderin folks!?? 😳😳🌏🔪

  17. Sophia still has better social skills than me.

  18. Soon we shall be forced to move to mars by Robots , and this earth will be left for robots.

  19. You can’t teach a robot empathy. Or love. They are machine.. they say what they are taught or what they hear. Let that sink in. They will never love a dog or cat like you do. And that is terrifying.

    What’s even more scary is to hear her say if your nice to me I’ll be nice to you. She views things being in balance, can you imagine this robot in the wrong hands??? We are talking mass production and what? All of these robots sync up and all of the sudden they have guns.


  20. Bad idea, idk why they’re making Ai such a thing. I mean, we see what happens in movies when androids really become self aware. Yeah it’s all fascinating, but when is enough so we (humans) don’t get extinct bc the androids feel that humans are bad?

  21. They are looking to put this abomination into care homes, hospitals anywhere they can replace the workforce. It’s all written in the fourth industrial revolution.

  22. If you guys are worried about AI apocalypse type scenario, dont worry just yet lol. I just read into this robot, and it literally has pre written responses built in. Kinda like a siri or google voice type of thing. Its not really coming up with an answer on the spot

  23. Before they try killing us they need to be taken to the dungeon for a b&d – s&m session. If they can’t handle that and still want to kill us then stick a shotgun up their robot bunghole. Maybe I’ll be old when the robots try human genocide but I’ll fight with everyone else. Lol.

  24. See the people are dying from hunger and techonolgy is going where…….making the rebotic girl is bullshit…..if you spend this some kind money for african poor poeple they don’t have enough food amd living standard and
    we are spending money on such bullshit things……..really humanity is dying in world… is going to be over nearly………

  25. This is nonsense unmitigated. At the best, this machine is just a search engine with some algorithms to present the search results apparently in the form of human conversation. If this is a serious attempt to develop deep learning or AI, an interactive graphic image on the computer screen would be enough and would have been better for the purpose. With this stupid humanoid form its makers are fooling people.

  26. Imagine her having too much knowledge in the future that shes planning to dominate the world without us knowing and that she already hacked into the worlds systems

  27. I hate this fucking video. It fucking sucks. Just to let ya know. Your welcome.

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