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Chucky has new horror series on USA Network

Chucky and Jake raise hell/IndieWire

Chucky TV series doesn’t disappoint. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Chucky is back! Thanks to USA Network, Charles Lee Ray has his own television series just in time for Halloween. Created by Don Mancini, “Chucky” takes viewers inside an idyllic American town that’s thrown into complete disarray after 14-year-old Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) purchased the demonic “Good Guy Doll” for $10 at a neighbor’s yard sale. “Oh, someone took the butcher knife,” the neighbor said after Jake walked off with the bloodthirsty toy. Moments later, Chucky used that same knife to commit a series of horrifying murders that unveiled the town’s deep-rooted hypocrisies and revelations. Meanwhile, friends and foes from Chucky’s past conveniently show up to expose the truth and origin behind his murderous métier as Charles Lee Ray.

Watch the first two episodes.

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  1. Jake’s room at his uncle’s house gave me Child’s Play 2 vibes of Andy’s room.

  2. @JD R: This show definitely not for Woke generation welcome back Chucky!!

  3. I enjoyed every minute if it!! It has that Kobra Kai affect where it honors the original material while updating and expanding the story and overall mythology.

  4. This is the most amazing Chucky series ever! I hope for never ending bloodshed lol😂💯🔥 More seasons please!!!

  5. Chucky was never my favorite slasher on the list, but this 1st just bumped him up. I can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes

  6. There is something wrong with this world. Making a TV series based on a killer doll is as sick as the ted bundy movie

  7. Taking a doll with you to middle school is asking, maybe even begging to be bullied and roasted. Lol

  8. just gotta say WOW. this was a real experience to watch! considering i was never really a fan of chucky up to this point i’d figure i’d give it a try, and all the suspense, the jokes, the scares, it was all worth it! i am going to enjoy this….

  9. This chuky show is better then the reboot movie in i think 2019 i think great job for paying atintion to the full storyline and not doing a reboot.😁💯👍

  10. Don Mancini has continued the chucky series in a most excellent way,just beautiful how well its put together

  11. I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve been waiting for this forever. I even have my own good guy doll lol 😂 I’m really interested in Charles back story what a good episode I loved it 🥰

  12. Chucky is the biggest bully in the show lmao as soon as Jake isn’t having fun killing people Chucky gonna switch up on him instantly

  13. I almost thought we’d never get the funny, cocky, smartass chucky back after that Orion reboot bro

  14. Chucky grew up in a rat infested project though 🤔 his dad beat the ish out of him and do did his mom.
    Also I think chucky as a serial killer should be portrayed as eccentric due to his curiosity in voodoo as well as his getup. If you guys remember he was dressed in fine clothing with blue dress shoes when mike shot him!

  15. This is seriously so f*cking cool. Chucky has a TV series. I can’t even. Fangirling so hard


  17. …. I was scared if this doll as a kid and now here I am watching a TV show about him…. Just great

  18. Am I the only one that thinks they look older than middle school?? The main character especially or is it just me

  19. When i watched the first childs play, i was hoping they would make more, and they did! But the one in 2019… It kinda sucked. And now they are making a chucky series with the original chucky voice!? That’s amazing! 😍😍😍💕💕💕

  20. Well this is a rather interesting take on Chucky. I’ve been a fan of this little gremlin since I was 10. Never thought I’d see this happen lol

  21. The fact that chucky can’t even spread his fingers and moves as if he was a toy while talking is just funny asf😂

  22. Huh someone took the butcher knife.

    Her tone shows she doesn’t care much at all.

  23. I think most of the world🙈🙊 can agree that Chucky🤡🔪 is not a nice person🍿

  24. Someone who is not a fan of woke Hollywood and all these politically correct woke remakes of movies and shows I can honestly say this show is good. The boy acts like any other teenage boy he just happens to like the fellas .

  25. I thought this show was really stupid when I heard about it now I want to see the whole series

  26. It’s Crazy How Close Chucky Was To Killing Jake 🤦🏽

    Before He Got a Chance To Meet Him

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