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Clueless: Stacey Dash no longer addicted to drugs

Stacey Dash joined Dr. Oz/Facebook

Stacey Dash was addicted to pills.

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NEW YORK — Stacey Dash raised eyebrows on Thursday when she admitted to being a drug addict. The quondam junkie, who recently celebrated 5 years of sobriety, dropped the bombshell during an appearance on Dr. Oz. The “Clueless” star spent $5,000 to $10,000 per month on prescription drugs. Damn, no wonder she’s broke. “I was taking 18 to 20 pills a day,” Stacey recounted. “18 to 20 Vicodin a day? That’s expensive,” Dr. Oz acknowledged. “Yeah, I lost everything,” Stacey bemoaned. The 54-year-old swirler also said her boyfriend beat her ass daily when she was in her early 20s. “He would beat me so bad, I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks,” Stacey recalled. “I couldn’t walk —[he broke] my arm, tied me to the bed for three days. Some part of me thought that’s what I deserved.” Stacey said “I do” to four white men and each marriage ended in divorce.

One of those white dudes had her ass thrown in jail for domestic battery.

Now that she’s old and used up, Stacey is willing to give negroes a try.

Do you feel sorry for her?

Has her acting métier reached its cessation?

Watch the depressing interview.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Feel sorry for the people she betrayed. The same people that got lynch for the right to vote, or rape killed and murder just because of the color of their skin. Was she on Fox News telling them she was a junkie when she was speaking against her people. She used her platform to spread their lies. No let her use their slogan pick yourself up by your boot straps. I felt sorry see her on fox telling the world how donald trump is the savior. They was the one feeding her addition and abusing her and not once has she said anything about that. This is her best performance 🎭 ever and I’m not buying a ticket 🎟 and neither should you. Let her stand in those long voting 🗳 lines and pass out water or a stick of gum to the people who just trying to vote. When she goes to jail for the laws she help pass I will be the first to raise money for her bail, until then let her really feel what hell is truly like 👍🏾 living BLACK

  2. Wow!! Had no idea she went through this.. I can’t believe she’s 54 she looks like she’s in her early 30’s hope she continues her sobriety and thrives ❤️

  3. I hope she gets help but I don’t care about her. She has sold her soul and wants what ? She wants people to care about her? Please go away.

  4. Bed W*nch Blues, I ain’t listening. You thought the White man’s ice was colder, now you’re sitting in a puddle of water, broke and disgusted.

    I’m sure those Clubhouse c0onette divesters will defend her junkie @zz.

  5. She gets on national TV and tells the world her dad was a heroine addict and mom smoked crack, and she was molested…sounded like them kids on tic toc Whn their pranking their parents 🤨

  6. Tied to a bed for three days? I hope she makin that up. Sound like somebody goin to jail. 5 to 10k and lost everything i don’t understand, don’t sound like alot at all. Maybe she wasn’t banking that much to begin with.

  7. These swirlers have the most unremarkable kids. Especially the males. Their sons end up flaccid and feeble. Name one athlete with a white dad and black mom? Look at Susan Rices son for example a total herb who got into Stanford through connections.

  8. Don’t you all know that white men can do no wrong? And, when they do, that is normal behavior. However, don’t be black and caught slipping because, you know, it’s in our nature and it is what us as black men do.🙄🙄🙄

  9. Most black women in interracial relationships get treated like dirt. I personally know a few. My son’s godmother is black and married to an older white man. She makes a lot of money, but she is terrified of having kids for the guy lol. He is asking her for a kid and she dodging lol because she knows she is not happy and was silly for thinking that she is better than black men because of all her education

  10. Stacey Dash better not ruin her face with plastic surgery. She still looks in her thirties.

  11. This is a surprise to NO ONE. Her behavior over the last decade has been completely bonkers. She has done a lot of damage to herself and many others. This is a mea culpa tour. It’s just lame.

  12. I loved her so much in the nineties she was my idol it’s sad that ppl resort to drugs as a coping mechanism prayers for all who are struggling ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Who cares? She’s blaming all of her problems on both of her parents. Exposing both of their struggles to everyone. I wonder how they feel about that?

  14. Wait a minute….She can’t get any sympathy from this BLACK WOMEN. We all have dealt with far worse than this. Stay with trump because you said you ARE NOT BLACK.

  15. Sorry Stacy Dash but your black card is permanently revoked 👎🙅‍♂️💯. You can make all the excuses you want to but it doesn’t cancel the consequences of your actions. We must make an example out of you. You have said many awful things against the black community and they just used you. White supremacists always discards their tools. Hopefully the next person will think before they decide to betray their own people.” If you leave you can’t come back ” Gone are the days when you all are going to come back pleading with the black community trying to get back in our good graces 😏

  16. I can tell that she is so tired of not loving herself. Having loved her acting I have always felt something had gone terribly wrong in her life. Her beauty is still there. I applaud her strength and I pray that she finds her way back into the acting world. People often think that women who look like her have it easy. It is often a curse and a blessing. I want to see her continue to WIN no matter what. 💙🙏🏽

  17. I knew there had to be another reason she just went off the deep end! Addiction is a mother fker!! When you have money and can afford to support your addiction it’s super dangerous! Hopefully she is doing better and living a life of sobriety.

  18. White men did all that to her but she ends up hating black people, especially black men??

  19. Good riddance… First of all, this story about her is not new at all. This woman is so fake, it’s sad. She can’t get work because she’s toxic and the black community will never accept her tired butt again. She thought being a puppet for white conservatism and parroting their racist talking points was a means to success. That failed and now she’s broke. It’s shameful how she’s using addiction as a way to make herself “relatable” again. Trust me, this narrative would not be out about her if she was still cashing those Fox News checks.

  20. Ain’t this the hoe that hid her grown child from the world ain’t this the trick that said she screwed ALL her boyfriends n exes on the first date ain’t this the whore that said a bunch of crazy things about the history of slavery 🤔now she a victim n a survivor yeah aight whatever selloutsally

  21. Wow you are a dope fiend you lost your whole career cause you were on pills you spent 5 to 10k a month on pills 😂😂😂 and guess what some how some way it’s a man’s fault bruh I swear women are absolutely incapable of personal accountability. It’s always a man’s fault 😂😂

  22. She’s had said a lot of nasty things about people of color. She needs to apologize for those unnecessary comments. Hurting people hurt other people.

  23. She is a WARRIOR❤️
    She survived domestic violence and overcame her addiction, she’s now forgiving to her addicted parents and able to speak her truth…to the world! I know all too well how domestic violence/past traumas can lead to a devastating addiction. We CAN survive and we DO recover💜

  24. i’ll wife this crazy b1+ch she looks like a lot of fun. we would just
    argue, f12k and eat. energy

  25. She reminds me of people who, think Satan is their friend and helper, like they got a bond…

    I’m all for liberal thinking, most of my best friends growing up were white, in the turbulent 60s…i evolved, grew, became learned…

    But racism IS the fabric of a nation, it was a pillar of the law.

    There’s no denying: the same men who eloquently expounded on the entitlements and virtues of mankind, are the same men who thoughtfully penned and signed into law conditions which rendered blacks as non human…

    It was and is beyond race. It’s about you not even being of the same species as mankind, and more like a monkey, or a mule.

    That kinda thinking don’t go away overnite, not when you bern capitalizing off of it for 400 years.

    It’s what this New World is made of, from the first day it was recognized as the new world; it has been a component of the law, and a staple of our economy…a norm of our social values.
    Just sayin,

    Cuz that MAGA trump is riding into town,on, for a rematch, is all about bringing back those HAPPY DAYS, when men were men, and blacks weren’t.

  26. Too bad she chooses to be a conservative, where women of color, and especially addicts or vulnerable people, are looked down upon, blamed for the evils of society and hated for things that either can’t be changed or would require compassion and assistance to overcome.

  27. SMH..the heffa lost all of her extreme right friends and now she’s trying to garner sympathy. PHUCK her.

  28. SOn WHO CARES. all the BS she put black people through. Stay clueless.

  29. So it was drugs that made her sellout her own people and align w klan? ahhhh ok

  30. Drugs may cause self hatred but not to inflict that upon an entire race of people. Stacy switched sides and the people she attempted to identify with as usual used her until they no longer had a need and dumped her. Now she finds herself broken and left on the outside all alone being rejected by her own.

  31. We still don’t want you at the cookouts we rebuke you you’re a reject that black folks don’t want to come around a sellout…………..

  32. My Heart ♥️ really goes out to Stacy Dash. I love the fact that she’s been REAL, RAW & TRANSPARENT. We’ve all been thru something in our lives we just find different ways to cope at times. As a Sexual abuse/Physical abuse survivor I think about how God saved/rescued me from so many things including myself at times. I battle with Clinical Depression/Anxiety & CPTSD. With Therapy an God I’m making it thru day by day an learning to Love myself more than ever‼️ Battling my inner demons isn’t easy but the end result is worth it.

  33. Shutup Stacey. You still lost the card, permanently. Go to the other side and stay there. They’ll fall for your bs.

  34. Stacy looks like Kamala Harris.
    Stacy was abused by her parents and husband.
    Her husband, had her arrested for abuse, but she was protecting herself.
    Are her parents alive?
    I pray her story will help someone else and especially young women and young men.
    She has always seemed like someone you just want to hug and take care of her.
    Stacy, you are here for purpose, God wouldn’t let you die.
    You are still a beautiful person and I hope soon we will see you smiling.

  35. I honestly don’t care about this clueless Z list star. She can go to Fox News or CBS or her wipipo family or call Donald Trump who will be willing to help her out🙄

  36. So sick of you Stacey. After the way YOU mistreated the BLACK community with your bull 💩now you want sympathy for your irresponsible behavior throughout the years. Girl… take a hike and take your sob story with you.

  37. Prayers for Ms. Stacey Dash who was led astray for fame and fortune. May God grant her soul peace and a new beginning so that she can complete her purpose on earth. We all have a purpose.

  38. I still remember the things she said about Obama and people of the LGBT community, I hope her the best but I don’t trust her at all she is a snake in the grass.

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