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Church’s Chicken worker pummeled his manager

Church’s employee whups manager/YouTube

Church’s worker spanks manager. 

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WASHINGTON — Law enforcement officials are investigating after a Church’s Chicken employee beat up his manager for getting fired. The bout of fisticuffs went down in the kitchen near a bunch of greasy ass chicken. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the scrawny, negro employee cussin’ out the black manager before throwing kitchen utensils on the floor. “Don’t clock out. Get your money man,” said the customer who recorded the incident. “Don’t lose your job man. Don’t let the chicken burn.” Seconds later, the employee thwacked the manager in the head and all hell broke loose. The supervisor slammed the worker against the wall and yelled, “You are fired!” More punches were thrown before a woman who resembles Precious stepped in to break up the fight.

Police showed up shortly thereafter.

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. I went to church’s 1 time and got a gaddam dinosaur leg for $1.25. Never ate there again.

  2. “They got fired over a dispute……over a PIECE……OF …CHICKEN”
    -Pat Collins (News 4 Washington DC)

  3. I hope I’m not the only Person who think this is so Very Sad and Embarrassing. And to all the Ignorant people filming and laughing. Remember( What Goes Around comes Around)

  4. Legend has it
    They both ate the chicken and…
    They both made up. 👍💖

  5. These fast food people don’t make shit and work their asses off…..they don’t deserve this.

  6. My Ass must be fat because I swear as soon as I opened up the video I smelled churches chicken

  7. Non professional management
    It should have nor ever got 2 this point no leadership or problem solving skills..
    Embarrassing 2 the black community 👎🏽not funny @ all

  8. niggaz niggaz niggaz… different day…same shit. Society is leaving them behind just like Africa is a 3rd world country.

  9. Watching this shit makes me wanna fill out a job application

  10. You FIRED!!!! You Fired!!!! Get out my store lol!!!!! All that wrestling around on that slippery grease filled kitchen floor…..

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