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Mahomes family is trippin’

Mahomes has family issues/YouTube

Mahomes family causing trouble. 

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KANSAS CITY — At some point, as fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, we have to realize Patrick Mahomes’ family members are becoming a distraction and we can make a strong argument their deportment is concocting locker room cleaving. For instance… during Sunday’s win over the Washington Football Team, after receiver Tyreek Hill failed to catch a pass that resulted in an interception, Randi Mahomes — Patrick’s mom — tweeted: “Ok PEOPLE that should not be an interception on the QB… that should be a fumble or anything else.. just putting it out there.. GO CHIEFS.”

So Randi is basically blaming Tyreek for the pick, which is true. It was definitely Tyreek’s fault. But she’s not supposed to air that publicly because football players live and die as a team (or at least we’re told).

Then after the game, Jackson Mahomes — Patrick’s little brother — danced on Sean Taylor’s Memorial and streamed it live via TikTok. Now Washington’s players and coaches are pissed. Taylor, the No. 5 overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft and a two-time Pro Bowl safety, was murdered in 2007 at the age of 24.

Jackson, who has roughly one million TikTok followers, tweeted a strange apology. “I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx Field,” he wrote. “We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family.”



Patrick’s fiancée, Brittany Matthews, has gone ballistic too.

Earlier this season, Jackson dumped water on the heads of Baltimore Ravens fans.

Is it time for Patrick to tell his family to chill out?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m a little older I’m in my early 40s now so I’m not with grown men prancing around on tick tock anyway but to each their own but there’s a time and a place and that wasn’t the time or the place to be jumping all around like a chick on someone’s memorial

  2. I have no issues with how Jackson dresses or if he’s gay, but capitalizing off your brother for clout is straight up beta, especially by disrespecting a deceased player, its not fair for Patrick to have to deal with this.

  3. My question is why is HE directed to do anything? Who the F is he?
    His big brother is a QB but, what has little Jackson done besides hang on to his shirt tails?
    Why is he even down on the field?

  4. Patrick is a fool for letting this immature ass clown brother of his act out. Im assuming jerk off is making money off his brother some how. Patrick needs to tell him to get the hell out of sight.

  5. Jackson is literally living thru his brother and clout chasing harder then I’ve ever seen 🤣

  6. If Jackson is in fact a biological Male, it appears he should eliminate the Soy from his diet and perhaps start taking Estrogen blockers.

  7. People talk about the kid like he pissed on the man’s grave. Relax. It seems obvious that Jackson was not intentionally trying to disrespect Sean Taylor (RIP). We can see from the picture that what he said was true: he and others were standing inside the chains for whatever reason. This is not the same thing as Jackson climbing into the chained-off area himself, without permission, with the sole intention of dancing on Sean Taylor’s number for TikTok. That would be a much different conversation.

  8. ugh…having a fruit loop dance on that number…nice…fans should have rushed the field

  9. Big deal! Can’t a person do ANYTHING anymore without creating a “controversy”?!

  10. I don’t give a rats rearend about this tick suxking off his brothers fame. LOOOOSER

  11. Let’s face it, in dating or marriage to a Brittany, you’ll get the same things you expect. There’s always a good man in Patrick, but in any case, he’s surrounded by incompetent people.

  12. You dont see lamar jackson family on TV and social media doing this bullshit

  13. Patrick Mahomes is a wonderful quarterback. It’s sad to see his family letting him down like this week after week, it doesn’t look like they have any self awareness of how their actions and comments reflect on Patrick and the Chiefs. Brittany and Jackson are always taking the headlines one way or another, but Jackson dancing on the Sean Taylor 21 was the final straw for me personally. Why do they both have to have on field VIP passes every Sunday? Do any other NFL families stand on the sidelines EVERY week? They should stay home or watch the game in the stands like every other fan. It’s like they want the attention… “hey I’m related to/engaged to Patrick Mahomes”. Hence the awful Tik Toks, telling their own fans to shut up, and throwing water on opposition fans, asking for the rules to be changed to make Patrick look better. It’s all to become relevant and ride Patrick’s coattails. It isn’t Patrick’s fault but if he doesn’t start telling them to reign it in, they will be the cause of his downfall. Wonder what it’ll be this Sunday from this family…..

  14. Patrick Holmes will not make it to be a goat he’s had too many concussions and he will get slower as years go on and the team’s payroll is too high it will break up and get worse to

  15. Patrick Mahomes is like his little brother and his wife. He needs attention so he plays carelessly. He is done as a top tier qb because he can’t play the position intelligently

  16. Mahomes is playing like crap. Maybe its the money? He came into a lot of money with that $450 million contract, maybe its his fiance? Maybe its his brother? Maybe too many commercials? Maybe team defenses have figured him out after watching last years Super Bowl.

  17. Patrick just got his ass beat and carted off the field. I’ll go do a dance on the spot where his lifeless body was haha

  18. I would’ve beat my brother ass for making a fool outta me at my workplace lol.

  19. Jackson is probably acting out cause Patrick is getting all of all of the attention from the family. Disrespectful little shit.

  20. Pats brother would get his ass kicked if you were my brother. And Brittany would be a single mom. Hope he got a prenup

  21. Pat needs to sit his wife, mom and brother TF down and have a conversation.

  22. Man, I think Patrick could have done alot better in regards to his wife. Now he’s stuck with her or it’s going to cost him alot of money if he bails out, it’s a win situation for her, now with a kid too, man she hit the jackpot

  23. Someone’s not being stern enough. Is Pat in charge of his household? Where are the parents? The Chief’s could insist that those two imbeciles are not welcome to his games. Pat’s reputation is in jeopardy, for heavens sake….

  24. So Patrick got $503 million. The IRS took 33.3% or $166.7 million. That leaves $335 million of which he hasn’t collected yet. And we know he will never realize the full value of that contract. Then he gave another chunk to his employers friends down the street over the Royals and SportingKC. Damn he got finessed out of his bread and quick. At least he kept it local.

  25. I like Patrick, I really do and I’m definitely not a Chiefs fan.
    However, his brother is a great representation of what I can’t stand about the youth today. After learning about Pat’s wife, and brother in particular, I actually want to see the Chiefs lose week in and week out from now on because I look forward to the reactions of his weird cringey brother.

  26. Patrick kick your brother and your gold digging wife to the curb,get on with your life and career ,bud they are just feeding off you ,time to end this ,and use your god given talents to do what you do best.

  27. Patrick Mahomes career will be over within the next two years. The reasons:
    1). injuries, he gets hit too much.
    2). teams have figured the Chiefs out.

  28. To be fair it’s not like mahomes has a choice and he probably is better off not interacting or rebuking his family because it might just make it worse. It honestly sucks though that chiefs will be disliked by anyone not a chiefs fan just not to hear his annoying brother do some tiktok dance when they win… oh wait I forgot his brother and fiancé will just b*tch about the refs like they just won’t shut up

  29. Patrick…. please get rid of your girlfriend…she shows she’s not wife material and your brother Jackson is an embarrassment. Get rid of them both and ban them from your games.

  30. I’m waiting to see if Mahomes actually has the spine to tell his brother and his wife off

  31. I’m sorry but Pats brother is clearly Gay at the very least bi , what is completely confusing is his efforts to deny those accusations. I mean dude there is nothing wrong it . Just accept it and move on

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