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Mahomes family is trippin’

Mahomes has family issues/YouTube

Mahomes family causing trouble. 

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KANSAS CITY — At some point, as fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, we have to realize Patrick Mahomes’ family members are becoming a distraction and we can make a strong argument their deportment is concocting locker room cleaving. For instance… during Sunday’s win over the Washington Football Team, after receiver Tyreek Hill failed to catch a pass that resulted in an interception, Randi Mahomes — Patrick’s mom — tweeted: “Ok PEOPLE that should not be an interception on the QB… that should be a fumble or anything else.. just putting it out there.. GO CHIEFS.”

So Randi is basically blaming Tyreek for the pick, which is true. It was definitely Tyreek’s fault. But she’s not supposed to air that publicly because football players live and die as a team (or at least we’re told).

Then after the game, Jackson Mahomes — Patrick’s little brother — danced on Sean Taylor’s Memorial and streamed it live via TikTok. Now Washington’s players and coaches are pissed. Taylor, the No. 5 overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft and a two-time Pro Bowl safety, was murdered in 2007 at the age of 24.

Jackson, who has roughly one million TikTok followers, tweeted a strange apology. “I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx Field,” he wrote. “We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family.”



Patrick’s fiancée, Brittany Matthews, has gone ballistic too.

Earlier this season, Jackson dumped water on the heads of Baltimore Ravens fans.

Is it time for Patrick to tell his family to chill out?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Patrick when are you going to tell your Puke brother to stay home.. you have to realize you are the face of the franchise it’s disrespectful

  2. Is Jackson a man or a woman, can’t tell. They will never change the name of the Chiefs or stop the chop.

  3. If Patrick doesn’t check his little punk of a brother, then he’s just as bad and he’s simply an enabler.

  4. I wish I had 5 dollars for everytime this typical lowlife has told someone that he’s Patrick’s brother…..

  5. This falls on Patrick Mahomes shoulders! He needs to put is brother and Wife in timeout. No more games, no more post etc.

  6. Jackson done did it now, I swear if I run into that lurch ima fade him up for the Homie Sean Taylor and I’ll tell him while I molly whop him this is for Sean Taylor🤛🏼😡

  7. Imagine somebody has never met your grandmother yet they happen to make a tik tok dancing on her grave or memorial. They may have not meant genuine disrespect towards your grandmother, but does that mean it was right? Especially when it’s for internet fame and nothing else…

  8. I would whoop my brothers ass for acting how he does and for all those douchy TikTok’s he makes.

  9. Just one question, if he was directed to stand there, why did he specifically state it was “accidental”? Either he was “accidentally” in the area or he was “directed” to stand there. Which is it?

  10. We accept the apology, but it does not mean you escape accountability for your actions. You clearly need therapy to deal with the pressure of being famous and didn’t not work for it. We forgive you, but please get some class and respect too young man. RIP Sean TalyorFolded hands

  11. If you are a football fan, how in the hell do you not know who Sean Taylor is, let alone his passing, let alone the significance of his retirement number!!!!!??? Don’t blame anyone but yourself. Stop boosting your tik tok on the weight of your brothers shoulder.

  12. @Nicholas Herling: A lot of younger fans wouldn’t know about Sean Taylor or his murder, tbh. I’d say the same is true about Pat Tillman to be honest. Just the way it is, generationally.

  13. Bro just chill out and stop going to the games. Your a distraction and bringing nothing to the table. Take a seat and watch. This was the end of the line, dancing on a memorial. Do you even know who Sean Taylor is? Do you even watch football?

  14. Between the mother and brother I hope Patrick don’t have to pay the price

  15. I was a fan of Patrick until he went full BLM and supported that POS Kap, done with the NFL

  16. Mahome’s didn’t do anything, so don’t mix his name in with it, aside from the fact Jackson is his brother.

  17. Pat Mahomes also needs to tell his wife to be to stay off Twitter as well. She has been constantly embarrassing him ever since the Super Bowl loss in February.

  18. While I can’t stand Jackson machines. I don’t think it was done on purpose. He’s too much of an idiot to know any better.

  19. There comes a time where you have to cut your family off, doesn’t mean you give up loving them but if he is supporting his brother and his antics, he is no better than his brother, he should have came out and said that his brother did a unforgiveable act and in no way reflects his own respect for Sean Taylor. If his brother doesn’t like it, cut off that brotherly money and see how fast he changes his attitude. that’s how i would handle it but it’s his family, his choice.

  20. @Papa Poi: Patrick is not his brother’s keeper. Every family has at least 1 of those types and Jackson is theirs’. Patrick owes nobody an apology/explanation. It’s all on the brother

  21. I must say as a WFT lifetime fan I have never felt more embarrassed. This is my last week as a Washington fan. I will never forgive the Mahomes family nor the WFT organization for the disrespect shown to a dead football hero.

  22. Dude dances like a female about to make a bone disappear 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
    How does a dad make an alpha male and a queen b beta male?

  23. Mahomo needs his shiney teeth knocked out of that ignorant grill of his! Hope someone catches this female slippin!

  24. This kid is the biggest piece of shit!! He thinks cuz his bro is somebody he is too..Like cut it the fuck out!! Show some class and respect ya fucking tiktok weirdo

  25. What pisses me off is that people are saying Patrick needs to do something when he doesn’t. That’s why your parents are SUPPOSED to be in control but when you’re a weak parent this happens. I’m even more surprised that they let this boy act so stupid on Sean Taylors number like how do you even let that shit happen to begin with!!??

  26. Mahomes family is distracting him so much they are using pat mahomes to get the spotlight

  27. Truth be told I didn’t know Pat Mahomes had a brother…. That’s how irrelevant he is SMH…. Jackson is clearly a fruity goofball who don’t even know football…. Go in the stands Jackson to do that…. complete idiot!!

  28. Who else is watching this and laughing at this talentless, no rhythm, fruitcake moron?

  29. As a Chiefs fan. I despise this kid. Patrick Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes II needs to humble this sh*t💩 head

  30. Patrick mahomes brother Is about to Fuk up his career!! Either he keeps his ass at home or in the press box . Cause we see pat hasn’t been playing like he normally does.. since his brother been in the media lately…… but Ayy , this my opinion don’t come for me 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

  31. Embarrassing tik tok bullshit dances…… probably can’t change a flat tire

  32. Jackson Mahommes is riding the coat tails of his brother and it clearly shows how ignorant and childish this kid is.

  33. This was the problem for the WFT, NOT Mahomes!
    The WFT put all of the VIP’s and people holding on field passes into that same area where his number was on the sideline.
    Snyder didn’t even allow for any speeches or a halftime celebration for Taylor.
    He showed up to meet the family in a Hoodie!
    Snyder and the WFT ruined this celebration of a great former player, not Jackson Mahomes!

  34. Chiefs fan checking in…

    …Patrick Mahomes brother is an idiot and doesn’t represent us as fans. To this day, Sean Taylor is my favorite player in history, and I’m sorry on behalf of this idiot.

  35. Here as a Chiefs fan, we DO NOT claim Jackson Mahomes. If someone would take him away I’d actually prefer it.

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