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61-year-old cradle-robber married a teenage popsy

Mike and Deja Haugabook/Newsbreak

Old man marries teenage beauty. 

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MIAMI — Mike Haugabook, 61, is facing venomous backlash after he married his goddaughter, Deja Evans, as soon as she turned 18. Yuck! That’s gross! Mike, you sick bastard! The crazy lovebirds cemented their nuptials last weekend during a conjugal ceremony in Florida where it’s legal to get hitched at a young age. Mike and Deja go way back. He once dated her mom, Davina Evans, and old photos have surfaced that shows Mike holding Deja when she was merely a toddler. So he watched her grow up and reportedly changed her diapers. Many believe Mike groomed Deja to be his wife. But, what’s done is done. Mike has three children from a previous relationship. Deja, who got pregnant at 16, has one. We assume Mike is the father.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One Twitter user wrote, “You guyssss!!! This girl is 18 and she just married her Godfather who used to date her mom [when he was] 46 or 47. They have a 2-year-old daughter and he has 3 other kids. He’s been ‘dating’ and grooming her since she was 14. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Another user wrote, “My skin is crawling.”

Deja unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe in defense of her seasoned hubby, saying everybody is jealous of the life she lives while other teenage girls run after boys who are not monogamous. “Me and my husband, we’re married,” she said in a video. “Me and my husband, ain’t going nowhere. I don’t give a f*ck about y’all opinion. It don’t mean sh*t to us. We’re legally motherf*ckin’ married. I’m 18. I’m grown now.”  

Rapper Kodak Black, who recently groped his own mother’s ass, drew parallels between his father and Mike the cradle-robber. “SMH, My Daddy Did This Same Sh*t! Left Us To Start Another Family Wit His Goddaughter,” Kodak tweeted. “I Was Bout 9. But I Ain’t Judging Nobody Tho, To Each’s Own. It Could B True Love.”

Davina, a recovering drug addict, is against her daughter’s marriage.

“I don’t approve that stupid ass, cartoon ass sh*t,” she ranted in a video.

Davina said she once gave Mike some ass in exchange for a cell phone and a “couple of dollars.”


Do you support Mike and Deja’s union?

Did she marry her sexual predator?

Watch the wedding ceremony.

Watch Deja cuss y’all out.

Watch Davina speak her mind.

Then share your thoughts.

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  1. Fast forward when they get a divorce, she’ll tell all of his dirty secrets!! Karma is real!!

  2. He been messing with that child before she turned 18. God sits high and looks low. That “marrige” won’t last. This is sick, insane and disgusting! He brainwashed that child into thinking this is okay because she’s vulnerable. SICK!

  3. People who have to constantly announce that they are happy are just trying to convince themselves.

  4. I hate to say this, but sitting here watching these to further let me know the lack of education, since that they both have and now that they brought a whole child into this mess makes it even more crazy. That man looks like something I would not want to see in my dreams. And baby girl is so beautiful and has so much life that she could be live in but she stuck defending somebody that clearly everybody in the world is telling her to leave alone.I’m not a bragging about stuff that is so irrelevant it’s not about what you have it’s not about the things that you do this situation here it’s about the age of consent and whether or not this is acceptable. And from my point of you this whole thing is not good but at the end of the day she’s got a learn this lesson and she’s gonna have to learn it by herself because she’s not listening to anyone but at least I hope somebody will be there for her when it finally gets her

  5. He probably proposed to try to avoid jail; not sure if spousal privilege would apply. Dude is a grad student of grooming University. Sick. I hope anyone that knows her, keeps an eye on those little babies and that he’s not touching them..Ugghh💔

  6. she doing a whole lot of bragging for someone who had a community center wedding, with a cheap dress, and the groom couldn’t even be bothered to put on a tux.

  7. She going off about “young men” not knowing what they want. . . .that old man is 50 AARP+ years old and near ready for the cemetery. . .CLEARLY doesn’t know what he wants
    NOR how he was supposed to ACHIEVE it 25 years ago. CBT for mental WELLNESS is what she needs instead of being a wife.

  8. for someone who doesn’t care sure has no problem investing more than 20 minutes screaming on facebook live

  9. Please black people protect your kids! Especially your black daughters!! This old a$$ man is disgusting he knew she was up for grabs bc no one protected her and he used that to groom this young girl! This is beyond sad and to hear her talk you can tell she is a lost child. Her innocence was taking a long time ago so she believes this is normal smh protect our black kids especially little black girls 😢😢😢

  10. So I’ve done a little DIGGING and I found out some interesting pieces of information.

    I open up Facebook just scrolling and I come across this live of a young lady who is from the same neighborhood of Mike and Deja. Turns out Mike has FULL BLOWN AIDS. The young lady called Deja to inform her and Mike simply instructed Deja to hang up. Classic signs of control and abuse. That man has been touching her since she was sixteen!( she has a 2 yr old daughter). This whole situation is SAD but what’s even more sad is that this will not be the last time we hear stories like this.

  11. She don’t even realise how immature she looks and how brain washed she got. She’s in need of urgent help both physically and mentally. She has no idea how her life is being ruined Lord help her. She got her whole life ahead of her and wasted it to be a housewife poor girl. She don’t even know the difference being legal and grown poor girl hope she opens her eyes asap. So she’s here making a fool of herself and the husband she claims that loves her can’t even tell his wife to stop her making a fool of herself omg. Like seriously while he here talking about he’s not gonna waste his energy on them young girls she’s there doing the total opposite smh.

  12. She’ll wake up when he starts trying to touch on her daughter..poor tink tink

  13. The fact is sexual relations was going on before the age of 18 there’s no justification we all know he’s been sleeping with this little girl since 14 years old fuck the fact that she’s 18!! Any real adults and parents would understand this!! He’s covering up molestation he married her for a reason to cover up his tracks and he’s a woman beater he has already kicked her out once before when he found out she was conversing with another much younger guy…this fake marriage isn’t going to last!!

  14. Why are we surprised? The country don’t have morals and most people don’t have any expectations of a great life. Just looking for something easy and he found it.

  15. More than likely she will at some point start wanting someone closer to her own age,maybe even start fooling around behind his back with someone closer to her own age

  16. Damn. What he should be doing is walking her down the isle to my wedding with her cause I’m her age and she damn fine!!!

  17. Maybe it’s KARMA for big Mike and what he done because Mike has his hands full and he has felt a little of what’s instore for his ass, he just doesn’t see it at this juncture. This girl has the potential to harm this man if she see him just glancing at another female. Just sit back for a month or two and they will bee back in the news and the media knows it because this young gal is off the chain.

  18. only black people would make such a big deal out of a older man marrying a young woman. video after video bashing this man. All the crazy stuff thats going on in the world and you people worried about an older man being with a young woman. SMH!!!

  19. I will agree to disagree we don’t know them from Adam to Eve. However grooming someone takes time. My daughter is 21 now and I brought this man into her life when she was 14. When that man did something to me I cut him loose but my daughter continued to talk to him bc to her he was a brother. However now things are different and now we both see. I say that to say that she wouldn’t know if she was being groomed or not. When things happen to you and you’re not aware of it you wouldn’t know. However at the end of the day she doing her. We can say whatever she still going to do her. Right now they just enjoying the entertainment bc honestly if they wasn’t bothered they wouldn’t be responding or making videos. They just making evidence as we speak. Wouldn’t be surprised if the police is watching them now.

  20. That’s why it’s so important to protect your children. Some people are just perverts and when they see children start developing all bets are’s so sad! When she gets 21 she will want out and sad to say he’ll probably be beating on her by then to keep control. I wish you well sweetheart!

  21. I’m twice her age and I would NEVAH. If he’s the alternative to being single, Alex Trebek I pass!

  22. She doesn’t even know how to articulate herself well yet 🙄 but good enough to be someone’s wife wow, you can hear the little girl come out of her every time she speaks this is so sad. I never found older men attractive enough to want to date them when I was 18 because I was already up on game on how manipulative some could be also I knew mentally I wasn’t fully grown.

  23. She’s still a baby….she won’t even have a chance to experience life fucking with him . She doesn’t know any better.

  24. All I see is anger, immaturity, and trauma. There is nothing any of you can say or do to bring her to reality. As she ages and experiences more in life she will realize the world was not against her, they were just trying to open her eyes. But just like you can’t help a butterfly out of it’s chrysalis without causing more trauma you can’t do it to her. What’s sad is he is grooming her, whispering to her what to say.

    When she matures, and finally finds a MAN she will find out that a true husband will not allow his wife to embarrass herself like this. He will not put her in front of fire, or allow her to fight his battles. Why? Because she is part of him, and he loves her far more than to allow her to self destruct like this. A good wife compliments her husband, she does not shout, fight, or use profanity arguing with random folks on the internet. She knows her husband and her are one, and their job is to support, and elevate one another.

    Love does not look like this, and if you have to do this much fighting and defending something is wrong. The sad thing is he is only 46 but mentally he is still a preteen boy. Everything she described that she doesn’t want in a “boy” she ended up marrying.

  25. This child is literally BEAUTIFUL! OMG! Even her nails are flawless. *sigh* When the day comes and this child wakes up, she will understand what’s happening, she’s gonna be devastated.
    She’s calling him “bae”. This man is CLEARLY diabetic! Probably, brought on by OLD AGE!

  26. As disgusting as it seems, it all depends on what lense you are looking through. The mere fact that he knew her as a baby and may have been in her care can be disturbing. If he did not know her and she was just a random 18 year old then it may be somewhat accepted seeing that by law she is an adult. A older man may be attracted to a younger woman but finding out that it’s his daughter’s friend may not be so good after all.

  27. This is a little ass girl talking in circles. This shit was honestly so hard to watch😕 how can a grown ass man look at this little girl and see a woman?😔

  28. He look like he sell barbeque, mixtape,weed,and clothing out of the barbershop.

  29. This must be what the girls who followed R Kelly were like. This child is brainwashed. Sad.

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