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61-year-old cradle-robber married a teenage popsy

Mike and Deja Haugabook/Newsbreak

Old man marries teenage beauty. 

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MIAMI — Mike Haugabook, 61, is facing venomous backlash after he married his goddaughter, Deja Evans, as soon as she turned 18. Yuck! That’s gross! Mike, you sick bastard! The crazy lovebirds cemented their nuptials last weekend during a conjugal ceremony in Florida where it’s legal to get hitched at a young age. Mike and Deja go way back. He once dated her mom, Davina Evans, and old photos have surfaced that shows Mike holding Deja when she was merely a toddler. So he watched her grow up and reportedly changed her diapers. Many believe Mike groomed Deja to be his wife. But, what’s done is done. Mike has three children from a previous relationship. Deja, who got pregnant at 16, has one. We assume Mike is the father.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One Twitter user wrote, “You guyssss!!! This girl is 18 and she just married her Godfather who used to date her mom [when he was] 46 or 47. They have a 2-year-old daughter and he has 3 other kids. He’s been ‘dating’ and grooming her since she was 14. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Another user wrote, “My skin is crawling.”

Deja unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe in defense of her seasoned hubby, saying everybody is jealous of the life she lives while other teenage girls run after boys who are not monogamous. “Me and my husband, we’re married,” she said in a video. “Me and my husband, ain’t going nowhere. I don’t give a f*ck about y’all opinion. It don’t mean sh*t to us. We’re legally motherf*ckin’ married. I’m 18. I’m grown now.”  

Rapper Kodak Black, who recently groped his own mother’s ass, drew parallels between his father and Mike the cradle-robber. “SMH, My Daddy Did This Same Sh*t! Left Us To Start Another Family Wit His Goddaughter,” Kodak tweeted. “I Was Bout 9. But I Ain’t Judging Nobody Tho, To Each’s Own. It Could B True Love.”

Davina, a recovering drug addict, is against her daughter’s marriage.

“I don’t approve that stupid ass, cartoon ass sh*t,” she ranted in a video.

Davina said she once gave Mike some ass in exchange for a cell phone and a “couple of dollars.”


Do you support Mike and Deja’s union?

Did she marry her sexual predator?

Watch the wedding ceremony.

Watch Deja cuss y’all out.

Watch Davina speak her mind.

Then share your thoughts.

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  1. Single black mammy cottages please hold this “L”. How do these men get access to these children? YOU!

  2. Always some sick, incestuous schit happening in Florida smh. That video said a lot and is incriminating. First off, she had a baby at 16. Who is the father? It is probably the God dad/husband. Statutory rape right there if the police do a DNA test. Two, him letting her act like that says a lot about his emotional and mental immaturity. Three, just by how she speaks, it’s obvious that she didn’t get an education past high school. Probably didn’t even graduate. Four, 18 is not grown. 18 is legal and that’s it.
    That video really disturbed me. She is a baby who thinks that she is grown and was groomed by someone she and her mom trusted to protect
    her. Not to have him seduce and marry her. She is so dumb and naive. Tbh, her mother failed her just like her God dad did. She has no one unless other family member step up. This will destroy her psyche in the future.

  3. If that child doesn’t have a father/grandfather, her brothers/cousins/uncles or even male neighbors need to get together and wheelchair this dude

  4. Saddest thing is, no matter how hard she worked at 16 while being pregnant or how great she thinks things are with this man now, when she is 30 – she will mourn the loss of the best years of her life. Sadly, so many young people are consumed with the hustle culture and it’s all about money and hard work. What about your soul? What kind of love can this man offer her that’s pure when he’s having sex with her and probably changed her diapers 17 years ago. It’s unreal and her life is over before it began.

  5. Textbook red flag material. Yes she is 18 NOW, but he has been a godparent for what…all of her life? That means he watched her grow up and at some point long before she was actually legal decided he wanted her. You can whine about somebody sexualizing it and “taking it there” if you want to, but this is gross through and through.

  6. A lot had been said already. Just adding my two scenes..he’s worse than r Kelly.

  7. Well damn she right we should mind our business! Let her live her ignorant life! Let her do them! Smh lol crazy

  8. He look like he touches kids and how do you marry your God daughter🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️This is sick in so many ways!!

  9. This is why I feel like 18 shouldn’t be legal age. This just gives perverts access to teenagers because the govt. said it’s okay. Smfh. Yet she can’t buy cigarettes or rent a car. This is nasty and sad AF.

  10. Sooo, we all gonna glide pass the fact that this chick talkin about being pregnant at 16! Is her current hubby the father🤔. If so, he need to be in jail right now. The fact that she even let that come outta her mouth was dumb.

  11. This is nasty. He has no business with her. He was messing with her before she hit 18. Watch who you let around your kids. Mom failed her.

  12. Couldn’t be my daughter because I would be in jail and he would be in Hell!!!!!!!!

  13. Why are most black people so ghetto & low class?! 🤔 Can’t blame EVERYTHING on racism! You’ll be lucky just to come across an articulate black person with critical thinking skills. 😏

  14. Wow he sick as hell.. they both are very bothered this is crazy, she gone give that man hell an he very much deserves it.

  15. He took advantage of a broken little girl in a desperate situation. She’s gonna need A LOT of therapy one day. She’s treating marriage like an accomplishment. Sadly she’s not gonna understand until he’s abusing her daughter next.

  16. I mean at the end of the day she is a legal age. My thing is how can you mess with your mother’s Ex-boyfriend? that is a problem ……

  17. This why I say my race is just as sick as white people it’s no difference now

  18. This is right up there with Woody Allen marrying his stepdaughter and Morgan Freeman dating his step granddaughter. Smh. SICK.

  19. This girl played her self he look like he gonna lose a limb to diabetes anytime soon.

  20. This is sick, it’s gunna take her a few yrs to wake up, all this I’m 18 I’m grown dont mean shit, she still has a child mindset.

  21. Why is his stomach so big and nasty he was never pregnant, or having hormal changes. I be seeing so many men shaped like this it’s pathetic.

  22. Whew this man is getting aired out on Facebook. Apparently he has his baby mama and their three kids living in the home with this new wife, the 18 year old. Apparently, he’s a trick that pays for p*ssy and is on section 8 and has full custody of his kids that are minors. He has grown adult children twice the age of his new wife . What a disaster.

  23. She probably looking forward signing the DNR( Do not resuscitate) in a few years. Smh

  24. I can tell his arteries are clogged just by looking at their wedding photo. She better enjoy being his wife for as long as she can because she’ll be his nurse in a year or two.

  25. a lot of yall in these comments sound as dumb as this situation. IDC if this MF was 30 theres no way this can be looked at as good. She hasn’t even entered her adult life yet. So he’s incestual-Pedo-simpin. She a gold digging sugar baby who im sure doesn’t have a job that requires any type of education. And the moms a crack head who is jelous of her daughters relationship with one of her jumpoffs that she f****d for $150 and a cell phone. that some hardcore jerry springer shyt. He should get R-Kelly’d,she should get joycelin savaged, and the mom should get crucified.

  26. When I was 18, I thought I was grown, too. 22 years later, I realize I didn’t know SQUAT at 18. Sometimes the only way to learn lessons is to live through them. Sad for this young lady that was groomed to think like this.

  27. Poor child. At 18 you still don’t know shit. At 18 you think you untouchable, and the smartest thing walking. Life will humble you really quick lil girl. Real quick. Just pray for sis and go on about you day.

  28. What normal, beautiful 18 year old in her right mind would be attracted to him? This young lady is ruining her life and stunting her development and life! This won’t end well, I promise you!

  29. Look good for 61 but bro that’s a damn child man…. Come on man…she think it’s real love but wait til she hit 27…. Hell… 24…. She gon be a episode of snapped…😳

  30. How many other kids has he molested. There should be a criminal investigation for this regardless.

  31. This is what happens when you are around whites for 500 years you start acting like Woody Allen!

  32. I’ll be in jail as her father and he’ll be unable to walk and his Peter Johnson wouldn’t work again PERIOD!

  33. Absolutely disgusting! This child got herself an old old pervert! No common sense what so ever! It’s called brainwashed!


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