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A Family Matter: Darius McCrary kissed a tranny

Darius and Sidney got it on/YouTube

Eddie Winslow humped tranny.

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LOS ANGELES — Chicks with dicks strike again! Darius McCrary, best known for his role as Eddie Winslow on the 90s TV sitcom “Family Matters,” is gettin’ clowned on the Internet after a video went viral that shows him tongue-kissing transgender model Sidney Starr during a photoshoot. Raw footage shows an inebriated Darius sticking his tongue down Sidney’s throat before humping her derrière as she twerked on his crotch. Sidney attached the following caption: “We couldn’t even do this shoot because he got so sloppy drunk on set and embarrassed us… he drunk all the photographers liquor up.” The voluptuous tranny, who still has a penis, later came out and said they’re dating. A mortified Darius quickly denied the allegation, claiming Sidney lied for “clout.” He also said he only kissed her to show support for the LGBTQ community. Darius claims he’s engaged to a biological woman.

So he couldn’t possibly be attracted to a tranny, could he?

“I think that my fiancée would really have something different to say,” the 45-year-old actor wrote on Instragram. “That’s what y’all should really be focusing on — where that ring is.”

A spokesperson for Darius issued this statement for damage control: “McCrary has kept an amicable friendship with Starr, who has been persistent with creating fake storylines and relationships with our client in a sad attempt to get back on Love & Hip Hop: New York.” What do you think? Is there a misunderstanding or is Darius gay?

Watch homo footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This dude Sidney Starr is a savage.. you see Darius you should have never said what you said Now pictures is out All these celebrities got these types of pictures That’s why you have to tell the truth!! And trust me a picture is the truth we might Even get something worse This dude Sydney is probably the best at setting up these lames other than the girl that set up Donald Sterling..

  2. He’s admitted in the past to that being his preference. I guess whatever floats your boat so…

  3. Let him be,they did the same in sodom and gommorah and we all know how that played out..eddie looking like a clown now

  4. What’s Sad is that’s it’s a lot of black women that like G A Y or undercover men in the black community
    They talk against it yet they secretly allow it Smh
    I blame them it’s an epidemic in ATL Sistas that like downlow men or join in on h o m o sexual activity smh
    And they guy is a basket case he ain’t never been right since Family Matters

  5. He looked drunk and the body language don’t really match up to 2 ppl making out on purpose or for a long while, or even passionately. What kind of team he got where he’s allowed to drink while he’s working??? Is his money still that long where his fiance is going to stay silent about this?? She’s not gonna let a trans woman mess up her bag.

  6. I guess this is what Black males mean when they talk about all of the ‘options’ that they have.

  7. Okay this is getting weird. Both Darius and lil Wayne got turned out by Karrine Steffens and now Wayne and Darius are or have been”close friends” with this Sidney Star transformer. Damn like Erykah Badu men are never the same after dealing with the woman formerly known as Super Head.🤫☠👌🏾🤟🏾💀⚰

  8. What would Carl and Harriett say about this? And my goodness, what example are you setting for Richie as he grows up? Come on Eddie, what are we doing? And oh no, what are folk going to say about Laura? She already got beat up in school once over her leather jacket…now this?!

  9. He hit it, but so has many so called straight celebrities. This is a pr stunt to get some sort of attention probably for a tv show or something.

  10. Whew at least it wasn’t Urkel LOL After super head, where do you go next? Well you go get yourself a transgender LOL

  11. Oh Eddie. No wonder you never made it past Family Matters. To busy sleeping with mentally retarded MEN.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. You can change your body but you can’t change your genetic code or the fact that you can’t have periods or become pregnant.

  13. He likes chicks wit dics 🤣

    He went Ballz Deep in that ażż. Left Nothin but his Nutz hangin out 🤣

  14. Explain that, why don’t you. 🥴 Did I do that? Oh that’s Erkles line…🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  15. the way they doing surgeries now you need pics of them fresh out the womb to know if it’s a female Js… then looking at the pics would make u pedophile so yeah I’ll just watch pornhub and tug on my meat till I go to sleep.

  16. now what the hell was he talking about “who got that ring tho” and all that BS? LOL you bat for the other team doc

  17. I dont get people that date transgenders. You like the same gender for a reason. Why go out and find somebody that look like the opposite gender that you dont like? That’s crazy


  19. Well that’s what it’s coming to now. The alphabet people taking.over.

  20. Sidney Starr is bad. I don’t blame Eddie. I would do the same and I’m a heterosexual male.

  21. Gay is gay…trans women is STILL a man. Just because you FEEL and get SURGERY doesn’t change what you’re biologically born.
    These labels mean nothing.

  22. This niggas career is about to go up. All the Hollywood doors are magically gonna open up. He’s gonna all of a sudden gonna be in hit sitcoms, hit movies, talk shows.

  23. Mabe if people make it more acceptible for men to be gay mabe they will.come.out the closet but bashing them and making them feel ashamed will only make them hide

  24. Nigga thought letting a trans woman grind on him and kiss him was changing the world. Like this nigga really said that lmfao his mom made him make that video lmfaoooo

  25. Dude it’s OBVIOUS you was on that WHATEVER IT IS, talking about small minds. They say Starr still got the ding ding, this world is just creepy. EDDIE YOU CAN’T CHANGE The world being a B character on a TV SHOW. He should shut up~

  26. This shit was funny as hell LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

  27. “Man everyone’s gay once in awhile, this hollywood” -robert Downey Jr in tropic thunder

  28. I care as a straight woman..we care! Because Daruiss Mcray is living loud as a heterosexual but behind closed doors you messing with a transsexuals a man! No straight woman wants to sleep with a man that is dabbing sexually with man. We like creamy cum not dookie. Thank you Sydney 🌟 Star!

  29. This comment section pathetic af😂 hall so bent over him “lying” or messin with a “man” like y’all know him … go get a job, make some money, find some business that actually affects you weirdos💀

  30. What he said was they never slept together. People can engage in some forms of intimacy without having sex.. It is possible.. Everyone wants to say he slept with her because of a kissing and grinding video but it does not mean that it went past that.

  31. Darius has been making bad choices for a LONG time now!! It was game over when he put a ring on Superhead! She probably turned him out, so now he’s buck wildin with anything out there!

  32. Since he a women beater maybe Sydney might give him a fare fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠…..🤣🤣🤣

  33. Sidney Star is not trans she is a real girl… someone on youtube exposed her long time ago..she jumped on the trans train to get more exposure because she was trying to get into the show business and be famous…looks like it’s working for her…do your research ppl

  34. @Blue Sky: Look at the man hands on that dude. He is an insult to women. That is still a man.

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