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‘RHOC’ alum Kelly Dodd laments getting the jab

Kelly regrets getting the jab/Techno Trenz

Kelly Dodd rips COVID vaccine.

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HOLLYWOOD — Kelly Dodd set the Internet ablaze on Tuesday when she said she regrets getting the COVID vaccine. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” alum disseminated a tweet, saying, “I got the vaccine … And regret it. I’m trying not to be a dick,” the last line referring to a cartoon character named “Dick” who “thinks the government cares about him.” The 46-year-old reality TV star said “no one should be forced” to get the “potentially deadly jab.” She also believes there’s no commercials for the COVID vaccine because pharmaceutical companies would be required to list side effects. During a recent chinwag with Page Six, Kelly clarified her remarks. “I already had the virus so I already had antibodies,” she explained. “I was protected and unlikely to get Covid again but got the vaccine because of travel restrictions. It made life a lot easier since I could show the card and not have to keep getting tested, but if the government would’ve allowed an antibody card I never would’ve gotten the shot.”

“Now I personally know of at least two otherwise healthy people who died of blood clots after getting the vaccine and three others who developed Bell’s Palsy,” Kelly continued. “Another friend of mine who was fine before she got jabbed got Myocarditis and almost died and is still really suffering and she only got the vax because her employer required it.”

Kelly once said COVID-19 is “God’s way of thinning the herd.”

Do you support her stance?

Are vaccine mandates a nuisance?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Really ? I don’t regret getting the polio vaccine or the small pox, mumps or rubella or Tb shot, it helped getting it irradiated from our population

  2. Wait.. You regret getting THE vaccine.. BUT you don’t regret injecting yourself with fillers and PLASTIC!!??? I’m confused 😕 🤦🤦🤦🤷🤷🙆🙆🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂

  3. So what happened to her after she got the vaccine? She didn’t DIE from it so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. There are no commericals because its not for sale. Why waste money on marketing something when the govt has already paid you. Thats like making a commerical for a concert that already happened.

  5. Women don’t care what they put in their bodies. That’s why women can’t convince me to take the vax. You all take birth control every month, you all will get cut open by barely doctors for cosmetic reasons. Why would a man listen to a woman about what to put in their bodies?

  6. I got the fizer booster & flu shot on same day & I feel great about it. My arms are sore-little bit tired. But that’s it. No major problems at all. NowI have taken 3 Covid shots & do not regret at all. Feelgood about it!!! My sister in law died from Covid Sept1No shots causeofTV!

  7. If it wasn’t for the vaccine more ppl would of died by now. Stop the bs. Get the vaccine and keep it moving. Things need to get back to normal so we can continue to live our lives

  8. For all the pro vaxxers who are proud that they got vaccinated….you will be due to take another booster shot in months to come. So that’s a fourth shot, in less than a year, you must take. I don’t get how people before taking the vaccine, didn’t ask how often they would be required to take the vaccine. If the vaccine covered me for 8 years, or longer like most vaccines do, I would have taken it as soon as it came out. But if you’re telling me, I must get poked twice a year….that’s a hell no for me…and I don’t get how anyone would agree to that.

  9. @Logic and Reason: This isn’t a vaccine by definition. Vaccines introduce a little bit of the virus into your body at the local injection site and triggers and immune response. This shot introduces messenger rna that invades your cells, and programs them like a computer to produce viral components. In other words you make it in your own body. Then your body responds to fight off what your own cells were taught to make. People are literal covid factories. Also, what’s different is that with a vaccine it stays at the local injection site. The shot goes all over your body, and gets into all your organs, including your brain. This shot is not a “vaccine.”

  10. Ppl been dying from the flu for yrs where was that same energy with the masks & mandated shots 💉 ijs I like to 💭 🤔😴 humanity have very to lil no discernment. No common sense😳

  11. Where is this pandemic?
    I’ve been thru atleast 15 states in the past year.
    Where is it?
    Are you ready for your mix n match booster shots?

  12. @Badgurll: You’re spreading false information. People that are vaccinated are still catching and DYING from this virus . Just because you injected their experimental drug doesn’t mean other people are gonna fall in line like a sheep because YOU said so.
    I’m not injecting something nobody properly tested into my body.. because THEY said so. 🐑

  13. @Brown Sugar Babe: Worry about them birth control pills you’re taking. Read the fukking side effects. What about the meat you’re eating. Them cows and chickens may have been vaccinated. 😂 Learn about the history of pandemics and stop acting like uneducated fools.

  14. @JDoll: First of all I don’t eat flesh,
    I’ll use condoms until I’m married.
    That’s cute how you thought you knew me though.
    Side effects? At least they would be available for me to read. Can’t say the same about your experimental shot.
    Do you even know the definition of vaccine? What you injected ( without knowing the long term effects) doesn’t even fall into the category of a vaccine.
    Side note; The seasonal FLU, takes out just as many as covid did.
    Maybe you should learn about that history of pandemics, it’s basically natural selection hun,

  15. A pandemic with a 99.99% survival rate no less 🤔. A real DEADY pandemic would have people falling dead like flies on the sidewalks, because REMEMBER, “they” told you, you could be asymptomatic and don’t even know you have it…… oh no, but this DEADLY pandemic allows you to make it to the hospital to be put on a ventilator. Then die yeah ok…. GTFOH.

  16. @JDoll: People die every year because of the flu by the 10’s of thosands…do you give a damn about them?

    More so, where is the flu vaccination mandate if every single life matters to the government? You act like they give a damn about even one life. Flu shots are NOT mandatory!


  17. “I already had the virus so I already had antibodies. I was protected and unlikely to get Covid again but got the vaccine because of travel restrictions.”

    Getting Covid doesn’t mean you’ll never catch it again. Multiple people have died after getting the virus a second time.

    I hate when regular people think they know more than doctors.

  18. Kelly needs to think before she talks. She gets herself in trouble so much!

  19. The crazier part is everybody wants people just to fold and do what they want for the better who’s is it better for so if they ask you to sell your soul to the devil would you do that for the better seriously let’s stop with the games the government doesn’t care about our health they have McDonald’s on every corner but they care about our health come on

  20. It’s no one’s business if people get vaccinated or not I don’t understand the vaccines don’t even work people need to start minding their business and worry about their selves if they’re so scared how can the unvaccinated hurt the vaccinated let’s stop with the lies and nonsense God created Man In His Image man did not create man nobody has a right to tell you what you should put in your body I don’t care who you are

  21. Kelly dodd is one dirty soul. I feel bad for anyone who is associated with her.

  22. @Badgurll: Well the people who are vaccinated, need to stop wearing masks. Maybe that would get things back to normal. If you being vaccinated are still afraid of Covid….then you aren’t putting much faith in the vaccine. Which means a person who didn’t have faith in the vaccine to begin with, will have less faith if you don’t even have faith in it.

  23. @JDoll: You can’t tell Chinese Ghetto Scientists anything. Let him die if he wants, it’s his life and his right, but as long as he knows it’s his type that are keeping this thing going. The only reason people are resistant to vaccines is the internet. They didn’t protest Polio shots, Measel shots, quick to take a Penicillin shot if they get burnt, but protesting this one because “The Inner’net told me not to”. Let these MF’s die off, we’re better off without them.

    Meanwhile, they have NO IDEA what’s in Covid either, but will gamble with that. SmH.

  24. They trying to get us to take a vaxxcine that doesn’t even protect the sheep 🐑 🐑 🐑 with low IQ that took it.

  25. @RatchetPatrick: She said I was protected and “UNLIKELY” – not that she definitely wouldn’t get it again

  26. I dont know why y’all in a rush to take a vaccine Bill Gates microchipped smh

  27. Jesus gives warning signs and one world leader will take over the entire nations….Revelation/Ezekiel 38-39/Matthew 24:1-50/2 Timothy 3:1-9. Read your Bible and take God seriously before you get left behind.

    We must fight for our 1st Amendment “Freedom of Choice.” Some Christians or non-Christians got the vaccines and some didn’t. So it’s about giving people the freedom to choose, not be mandate to all citizens. This is when communism will creep into USA. We must fight. Satan is very crafty to deceive people…1Peter 5:8. If we don’t we will be like China, N.Korea, Middle East, etc…etc…WE THE PEOPLE MUST NOT ALLOW AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!
    You don’t feel this life style until you live it once it becomes a socialist country. You, young people think you know it all. Wait til it comes then you wish you spoke up and fight for it then but it will be too late. Fight for it before it’s too late. There are many countries protesting this mandate, not just USA. It’s not plaster all over media. Why is that??? You guessed it. Govt doesn’t want people to know. Fight like it’s your last breath. God bless the people who are taking a stand and I will too. Pray to Mighty God where many have walked away from Him. If we all come back God can turn this around as He has mercy on people who acknowledge Him….🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍👍👍👍

  28. Kelly is an individualistic, sharp, caustic, unflinching, free spirit, renegade maverick femme fatale!

  29. This woman is racist remember her ‘I don’t like black guys’ comment.

  30. I’m 37, very healthy and I got both Pfizer doses due to work requirements. Other than a sore shoulder for a day or 2, I’m fine. Good luck y’all.

  31. Not a fan of Kelly but I agree with her on this. Vaccine mandates are stupid.

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  33. We need the Supreme Court to step in and tell the government they can’t force anyone to get vaccinated. We’re losing our rights but hardly anyone cares. The vaccines are fake. They do nothing.

  34. It’s not a vaccine it’s a shot it does not prevent COVID-19. You can still get covid. The govt should not mandate anyone to get a shot if they don’t want it, maybe they already had covid and have antibodies? This is over a year now. Every news outlet and paper has reported to the risks of this. People can make there own decisions. Let’s move on.

  35. No matter what ~ they can’t force you to take the jab. You may lose money, you may lose your job. It is BLUNTLY OBVIOUS. Sooner or later the government will disappear about this and take no liability or responsibility for you taking it because they never forced anybody, just merely threatened or made it a “difficult” time. Governors, states and your bosses are mandating it. A mandate is a suggestion, not a law. Just watch.

  36. Kelly is just something else man. No wonder she and Ramona are such great friends 😂

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