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Holy Beatdown: Man was attacked by congregation

Big brawl in church/YouTube

Church members pummeled a man.

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LAKEWOOD — We’ve reached a point in society where people are starting to act a damn fool in the House of God. Law enforcement officials are investigating after a disgruntled man got his ass beat by an entire congregation. The bout of fisticuffs transpired Sunday inside a Catholic church in Lakewood, Washington. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows an irate dude in a blue shirt approaching the priest to cavil about the sermon. He wasn’t wearing a mask so the clergyman ordered him to egress the property. When the knucklehead refused to budge, church members rushed the altar and gave him a holy beatdown. After a plethora of punches were thrown, the congregation dragged the trouble-maker outside and waited for police. The aforementioned priest, Father Paul Brunet, told officers the man was banned from the property last month for threatening the safety of staff members and fellow parishioners.

The malefactor was arrested and charged with trespassing.

Watch the donnybrook.

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  1. The father, son and the holy fist! You come to my church and act a fool. Better get ready for a holy beat down!

  2. Matt. 5 Verses 38 to 48 these people are anything but Godly. And in a church no less. Repent.

  3. Only God has the authority to kick someone out of a church. These people are wolf’s on sheep’s clothing.

  4. 🚨Look at the self exalted preacher of satan take his seat, while his slaves/merchandise/converts jump in to save him. They would never do this for Jesus, NEVER!
    Jesus got the same treatment from self exalted preachers and their religious converts….they also jumped in to try and throw Jesus over a cliff and tried to stone him. They’re murderers at heart and they hide behind their religious abominations!

  5. Over a mask? They realize half there masks fell off during that embarrassment, so that accomplished nothing. Absolutly sad and shamefully all those people did that over a mask.

  6. was the man molested by the priest? I think there is more to the story than the video

  7. Now the loony bullies are pretending the are christians, The congregation picked the idiot up and removed him from a place or worship… You know… That place where peace and love is suposed to be practiced. Where’s that man in blue the punched that anti masking bully right out the shop?

  8. If its the house of the lord what right does a puppet of the state have to kick a believer out over a mask mandate is the truth.

  9. Was this guy a Parishioner? I think he made his point when this fraud Priest said he was “trespassing” and told him he needed to leave. Do these Priests even believe in God and know what it means to be Priestly anymore? Where the Parishioner or whoever he was crossed the line was when he stepped on the altar with an intimidating tone. That didn’t help the cause… He should have come earlier, too. Mad respect to the Priest who told the police who told them they couldn’t have service to leave,

  10. @Brien with a E: It wasn’t over a mask, Einstein. Apparently there was an ongoing issue with this man for months. Pastor tried to fix it, man kept threatening ppl so they banned him from the property. Then he showed up, which is when this video was recorded. Sounds like the guy has some serious issues with anger.

  11. Science & the Natural World aren’t enough for Religious people, they’d rather cling to their fairy stories about a man turning water into wine, walking on water and healing lepers and raising the dead. Content themselves, to then spend their own lives waiting to die believing they’re going to heaven, (Strictly subject to their following the RIGHT religion!?!?) where they will be reunited with their deceased relatives and favourite dead pets!
    They follow the lessons of
    their Holy books unquestioningly, despite the fact that they were formulated by ancient desert dwelling MEN!, possesed with a pre civilised, lack of understanding of everything from thunder storms to plagues, and a hatred of women and gays, and

    they follow the programing in these ‘Scriptures’ with all of their contradictions, inconsistencies and irrationality, their strict directions on thought crimes, (Thou shalt not covet) on not to wear clothing woven of two kinds of material or to eat shellfish! That’s

    not to mention the Holy books dreadful, immoral stance on
    mysogyny and homophobia!
    The truth is, if all books were to be destroyed, in 100 years time, these rewritten holy books would all be entirely different! All of the politically correct people & the Liberals & the LGBTQ people etc, would pile on and force changes to be made these ancient, no longer fit for purpose, collections of fairy stories! BUT, the rewritten and re- researched, factual Science books that explain Logic and Gravity and Polarity and Space and Relativity and Cause and Effect, and yes, Gender etc, etc, They would all remain exactly the same!

  12. he already had a restraining order so this is why the priest told him he was traspasing. Listen as a catholic I know the most important thing in mass is not to stop mass no matter what. The priest supposed to keep on with the mass. Ofcourse the luke warm of this can be seen from a mile away. There has been times in the past when priests defended Jesus the body of christ.

  13. Seems to me there was one Christian there and a mob of Satanists (which is what catholic church really is)

  14. It looks like the man in the blue shirt is being threatening or confrontational which alerts the congregation to step in. There is really no data to make actual judgements here.

  15. This faithful man only wanted to expel the devil from the Church, who put on a cassock and rings his tail to the mass

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