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SyFy’s “Day of the Dead” zombie series is not bad

Day of the Dead released/SyFy

Day of the Dead series is creepy. 

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NEW YORK — First Chucky got a TV show just in time for Halloween. Now this. Season one of the SyFy zombie series “Day of the Dead” has been released and even though it’s a notch or two below “The Walking Dead” and “Z Nation,” it’ll suffice. The George Romero reboot, which features a sexy black chick, is anchored by an obscure cast that includes Natalie Malaika (Lauren Howell), Miranda Frigon (Mayor Paula Bowman), Morgan Holmstrom (Sarah Blackwood), Keenan Tracey (Cam McDermott), Kristy Dawn Dinsmore (Amy), Daniel Doheny (Luke Bowman) and Dejan Loyola (Jai Calvert). Created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, “Day of the Dead” tells the narrative of a diminutive town called Mawinhaken that has its world turned upside down when the dead suddenly begin to rise. The opening sequence shows a horde of bloodthirsty zombies sauntering down the street as citizens run for their lives.

Dozens of horror shows have been released during the coronavirus pandemic.

Are producers trying to tell us something?

Watch episodes one and two.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. So she grabs her gun and grabs it ejects the mag to check that the bullets that she most likely put in and didn’t use 😂 this show is already cringe you can tell it’s a SYFY show 😂

  2. Lol they could of did so much more with the funeral scene, instead they rushed it. Should atleast had the family brawl it out with her then the zombies here the noise and breaks in and eat them, of course the main characters get away do to plot. But that scene went by way to fast.

  3. I could not finish watching episode 2. This shit is so stupid that even if you posted the entire season for free, I wouldn’t keep watching it.

  4. This is a cool show. But…bring back Z Nation!!! Need to know if Murphy saves the day or not

  5. This is a example of what environmental issues can bring – minus the zombies- but with any illness — syfy making horror shows makes so much sense when they make accuracy with fantasy

  6. I’m grateful for the effort I suppose but were all of the good writers busy? Seems like a poorly developed AI wrote this and even did some of the acting. * inspecting an obvious bone in a graveyard * “…oh my God, that’s a bone!”

  7. Kind of a slow start and really shouldn’t be titled Day of the Dead since it really has nothing to do with the concept of the original movie. Liked the nods to Romero and the original movie but if the series does start to get good along its run well we all know that Scfy is going to end up canceling it anyway!

  8. DUDE This is amazing! I am loving it! Better than the Walking Dead so far.

  9. @Akira Yagami: Stop smoking crack. This isnt half as good as Walking Dead.

  10. It seems like the producers or the writers or somebody, misconstrued Return of the Living Dead zombies with Night of the Living Dead, zombies because once the brain was destroyed that zombie should have stopped moving.

  11. Not a good look to have a zombie series and have the 1st episode only have like 10 mins of zombies.

  12. They need to take George Romero’s name and title off this project, because he wouldn’t approve of this. If this was a Z nation spinoff, then the show wouldn’t be that bad.

  13. They need to take George Romero’s name and title off this project, because he wouldn’t approve of this. If this was a Z nation spinoff, then the show wouldn’t be that bad.

  14. It’s not the original style Day of the dead but i’ll take it! RIP to George A. Romero 🙏🏾

  15. I love this show so far. Hope it gets another season. If this gets cancelled I’ll be very disappointed.

  16. I always think about the zombies like these where they just bust out of the ground. How did they get through the casket and multiple feet of dirt? Then when it comes to a regular door they cant get through it. LMAO

  17. This is complete total garbage
    and an insult to even associate George A. Romero’s name with it

  18. This just SCREAMS Z NATION, it even has a smoking hot black chick, although she did get bit right, not sure where they are going with this. Guess I’ll wait for the first season to end then I’ll binge it. I’ve never been able to not watch anything ZOMBIE… oh happy day… of the dead…lol

  19. I gave this one a shot and it is a pass for me. I can deal with bad acting, bad writing or bad special effects if it is one or the other, but I just can’t handle all of the above.

  20. i tapped out when the arm started moving by itself. like…since when!?

  21. The characters are just stupid…lmao but i am enjoying this show bc it is not taking itself too serious like TWD

  22. Why do they make zombies shows & movies so painfully cringey. The decisions people make in this show are so stupid & not realistic.

  23. Eh. Not sure if this is meant to be a mix of humor and undead, or a parody of the genre or what. Either way, the script is horrible. The acting is atrocious. The story, meh. But. For what it is, it’s entertaining enough.

  24. I understand it’s only the first season but good Lord does the screen have to turn black every time it’s supposed to be a jump-scare. the Segway is not on point

  25. When are people going to learn that when you remake one of George A Romero’s films his true fans except you keep true to the source material! The amputated arm moving around was just stupid! Reminds me of the two return of the living dead movies Syfy did. Could not get the rules right on those as well….. Do all of us a favor and just cancel this show now

  26. ANOTHER Zombie movie/show?
    Hasnt the whole zombie apocalypse idea gotten a little old?

  27. this is unironically one of the worst shows ever made …. it’s SO fun to watch though. i wonder what the psychology behind that is

  28. People gitta stop being crybaby snowflakes and watch it before critiquing. And Im a democratic socialist saying this. Says a lot. And this show is starting to get good and for those republican lovers its your time to shine in this show so shut up and watch geez

  29. Horror movies today: We can be gory

    Syfy today: Hold my beer

  30. this is not DAY OF THE FUCKING DEAD.

    why do people keep remaking it and when they do it barely resemblez the original, closest true remake was bloodline but they fucked over bub.

    just fucking name it somthing else. oh what you scared it wont gain any traction so u leach off a famous name and piss on a legacy for profit? well maybe u should try being a little more fucking unique.

    train to busan did it

    rec did it

    shaun of the dead, zombieland as well.

    only the zac synders dawn of the dead did a decent job as it was still relatively faithful.

    shit bags

  31. Make it through the first 33minutes and you’ll really like it.
    Also: Bring Back Z Nation. Shelf Black Summer.

  32. Zombies are cool in the show but the people in it are idiots. The decisions they make are beyond me.

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