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Ass-Whuppin’ Video: ‘Gay Thugs’ beat up a woman

Gay thugs mugged a woman/DCPI

Two homo thugs mugged woman.

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BROOKLYN — Police in New York are investigating after a pair of homos pummeled a 30-year-old woman during a mugging after midnight. The ass-whuppin’ went down October 6th around 3 a.m. in the vicinity of Powell and Belmont in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows two men who call themselves “gay thugs” ambushing the unsuspecting female on the sidewalk. One of the assailants unleashed a wicked three-punch combination that caused the poor lady to fall backwards and hit her head against a planter. The homo proceeded to thwack the woman repeatedly as she laid on the ground in a fetal position. Then he stomped her unconscious. Once they realized the victim was knocked out cold, the fudge-packers purloined her purse, two Motorola cellphones and a necklace. The woman was expedited to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center where she was treated for blunt force trauma to her cranium.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Damn it’s getting bad out there yall since that Unemployment insurance was discontinued smh

  2. Everyone should know by now, you don’t leave the house without a weapon of some kind.

  3. Thought gay men was cool with women???DAMN the way she hit her head on the planting area

  4. That EJ Johnson looking one needs his @ss beat for stomping that woman. Her brothers and uncles should’ve been walking by at the time.

  5. To kick somebody like that after you rob them that’s pure evil a hate crime blm where are you????

  6. This is why I stopped going to a gay hair stylist & befriending gay men. They hate women!

  7. Democrat voters deserve to get stomped and robbed daily 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Remember when they burned down American cities so they could live like this?

  8. This is why our people should know that they are Hebrew Israelites and need to keep God’s laws , statues, and commandments.

  9. And yet again I ask: And how did these victims, their grieving family members, and New Yorkers as a whole, vote during the mayoral, gubernatorial, and presidential elections? Whom did they elect as their representatives in congress and senate? And whom did they elect as their DA? And how’s that voting record working out for them now? Are they better off now? Or are they worse off now? Enjoy the fruits of your own voting record.

  10. I don’t think blacks can say they are opressed with a straight face anymore…

  11. That is NOT random. That was 100% personal and the vic absolutely knows the perp.

  12. I keep saying Women need to get themselves protection especially at night carry pepper spray or especially get yourself a Mastiff Dog Breed and this will keep these monsters away from you I’m a Physically disabled man and because of that I got me a Pressa Canario the one in my picture he’s 140lbs 1 year 7 Months old at 8 1/2 Months he prevented me from being robbed with a gun being pulled he ran at the perpetrator without fear ready to kill him worth every penny of the 5k I spent on him

  13. This is awful and pathetic but why was she outside standing alone at 3am in THAT neighborhood like wtf 🤦‍♂️…and she had all her belongings smh.

  14. If the victim has family, and or friends, they must make things right. She will never get justice in the current court system.

  15. This poor woman will never be the same. Shocking to see how relaxed and casually they are stomping her over and over even after robbing her belongings. Low life scumbag animals!!!

  16. Wow Gay thugs attacked this woman let’s see what their community has to say about this .. this was a hate crime smh little sissees 😡

  17. So this is what LGBTQ corps reppin’????? but women be supporting these clowns for so long. Sick society,period.

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