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Delonte f*cked LeBron’s mom

Delonte slept with LeBron’s mom/Clutchpoints

Delonte West rips LeBron & Jordan.

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PALM BEACH — LeBron James has a hater! Delonte West, the quondam NBA player who enjoyed copulation with LeBron’s mother, spewed homophobic slurs during his arrest last week then told police officers he’s a better basketball player than LeBron and Michael Jordan. He also proclaimed to be Jesus Christ and the President of the United States. The crazy ordeal transpired October 19th in Boynton Beach, Florida. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows a homeless Delonte cussin’ out cops as he was being handcuffed. “I’m Jesus and you’re a sinner right now,” Delonte fumed. “I’m president of the United States. Ask Obama. Ask mothaf*ckin’ Trump and Biden.”

Delonte then called the arresting officer a faggot and accused him of sexual assault. “You a b*tch,” Delonte said. “You feeling on my balls. Shut the f*ck up in the name of Jesus. N*gga, I was better than LeBron James. I’m better than Jordan. I was the best n*gga to play every sport. Shut the f*ck up!”

Investigators said Delonte was drunk as a skunk and high as a kite.

He also had wads of cash, like he was buying or sellin’ drugs.

The 38-year-old junkie was arrested and charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, having an open container of alcohol and disorderly intoxication. Delonte has a long history of substance abuse and he’s bipolar. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban put his ass in a rehab facility last year.

But it obviously didn’t work.

Rumor has it LeBron had Delonte ostracized from the NBA after he f*cked his mom, Gloria Marie James.

Poor Delonte ain’t been the same since.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. You can see how the community is a joke because they can help him now to get mental help and get out off addictions

  2. @Davis Hernandez: Lots of his friends said a lot of prayers but only Cuban actively went out and seeked DeLonte to help him.

  3. Can’t help someone who doesn’t wanna help themselves. Best of luck to the dude tho 🙏🏽

  4. never feel sorry for someone who had millions and just doped it up and then the nba players and mark feel sorry for you like damn bro you just lucky someone felt bad for you and helped bc this world is all about finding how do it yourself bc no one actually helps just an average person so I just do it myself and will survive bc I don’t need a damn thing from anyone I’ll make a way someway for me and mine

  5. Being mentally ill is hard to turn around even with medication and therapy. Then you add addiction and it is a whole different monster. I know I suffer from both and it took me years to get myself semi-stable. He can do it he has more support than most people in that situation. God bless him

  6. Most mental illness is rooted on generational curses that need serious prayer warfare and right health care. People with mental illness are not aware of their problems. Leaving in denial. I pray for him to be restored by God’s healing power. Prayer is the key to mental soundness.

  7. Never cross a goat, your life will never be the same once you do.

  8. All the nba players who knew him felt sorry for him, but with all the millions it took Mark Cuban to get him into rehab.

  9. Damn Lebron was a true homie to him and this Nigga fucked his moms….. delonte foul for that

  10. He pissed millions of dollars away now everybody feel sorry for the guy !!! Even Mark Cuban you might make a mistake the guy will go right back to doing what he was doing it’s a addiction it’s not a mental problem !!!!!

  11. Celebrities so fake.. “I’m in his corner” … yet Delonte is in the corner on the street… fame and clout chasing ass celebrities.. FOH

  12. Some people are destined to be on the streets. Some people dont want help. A bum will always be a bum.

  13. It was because he smashed lebrons mom.. lebron made him pay

  14. He must have not wanted to play the elites game and take a deal, so they black balled him. Fuck them soul sellers!

  15. Fuckin help other people. People that weren’t nba stars and people that weren’t paid million dollar salaries. People that weren’t born with an amazing talent to play pro sports. People that work hard everyday of their lives.

  16. Man its a perfect time to live for jesus christ, delonte…turn it around …

  17. Long story short don’t mess around with levels mom and play on the same team as him

  18. From nba millionaire to this. Life’s not fair, I hope he gets better.

  19. I think someone gave him something that effected his brain, some kind of drug. Because he is a completely different person and it was sudden. I hate to say it because I’m a huge lebron James fan but when the rumors about his mom and west came to light his life made a change for the worst. The only reason I watch basketball is because of lebron if he not playing I’m not watching but I got to keep it 💯 that’s when west’s life changed for the worst

  20. He needs help, I don’t think being handcuffed on the floor Is a good solution for bipolar disorder…

  21. I had same problem and almost killed myself 3 times, when I was 25 I drank a bottle of vodka with like 40 extra strength Tylenol’s and went to sleep somehow I woke next day when to hospital and was giving 3 months to live, I asked God to forgive me and he came to me and forgave me now I promised Jesús that I was going to serve him but lied and I tried suicided 2 more times but failed I didn’t know He had a plan for me He came calling me once again in 2012 and I decided to follow him, now I tell my testimony to people how God change my life but people for some reason mocked me but I know that without Jesús I am nothing. Delonte needs God or he is in danger, Jesus loves Delonte West famed and money are not going to help but God’s love will.

  22. Damn. Brother needs help not jail. Hope this helps open eyes on the need for better mental health care in this country.

  23. Sad part is, I have no doubt he’d be a better president that Trump or Biden

  24. I’ve followed him for years because I loved watching him play. Long history of psychological and substance problems. Cuban and others are good men for trying to help him out. Hope he gets well at some point. Just know that there are thousands of Americans, many homeless, with the same issues. In many of the cases the substance abuse is used to try to control the mental illness. If you know someone like this try to help them get the treatment that they need.

  25. The funniest part about this is that no1 knows who Lebron daddy is but we all know Delonte curled his momma toes, lol

  26. Damn, I wish he could get admitted to a REAL PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL where he could find actual treatment, support, and a constant therapeutic structure so his mind, his body, and especially his emotions, can begin to heal and normalize again, after the traumatic, impossible life he’s been living. And there are millions of other people out there, just as desperately in need… We, as a nation, could have done so much better for each other, if only we had really cared; it breaks my heart.

  27. Man I pray that God covers him mentally physically and emotionally God protect my brother in jesus name prayers that God steps in his life and heal him of all his pain cause locking him up ain’t the help he needs is love support and God God timing is everything in life

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