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Sexy corporate lawyer is murdered by jealous bum

Courtney Cox murdered/YouTube

Atlanta attorney killed by a loser.

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ATLANTA — Courtney Cox was a bonafide badass. The prepossessing college grad was only 31 years old, she earned beaucoup bucks as a corporate litigator for Paul Hastings law firm and she had an even brighter future. But Courtney made one mistake. She dated a thug who took her life. Courtney was shot dead by 32-year-old Jarvis Jarrette early Wednesday morning, an ex-con she met just two weeks ago. Courtney’s cadaver was found around 3 a.m. inside her luxury high-rise apartment in Midtown Atlanta. Family members are at a loss for words. “It appears that the suspect was inside the apartment,” Deputy Chief Charles Hampton told reporters. “There was no forced entry or anything like that.”

As first responders closed in, Jarvis pulled out a rifle and opened fire from the 21st floor. “As we were getting the information through 911, our dispatchers could hear gunfire being played throughout the building,” Chief Rodney Bryant said. Officers returned fire. Jarvis was found dead on a balcony. Also during the 911 call, Jarvis told the dispatcher, “I killed that bitch!”

Courtney’s friends said it was a love story gone wrong.

No diggity?

Courtney had everything.

Jarvis didn’t have sh*t.

Should successful women lower their standards and date Pookie and Ray Ray?

Or stick with men on their level?

Watch alarming coverage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s not clear why a high powered lawyer would want to date a “thug.”

    because she prob came from that background. There are alot of hood girls who made good in life. I knew my coworker back in the day was hood and she proved that when she brought Quantravious to the work party we had for our boss.

  2. 😂😂😂 all that education and still an idiot. Common sense ain’t common

  3. Damn killed her over Fucking nothing …. Isn’t Thant stoopid… oh well Sometimes the price for picking a bofooon is Death.

  4. She couldn’t find a judge, another lawyer, hell even a public defender to date? Nobody at the law school she attended? This boils down to poor choices.

  5. Never fall for what women “say” they want….trust and believe they’ll choose a fresh @$$ roach over a God fearing professional man any day!

  6. This shyt don’t make any sense whatsoever . Maybe she didn’t know his background , you figure she was smart being a lawyer and all .

  7. If looks could kill..because they did. She got lost in them eyes and he closed hers forever.

  8. Wen u hit rock bottom…u see garbage and cant tell the difference….have a degree and cant pick the right men…

  9. IF this brother was a thug and not triggered by a deceitful act.
    He’s the type brother 75% of women gravitate towards.

    They don’t want a guy like Michael B. Jordan. He is too nice.

    Brother Ashanti has Spoken!

  10. He should have died before he was born. A complete waste of human flesh. What was she even thinking? I’m surprised he didn’t start robbing residents and breaking in their apartments. I hate when people start bringing trash around to nice places.

  11. Omg,This is Horrendous and unbelievable. My God. Why kill her? I don’t what is wrong with some men these days. My Heartfelt Condolences to the Young Woman’s Family and friends RIP 🙏 Ugh

  12. The feminist movement started it…….
    Oprah made sure that it NEVER ended……

  13. @Joe Grizzly: If this woman was a feminist, she would have never dated this fool.

  14. All y’all are slave with y’all slave mentality pointing fingers black women and black man need to stand up but both love de oppressor. Both work for the oppressor. Both need to play the role they supposed to play bw go against her man for the government and black man scared to fight for the yutes cause they scared of the government but love killing each other.

  15. No matter the education, occupation a lot of chicks love them some gangstas. The ones that manage to walk away (with tons of baggage) then seek out for mr. nice guy to pick up the mess. Education and common sense are separate thangs.

  16. Well, when the anthem has been, “Gotta get a Ruff Neck”, this is what happen. You think this is going to get national attention? Its like BW are conditioned to date the men who don’t love them or respect them.

  17. She met him 2 weeks ago. Wtf naw something ain’t right here. What are the streets saying?

  18. Sorry to hear this about this woman but let’s be real, it’s a lot of successful women messing with the hood dudes and thugs. Now these are the same women saying I can’t be with a man making $50-$60k a year regardless if he has every qualification you required.

  19. I get how black women might be offended by the comments. Because I know most black women don’t seek out convicts. Having said that…if a well to do successful black man, started dating a violent female inmate, and she ended up killing that man, I would be saying he should have saw that coming. He was stupid to date an inmate.

  20. @#YamsNHams: Are they actually “good sistas” if they desire bad dudes?

  21. RIP to this beautiful melaninated soul.🕊️🙏🏾 One thing I will say is y’all are quick to say “ohh BW aren’t looking for the 9-5/blue collar guys” but actually it’s the other way around… Securing a High profile BM is very slim, also they tend to look overlook BW for other races, which causes BW to entertain these low value men since there are PLENTY of them in the melaninated community. The entertainment industry is helping promote this narrative as well so… Ladies be safe out here❤️‍🩹 Pookies get your lives together and stop using woman as a crutch in life✊🏾

  22. Ridiculous, she probably broke up with the loser and he couldn’t take the rejection. Prayers to Courtney Cox family.

  23. Its not enough to walk away, you need to really know someone before letting them know where you live, red flags and stories of the past are always telling take heed and protect yourself.

  24. What’s up with these men and women who can’t accept the fact that it’s over and move on it doesn’t mean kill anyone so sad my deepest condolences to the family’s R.I.P. BEAUTIFUL🙏🙏🙏❤

  25. Educated women love to date bums and losers until it becomes too hot to handle.

  26. People keep your daughter’s safe from these duty jail bird ragamuffin. Get background checks for the men you date. Glad my tax dollars won’t be paying for him to have soap, medical care and good in jail. Just to come back out and do it again. Good riddance.

  27. Our women need to stop picking trash men. It starts from a young age in school chasing the bad boys, rappers, athletes, and drug dealers. Instead of associating with the young men that are getting good grades and trying to go somewhere in life. Then when y’all get abused y’all turn around and generalize all black men as not being ish. When it’s just the ones y’all keep choosing. It’s ridiculous that this type of thing could happen where we lose intellectuals that we need in the black community because of poor association. The black men that don’t have their stuff together don’t deserve to have sex. They need to be starved of women until they get right. Stop reproducing with these trash men

  28. She couldn’t do a background check 1st? 🤔 She dated him for 2 weeks? Where did they meet at McDonald’s?

  29. Sounds like they were unequally yoked! She appeared to be a rising star in this world and he appeared to not have his life together at all. A case of an educated woman falling for a complete LOSER and possibly starting to realize that she could do much better and started to finally back away.

  30. This is Very Sad 😢 It’s Ceases To Amaze Me To How We Can Make Great Choices In Our Career Path But Make Lousy And Bad Choices When It Comes To Love ❤️ I’m Sure There’s A Root Cause To It All! And Perhaps It’s Deeper 🌊 Than Surface! I Can Almost Speculate It Was Daddy Issues On Her Choices Of Men! And #Rule Of Thumb Never Waste Your Time On A Person That Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose! Condolences To The Family!

  31. broke up with my abusive ex in 2006. This crazy man is still trying to contact me through my friends. I was in HS when we met he was the super rich bad boy all the girls wanted ( he was gorgeous and built like a linebacker) after college I couldn’t deal with the abuse and his insecurity of any success I had. He tried to destroy everything from showing up at my employer, trying to get me fired for theft at another job (luckily the truth came out and didn’t get fired.) Break into my apartment and steal my shoes so I could go to work, he would take one of each shoe throw them away or hide it. Pulled my hair out from the roots, hit me in the face for no reason. I was too young to even be in a relationship, and for it to be abusive could of destroyed me. He went to jail after he violated the restraining order and also charged with terroristic threats. And here we are in 2021 he is still a loser living off his parents wealth. I met my hubby in 2008, we have been happily married for 11 years, the audacity of my ex to think I would even communicate with him makes me want to laugh.

    Ladies do not settle for these disgusting men only bad things will happen. Raise your worth!

  32. People are so afraid to be alone.. sometimes they entertain the wrong people without realizing it. ITS OK TO HEAL… get wrapped up in your own life, find a hobby…. Learn something new… sometimes when you’re in the process of healing that’s when the temptations come left and right but you gotta be adamant.

  33. This is so sad RIP to the victim I broke up with a narcissist and I am glad I left before anything crazy could happen I just want to say to people out there it’s okay to be single until god brings you the right one this is just so tragic 🙏🏽❤️

  34. Now. Wtf is going to rent that apartment after someone was murdered so tragically like this.
    That energy and spirit is still there👀

  35. In our community since the women are taught to be independent, they at large are searching for hyper-masculinity that give them the tingles, not the 9-5 or the then loyal nerd that will became high value in his prime 30s years in their fertile prime years. It’s only when they have had their fun with the pookies are they looking for something stable but by that time, the good men just date out.

  36. I don’t feel sorry for her, she chose and he was exactly what she chose

  37. BW: Educated BM are boring and lame
    Also BW: Dates a white boy nerd
    Also Educated BW: Thugs are more exciting

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