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Sexy corporate lawyer is murdered by jealous bum

Courtney Cox murdered/YouTube

Atlanta attorney killed by a loser.

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ATLANTA — Courtney Cox was a bonafide badass. The prepossessing college grad was only 31 years old, she earned beaucoup bucks as a corporate litigator for Paul Hastings law firm and she had an even brighter future. But Courtney made one mistake. She dated a thug who took her life. Courtney was shot dead by 32-year-old Jarvis Jarrette early Wednesday morning, an ex-con she met just two weeks ago. Courtney’s cadaver was found around 3 a.m. inside her luxury high-rise apartment in Midtown Atlanta. Family members are at a loss for words. “It appears that the suspect was inside the apartment,” Deputy Chief Charles Hampton told reporters. “There was no forced entry or anything like that.”

As first responders closed in, Jarvis pulled out a rifle and opened fire from the 21st floor. “As we were getting the information through 911, our dispatchers could hear gunfire being played throughout the building,” Chief Rodney Bryant said. Officers returned fire. Jarvis was found dead on a balcony. Also during the 911 call, Jarvis told the dispatcher, “I killed that bitch!”

Courtney’s friends said it was a love story gone wrong.

No diggity?

Courtney had everything.

Jarvis didn’t have sh*t.

Should successful women lower their standards and date Pookie and Ray Ray?

Or stick with men on their level?

Watch alarming coverage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I don’t fault these men… Many are in survival mode.. and women playing with them for a quick thrill is clearly dangerous to your health.. A MAN is not to look at.. A MAN is to have. COURT these men… GO through is google profile and resume with a fine tooth comb.. choose one with something to offer…GIVE yourselves a chance and value you your own life. Don’t smile in his face and lead him on.. bring him into your nice fine home, feed him, lay him, house him and then get tired of his unproductive behind and then YOU don’t want him any more. All you wanted was that thing anyways. Don’t even have a conversation with a man like that… He just might say something you like.. that’s where it all starts …And Always… a man that knows GOD and PRAYS is critical…

  2. If she didn’t lose her life she would eventually have wound up losing her law license. The character & fitness requirements for attorneys are stiff!

    You marry a man with a criminal record you can go before the bar and get scrutinized. They can either kick you out, put you on probation or ask you to annul. You don’t have to do anything criminal.

    The bar association worries because of the prospect that the lawyer might be compromised or asked to assist in some type of crime down the road.

  3. R.I.P. to the victim. The dude looks crazy. Y’all women be liking them crazy looking thug dudes. I ain’t hating, I’m just saying.

  4. She was out of his league, and he was out of hers. Date within your league.

  5. Unpopular opinion: If you are in a hugher institute of learning and choose to deal with someone who has a minimum wage job, AND you HAVE SEEN abuse, drugs and handle firearms improperly… deserve everything that happens to you.

  6. She had this attitude I’m better than you I’m going to play games and it cost her life! Just because people have success on the outside don’t mean to have maturity on the inside!! 🔥💯

  7. A lot of our sisters are attracted to men they believe they can either control directly, or control the flow of the relationship. Don’t know if this was the case here, but I’ve seen successful Black women reject professional men over and over for pookie- then complain how pookie is holding them back

  8. This is why women shouldn’t “date down”. It just proves that of a woman does take in a man that doesn’t have shit she will lose her life and everyone will blame her for it… Funny thing is if she made a video about how she can’t find good men and men ain’t got it, y’all would tell her that it’s her fault and “a woman’s loyalty is proven when her man has nothing”… like make up y’all minds, you can’t blame the woman for every thing and be hypocritical… what’s next? It’s women fault men are gay too? Men need to be held accountable, I’m dating a man that was in jail… he came out and got his own business and works with solar panels… not every man is a piece of shit but this right here? He was a piece of shit and it was not the woman’s fault.

  9. Maybe she met his representative and he couldn’t maintain that character, and once he started showing her signs of his insecurities & who he really was she started to break away. But, he was not Abt to let her walk away from him. Maybe in her mind she fell for a nice & charming guy & not the thug.

  10. Thats what she gets. She picked him. Ladies you want a bad boy soooo bad. This is what you get. Cant say I feel sorry for her ass at all

  11. She knew what she was getting into. She reaped what she showed. I feel nothing…………..if she was going for a man not on her level…….she was better off just going for someone that makes minimum wage……….as long as he’s not into the streets. Facts.

  12. Ladies ladies please let this be a lesson maybe at first sight this Street dude get your pussy wet but you have to worry about all the trouble that comes with it ladies ladies think with your mind not your pussy be patient until you find a man who is worthwhile who can get you wet and turned on they’re out there it may take a little bit longer to find them

  13. @Zblackness: This is sad. But I totally agree with you. There’s no reason a woman of her accomplishments choosing so horrifically. Unless she just has a twisted desire for thrill. I understand the intoxication of doing something dangerous, but she unfortunately went overboard. She probably could have gotten that same thrill from a cop.

  14. Gotta pick em right, sisters. And not because you liked how his ripped skinny jeans looked on him, only.

  15. This is an all-to-familiar and tragic story, defining a way of life (and death) for a lot of African-American women, in today’s society. Ms Cox had it all…beauty, brains, education, a successful attorney, and a dazzling future. A lot of black women, educated or not, have the idea that she can involve herself with a “thug”, a “bum”, a “goon”, or an “ex-con”, and he will magically “transform” into a decent, caring, law-abiding individual. That is like finding a rattlesnake that will not bite.

  16. My guess is she tried to either break it off or “put him in his place” because he is “below her level”. And he showed her exactly what level he’s been playing on, Not the education but the life and death kind of level.

    Ladies, don’t mess with these guys, they one bad argument away from taking your life. And truth is a strong, educated black women is definitely going to let a guy like that know whose the “boss”, but the problem is they live by a different set of rules where education and hard work means nothing. When they feel disrespected on that type of level, they will retaliate and often violence is all they know.

    May she RIP and the lessons of her death help shape our sisters into a safer future.

  17. A sister I grew up with became a district attorney got with and had a baby by a guy she admits wasn’t worth a damn. I’m like whyyyyy did you do it tho? Now you’re 40+ having co-parenting duties with a guy you yourself call a pookie? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Provers 11:22 sums it up… “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout; so is a fair woman that is without discretion.”

    Black women want that struggle love. Chaos chooses chaos.

  19. This was a Russian Roulette type of entanglement. Not my type and I will pick a nerd any day. Do background checks and If I split with them, do it by text or pigeon and never let them in my place. 2nd Amendment right to bear arms will be waiting.

  20. Women like bad guys. It’s crazy.

    I could never date a bad woman. A woman like that isn’t even sexually attractive to me, even if she’s a dime. I’m attracted to ladies.

  21. She was an attorney, high stress competitive field, high profile firm, meets the guy through an app?party?museum?local spot?…….wherever……..quite possibly he sent his representative not his true self and given the nature of her job/career, would it be safe to say that this talented busy woman may not have had the time or even the inclination to run background checks on this dude…… scenario could be that in these weeks/months they were seeing each other, it could have been just a few times, and in that frame of time……will the giant red flag be unfurled and waving in the wind???? Or did she recognize the loose screws in this guy and he became her stalker???? He gained access to her apartment…….did she think she could reason with him or was he trying to convince her he’s not a bad sort and she did not go for that because she is a smart savvy attorney, so he overpowered her, pushed his way into her home and killed her……..and who knows what all else????? It is always said that women should choose better, I guess……one should vet and develop discernment ……..keep your boundaries enforced, but something must be said about what could only be described as the alarming rate of mental health issues that are running absolutely rampant within the black community, coupled with an astounding bout of emotional immaturity. We are seeing more and more of these stories each day……..maybe they have always been there……I don’t know…….but I guess the difference is today that we can see all these types of stories and more because of our 24 news cycle, teeny tiny hand held computers that you can talk into and press record and let’s not forget the twitter machine ……….

  22. Unfortunately Someone lost their life.. Let’s not blame the Victim for her attack and untimely demise. It’s Psychopaths and sociopath’s like him that can’t be told “No” or “it’s over”, who can’t take rejection, and have really fragile ego’s and a God complex simultaneously. It was only few weeks, she was still getting to now him. I’ sure if she knew he was going to kill her, she wouldn’t have let him in her apartment that night. There are also deranged Women who murder men under the same circumstance.
    May she rest in peace along with Gabby Petito, 9-year-old Felecia Williams, Kenyatta Barron, Ron-Niveya O’neal and other’s who lost their lives at the hands of demons.

  23. Dating has become deadly and a danger to the public. Crime of passion is on the rise. 🖕🏾 dating if it happens it happens I rather be alone and content then to be miserable with someone else Life is too short why speed it up with crazy because you’re scared to be alone.

  24. Live by the thug, die by the thug 😪 It went like this, She says “I don’t want anything to do with you anymore”
    “That’s why I’m talking to someone else” He says “Time to die”

  25. Good men were “boring”. Wanted a roughneck she wasn’t equally-yolked with. You’re not the first, won’t be the last.

  26. @Gwmcmi02: Look Quit blaming the victim. You are disgusting to sit up here and blame this woman for a no good piece of trash that probably lied and pretended to be somethings he no and then took her life when she found out the truth and broke it off with him. Your disgusting to blame this woman seems like your bitter cuz you can’t get no play from a female and projecting your situation off on this woman who lost her life.

  27. Yahweh please rest her soul in peace in Yeshua name Amen 💔🙏🏽🕊❤

  28. What kinda man shoots a woman?? You a low life X10 to hurt a woman period, let alone hurt her because she doesn’t want you anymore!!

  29. Tired of seeing these blogs blaming the victim. She didnt deserve to die because of a youthful dating experience. We dont know what he told her or had her believing in that short period of time. The larger issue may be…whats going on with this growing number of black men who have developed such a deep seated LETHAL resentment towards black women. I guess Tupac called it (….cus if we dont, we’ll have a race of babies who will hate the ladies…). As a professional woman, I can tell you that the ratio of equally yoked or “good” men to women…is extremely disproportionate. So this is why you see so many beautiful black successful women either making these choices……or aging single. It’s a numbers thing. And this is across the board.

  30. Y’all judge harshly when it comes to black women who are murdered. I didn’t see this lack of compassion with Gabby Petito….nor am I surprised. Jesus Christ.

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