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Gay Cartoon: Batman and Superman lambaste LGBT

Characters forced to change gender/YouTube

Angry characters give testimonies. 

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HOLLYWOOD — A cartoon has gone viral that pokes fun at a handful of fictional characters that changed their gender identity to appease the LGBTQ community. Each dramatis personae delivered a woke testimony while encircled within a group counseling session. “Hi, I’m Superman,” said the Man of Steel. “Faster than a locomotive. Can leap tall buildings in a single bound and… I’m bisexual.” After the group greeted him, Superman started crying like a lil bitch. “They just forced it on me,” he bemoaned. “Didn’t ask or nothing. I’ve been straight my whole life. It’s Lois and Clark, not Lewis and Clark!” Cinderella, who’s now a person of color, erupted next. “I’m Cinderella. I was White. Now I’m Cuban or Mexican or whatever. Who knows?” she said. “If they’re gonna completely strip me of my heritage at the very least I should be able to say some racist stuff now.”

Queen Latifah of “The Equalizer,” Lego Batman, SpongeBob SquarePants and female Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones told their stories too. Superman also said Hollywood should create new gay characters instead of turning traditional icons into fudge-packers. Do you agree with him?

Watch the hilarious cartoon.

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  1. I saw an episode of the Equalizer with Queen Latifah. I thought it was pretty good. I was unfamiliar with the original, honestly. Certain things are more iconic than others, I guess. The baby Gonzo part is the stupidest of all, next to bisexual Superman.

  2. We all know they’re re-inventing characters not out of laziness, but a clear political agenda. It’s not about creating something new, it’s about destroying something good. It’s not about diversity, it’s about division…

  3. As an LGBT member, I’m actually tired of characters being turned into something they’re not for the sale of “represantation” when you could just make an Original character whose an LGBT(to represent the community) without the wokeness involved.

  4. Came here specifically to say superman is an alien. Him having sex with humans is akin to bestiality anyway so go straight to hell heathen. Muppets are fucking socks on hands I guess they changed the hand for gonzo. Then finally the Ghostbusters went from being a demon fighting dark order of pagan worshippers to a coven of witches. All of these sacrilegious ideas only annoyed Christians when coming into contact with the very few ideas they have decided to tout as the entire religion.

  5. I hate it when these LGBTQ+ people force and rub stuffs on your face.
    Why did they make Cinderella black🙆🏽‍♂️😤
    That equalizer and Dr Who were changed to females. Wtf feminists
    Poor spongebob

  6. My mother loves the new Equalizer, so having that character is fucking hilarious

  7. The animation looks so fucking god awful. Worse than the nutsack. Anti SJWs are still gonna dick ride this shit which makes it more laughable lol

  8. I still don’t get why they made superman gay. Nobody’s gonna watch it so why do it. Its just gonna be a huge waste of money.

  9. Ghostbusters would have been amazing with women with a DIFFERENT PLOT. Like, if their daughters decided to join after their fathers forced retirement to redeem their names, instead of the guns, because they’re untrained, they’d use slimer and go all tech like Danny Phantom, use their cell phones, manipulate radio waves, they could even cross into the ethereal plain to capture the evil brain, but because they’d be in the Ether realm, they could touch the ghosts, and physically capture him in a containment unit. The evil ghosts plan is sent spiraling out of control due to him not being in control, the girls provide proof their fathers are 100% legit, they get released, design new weapons, and now it’s a father-daughter throwdown culminating in a final boss battle against the Ether realm converging with actual Hell, but the portal is closed just as we see the biggest bad almost emerge. Because hell was opened, even for a second, it and the Ether are merging, throwing natural balance off, the sky darkens and the end times actually start up…that gives a perfect opening for a sequel. The sequel could have Ghostbusters who have recently died in real life get CG animated in as angels, because they were the greatest people, and deserve nothing less.

  10. I wanted to see a cameo from the “Ambiguously Gay Duo” super heroes

  11. Sad thing is, we do get new original characters and ideas but Marvel ends up with a dozen rejects for every Kamala Khan they get right. And when sites like Crunchyroll try to get woke, we end up with High Guardian Spice. How many Amphibia’s and Owl Houses will it take to show that making a story for the sake of telling a story and adding bits of diversity sparingly like any other story element is better than force feeding us this stuff like they’re trying too hard to be noble only to backfire on them?

  12. Black Wonder Years and Black female Highway to Heaven will be joining that group.
    I’m still waiting for when they bring back Family Matters with a white family.

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