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Gay Cartoon: Batman and Superman lambaste LGBT

Characters forced to change gender/YouTube

Angry characters give testimonies. 

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HOLLYWOOD — A cartoon has gone viral that pokes fun at a handful of fictional characters that changed their gender identity to appease the LGBTQ community. Each dramatis personae delivered a woke testimony while encircled within a group counseling session. “Hi, I’m Superman,” said the Man of Steel. “Faster than a locomotive. Can leap tall buildings in a single bound and… I’m bisexual.” After the group greeted him, Superman started crying like a lil bitch. “They just forced it on me,” he bemoaned. “Didn’t ask or nothing. I’ve been straight my whole life. It’s Lois and Clark, not Lewis and Clark!” Cinderella, who’s now a person of color, erupted next. “I’m Cinderella. I was White. Now I’m Cuban or Mexican or whatever. Who knows?” she said. “If they’re gonna completely strip me of my heritage at the very least I should be able to say some racist stuff now.”

Queen Latifah of “The Equalizer,” Lego Batman, SpongeBob SquarePants and female Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones told their stories too. Superman also said Hollywood should create new gay characters instead of turning traditional icons into fudge-packers. Do you agree with him?

Watch the hilarious cartoon.

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  1. How did they forget about James Bond, dude’s been played by many different white males with dark hair, they changed his hair color to blond. I remember the memes about James BLOND when Craig took over. Now they are talking about changing him again to be a black woman. The script writes itself. “Hi I am James Bond, First they changed my face 100 times, then they dyed my hair blond, and now they are talking about making me a black woman. I DON”T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE” cries

  2. The problem with these woke, modern remakes of classic fairytale stories is that they suffer from the same problem as christian and religious movies. They aren’t made to entertain, they’re made to send or push a message. No one except a raging leftist would enjoy this trash, or beauty and the beast or Mulan. The only reason these movies exist is to brainwash children.

  3. I am a white male that identifies as an African American Illegal Mexican ! I demand Free everything and I dont have to take the death jab!

  4. I’m guessing that you don’t need kriptonite to bring Superman to his knees 🤭

  5. Superman is “faster than a speeding locomotive” which isn’t all that fast. What happened to the bullet?

  6. I don’t give a fuck what they ‘re saying, Superman is straight, PERIOD.

  7. Sort of says something when the funniest character on the female ghost busters was a male who isn’t even a comedian

  8. Super man should now be called super cock. Superman is dead. So is D C Comics.

  9. Disney thinks Everytime there is a new leftist fad, they need to remake all their movies to mirror them.

  10. Queen Latifah as equalizer and women Ghost busters worst ideas ever. “Everything woke turns to shit” True President Trump, I guess Spider man is going to come out as “young attracted” next

  11. They don’t wan’t to create new characters, they are more interested in deconstructing the heros of people’s infancy than trying to make more interesting ones, because they would fail miserably.

    Remember: It’s all about control.

  12. Create your own fucking character. Stop ruining fictional characters that’s been around longer than most readers

  13. Create your own fucking character. Stop ruining fictional characters that’s been around longer than most readers

  14. Until you people actually stand up and crush this perverted movement shut up, just like Jan 6th, you so-called Trump supporters hid in fear. Put your money where your mouth is and do something about it. Revolutions are not won sitting on the couch.

  15. This is why I don’t have the urge to go watch anything new. And if you support this crap then your the problem and why things are getting worse. Send Hollywood a message by not buying or watching there crap. And then they won’t make it. But if they keep making money then they won’t stop this crap ever.

  16. Old comic book writers for DC would be ashamed how far this industry has fallen

  17. Women’s Ghost Busters…as popular as the women’s NBA! 😂😂😂

  18. I can’t wait for an “Empire Strikes Back” remake where Darth Vader reveals: “Luke, I AM your mother”.

    Luke is gonna be an Asian, lesbian btw.

  19. The end of the world is coming get ready it’s going to be a crazy ride to death 💀

  20. I called it, years ago, when they had first started the whole gender swap/Captain America is a secret Hydra agent nonsense: soon enough, you will see quadriplegic Chinese lesbian Zorro. And one of my friends said, “And a black female 007.”

  21. Most of this video was good, apart from one thing that struck me as just a complete misunderstanding of a character.

    Gonzo is not and has not ever been transgender, not in that recent Muppet Babies clip or in the past.

    Gonzo is consistently referred to as a “whatever” or things along that line in relation to his species AND gender. Despite this, Gonzo is still referred to with he/him pronouns, but this doesn’t canonically change his gender of being a “whatever” or such along those lines. So, it should come as no surprise that Gonzo would wear a dress in modern shows. He did in older cartoons too, after all.

  22. I support a merger between the Marvel, DC and Woke Universes. Where Superman, Spiderman & Super Trans fight climate change and coivd 19, while receiving sponsorship from Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharmo.

  23. But wait, isn’t superman some foreign alien from far far away planet that his race blew up? Doesn’t that mean that the whatever he identify as and represents those special non-aliens, are also going to blow up this planet as well? Also why they would want to be aliens in the first place? Oh no! A country that attacked the world with a deadly virus and claimed over 2 millions of victims are now launching nukes everywhere! Quick lets send superman! Right… He retired, for SOME reason. Then lets send in the transgender guy/gal, they are very strong and will stop others from blowing up the planet. Because that’s their job.

  24. This video is painfully accurate that it is scary.
    Heck at least with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern and John Stewart’s Green Lantern, you can make the argument it is not a race swap, especially when there are works that show both Lanterns working together now.
    I literally do not care if there is a gay Superman or Bi-sexual or whatever, is the story good? How does he get his powers? Does he learn about control where he is in a world that is basically cardboard to him? What are the villains that he faces? Is it just Kal-El’s rouges gallery or does he face his own new threats? Does he stand for true justice or is he morally grey? This is the stuff I ACTUALLY find interesting. I don’t really care who he boinks uglies with.

  25. I’m pissed. Make your own heroes instead of stealing from others. Fucking ass holes.

  26. Can’t wait to see the Black Panther reboot with a straight huWhite male lead.

  27. The LGBTQ community needs to come up with their own unique characters instead of changing established characters in order to push their agenda.

  28. Honestly I don’t really care what changes Superman gets. In my mind he’s still straight.

  29. Missed Ice Man, unlike Bi-Superman or the Fem-Ghostbusters he was not a new character replacing an existing one but a character with decades of clearly being hetero who was literally brainwashed to be gay.

    Great ending with the “Actually Guy”, good humorist shows the faults in all sides.

  30. This trend will die one day,

    right after every Woke
    filmmaker goes Broke.

  31. Hahaha!!! I’m that fucking dude, I was gonna comment the Superman thing! Hahaha!!! But no seriously what the fuck? Especially fucking Gonzo?! What the Fuck!

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