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White boyfriend kills black girlfriend’s 8-year-old son

Brian and Gloria behind bars/Harris County

White boyfriend killed black boy.

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HOUSTON — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and significant others away from your babies. Brian Coulter, 31, had his abusive ass thrown in jail after he beat his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son, Kendrick Lee, to death then coaxed the unfit mother — Gloria Williams — into leaving her other three sons home alone (à la Macaulay Culkin) for a year to fend for themselves in an apartment infested with rats and roaches. Brian and Gloria, 35, also left Kendrick’s “dry skeletal remains” in the home with the kids. Ain’t that a bitch? All of this went down in Houston, Texas around Thanksgiving 2020. Gloria has two other children but they weren’t in the home. “I think that the beatings were consistent… mainly involving the younger children,” said Harris County Sgt. Dennis Wolfford. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Coulter punched Kendrick in the face, feet, buttocks, back, legs and testicles. By the time officers found Kendrick’s cadaver, his “body, feet and teeth had turned into a skeleton” and “his hair was off.” There were also “roaches everywhere on him.”

To add insult to demise, Brian and Gloria got themselves a separate apartment 25 minutes away. The deranged swirlers would drive over and check on the kids once every two weeks. “Common sense would tell you that they [were] distancing themselves from a dead child,” Wolfford explained.

“By the time they moved out, you’re talking about probably five to six months after death. They know the entire time that there’s a dead body in this apartment…. So they go live in another apartment so that they don’t have to be around it.”

The surviving brothers — ages 7, 10 and 15 — were finally rescued from deplorable conditions on Sunday after the eldest texted Gloria saying he couldn’t take it anymore. The apartment had no furniture, no bedding, no sustenance, a soiled carpet and insects galore. When Gloria failed to respond, he called 911.

The rest is history.

Brian, a white ex-con, was arrested and charged with felony murder. Gloria, who’s black, is charged with neglect, child abandonment and other crimes. She was previously charged for failing to enroll her children in school so she’s always been shady. This is what pisses me off: Stepparents and significant others have no problem torturing other people’s kids but they won’t do anything to harm their own.

Gloria needs her ass kicked.

Watch Brian and Gloria make court appearances.

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  1. Both of them are murderers!! Throw away the key and keep them locked up!

  2. Where’s all the swirlers at? Where’s Cynthia G? Is this one of those Zaddy’s you talking about? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Just Horrific and unimaginable that for 11 months the two brothers lived with no furniture no bed and no Parents, and corpse of their bother and not Neighbor a relative or apartment complex say or said anything, what kind of community is this that didn’t smell hear or notice anything, I’m sure roaches were going in other units, and what the hell was maintenance doing not servicing the unit annually!!! PATHETIC

  4. All these women who let these guys do this type of stuff if their on assistance. This woman welfare and section 8 card should be taken away from her forever . How many of these females live off their kids and never make something out their lives and the cycle continues .

  5. Someone please enlighten me on the fact that these children are all school-aged and yet a child has been deceased since November 2020 and you know darn well his siblings were not attending school. Why wasn’t the school worried? I know you can homeschool your kids, but there is still the fact that you have to provide proof of your children’s work and there is also mandatory standardized tests that homeschoolers must take and pass. Most of the time, if you do not report your children’s progress, a school district will ask questions and get CPS involved if they are not satisfied.

  6. I guess this queen clown thinks she more attractive to her man if she bleached her hair, huh?!?! Abused kids are a horrific subject matter but the idea of a black mother allowing a man of another race to abuse, beat, torture then murder her Black kids is particularly, overwhelmingly, and disgustingly offensive!!

  7. I’m not surprised!!! She is with a white zaddy !!he did the same thing his ancestors did and of course nothing will happen to him and also the kids are black!!no one cares about black kids!!only if they get paid they will adopt or be a foster parent only for the money!!no love is ever involved!!🤔

  8. Straight to Jail. No bond, no death penalty, and no plea deal. Life in jail and 21 hours on lockdown with 1 hour for legal, religion or yard.

  9. That man is NOT going to have fun in prison depending on what prison he is sent to. First off, he thinks he’s a bada$$ and he is not. He has tough talking tattoos that don’t match his ability, he abused kids and murdered one by beating him to death, and he is white and murdered a black child. I don’t see prison as being easy for him. Maybe he will be separated from those that want to do him harm, but if not, I think his life will be a living hell and rightly so. I think he should get the death penalty anyway.

  10. Keep your 🧠Hearts of men are cold in the last days,turn now.⌚For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul❗wake up💤💯💉🧬☠🌊like in the days of Noah God will judge the world⌛REPENT …

  11. She chose an evil man over her beautiful children. May the good Lord bless these boys and watch over them, always. Rest easy, little one. 💝

  12. My God, this is horrendous. How can anyone hurt a child? This “ mother” and her boyfriend are pure evil. The female didn’t want her kids taken away, so she left them all to die?! She knew that innocent baby was dead! She knew the other children were being abused! She did nothing, but abuse them too! Where was everyone… school, doctors office, neighbors… other family ??? Not one person noticed something wrong for almost a year??!!WAKE UP! STEP UP IF YOU SEE ABUSE OR THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG! These poor children, they deserved none of this. I pray they can heal from the hell they’ve endured and live in light! 🙏🏻

  13. The mother and CPS should be charged with that child’s murder. CPS is in constant failure. People do call and cps does nothing. Then once a child dies they want to say we tried. BS. The Boyfriend is a pos and so is the mom. Houston CPS repeatedly fails these kids in that area. When will people wake up and actually stand up and do something for these babies that are so easily forgotten. This is unforgiveable and I hope they get what they deserved in prison!

  14. He was on IG bragging about how that was the best spaghetti he had ever eaten.
    He sure was eating good, thanks to the food stamps that was supposed to feed the KIDS not his pathetic a$$!!

  15. An abusive partner can make you do alot of things, can warp your perception and change your entire sense of self, but an abusive partner doesn’t explain this. It doesn’t explain abandoning your babies or letting your babies get beaten to death in front of you… No mother, no matter how abused and broken would allow such a thing to happen. This woman has something much deeper wrong with her than just an abusive partner. She let that man into her home with her babies in the first place, this wasn’t conditioning, this wasn’t just abuse that she couldn’t get away from.. She knew what he was because she’s the same as him, she allowed all of this to happen. It wasn’t abuse by omission, this woman was an accessory and a perpetrator.

  16. This story breaks my heart … and it angers me too Thank God they we’re saved from that house of horrors. No human being let alone 3 innocent children should have to endure that type of suffering. I hope they both get life & the judge makes an example out of them and sent a message to all other like them in the world. These type of crimes on innocent children I think needs to have a stiffer punishment because it’s happening way too much it’s disturbing. My prayers go out to these boys that they get a better life in a loving home & parents that will truly love them. God bless them.

  17. I think everyone and all women are beautiful but my God is that woman a mess I don’t think I could get with her if I was so drunk I couldn’t get hard. Kind of an oxymoron but I wouldn’t put any effort in to even try. Jesus Lord those children deserve better and that woman should have never tried blond hair or the hot girl abusive boyfriend put sex and the only relationship I can get that will give me enough excitement to forget about the kids and all that. She could have gotten with a loving man and stayed away from the weave hair dye and short shorts with a shirt 3 sizes too small showing all kinds of stomach.

  18. I PRAY she and that “low-life bastard” NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GET OUT OF PRISON. What mother or father would allow anybody to inflict that kind of treatment on their children?? They should both get the “death penalty”!!

  19. There is no damm excuse for not taking care of your children she is so fricken ridiculous , she chose a man and drugs over her children . She should be held accountable just as much as her man .. this is so wrong in so many levels I pray for the remaining children 🙏 😔 😢

  20. Anyone that murders or harms a child or children, should die.
    If one can hurt a child they have no soul—they’re evil. The only way to deal with evil is to destroy it.
    Capital punishment is the ONLY appropriate way to deal with all of those who have been convicted of harming children. No child is safe when evil lives.

  21. As a mother our main job is to love, protect, and provide for our kids. I hope they get what they deserve and honestly it should be a death sentence. I’m very proud of that 15 year old, he pushed through fear and made a great choice to call. I pray the boys get the love and care they deserve.

  22. I’m sure she will say she was scared of him and she will probably only get a smack on the hand. I believe she is just as guilty for not protecting her kids. She then only threw the other living kids a few scraps of food now and then.
    Oh and let’s not forget she moved out and left the kids with their dead brother. I’m sure she left when the smell got bad in a couple days.
    I am a retired EMT and I have smelled a dead body and it’s something you never forget. I can’t believe no one in that building smelled the body.


  24. Who’s fault is it? EVERYONE from the mother to the family, neighbors, CPS, and everyone else who didn’t say nor do something about it!

  25. That man is a devil but I would like his sentence shorter than that of the mom…
    At most the man shd be sentenced to 21yrs and the mom A LIFE SENTENCE IN SOLITARY..
    No man would touch your kids if you put your foot down.
    A man would treat your kids based on the perception he gets from you.
    I don’t blamenthe man,we all know he’s a demon and pure evil already,he didn’t hide that.
    People are desperately praying for babies,I CANNOT WAIT TO START MY FAMILY AND this clown decides to throw hers away.
    Lock her up and throw away the key or better yet MELT IT

  26. The idiot of a boyfriend wasn’t the father of any of the kids. That she allowed him to beat her own child to death is beyond disturbing. I hope his fellow inmates surely let him know how they feel about fake trailer park tough guys killing children.

  27. Can someone please tell me why children’s services can allow so many children to “slip through the cracks”, while they take so many children from loving, caring homes? It is instances like this when forced sterilization should be put into effect. I pray all the children find homes with people who will love and protect them, and that they get the counselling they need. May the little one rest in peace.

  28. This madness is making me sick to my stomach!!! Both of those so called human beings are beyond words to describe their sick minds! I’m glad that sweet child is out of his misery. I hate to imagine how sad his heart was knowing that piece of shit of a so called mother allowed that disgusting BEAST 2 harm an innocent child!! JESUS | ANCESTORS please hold that child & comfort him as you receive him. I PRAY THAT THEY BOTH RECEIVE JUSTICE BEHIND THOSE WALLS!!!! A DEFENSELESS CHILDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOST HIS LIFE BECAUSE OF TWO SICK PEOPLE….UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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