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White boyfriend kills black girlfriend’s 8-year-old son

Brian and Gloria behind bars/Harris County

White boyfriend killed black boy.

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HOUSTON — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and significant others away from your babies. Brian Coulter, 31, had his abusive ass thrown in jail after he beat his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son, Kendrick Lee, to death then coaxed the unfit mother — Gloria Williams — into leaving her other three sons home alone (à la Macaulay Culkin) for a year to fend for themselves in an apartment infested with rats and roaches. Brian and Gloria, 35, also left Kendrick’s “dry skeletal remains” in the home with the kids. Ain’t that a bitch? All of this went down in Houston, Texas around Thanksgiving 2020. Gloria has two other children but they weren’t in the home. “I think that the beatings were consistent… mainly involving the younger children,” said Harris County Sgt. Dennis Wolfford. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Coulter punched Kendrick in the face, feet, buttocks, back, legs and testicles. By the time officers found Kendrick’s cadaver, his “body, feet and teeth had turned into a skeleton” and “his hair was off.” There were also “roaches everywhere on him.”

To add insult to demise, Brian and Gloria got themselves a separate apartment 25 minutes away. The deranged swirlers would drive over and check on the kids once every two weeks. “Common sense would tell you that they [were] distancing themselves from a dead child,” Wolfford explained.

“By the time they moved out, you’re talking about probably five to six months after death. They know the entire time that there’s a dead body in this apartment…. So they go live in another apartment so that they don’t have to be around it.”

The surviving brothers — ages 7, 10 and 15 — were finally rescued from deplorable conditions on Sunday after the eldest texted Gloria saying he couldn’t take it anymore. The apartment had no furniture, no bedding, no sustenance, a soiled carpet and insects galore. When Gloria failed to respond, he called 911.

The rest is history.

Brian, a white ex-con, was arrested and charged with felony murder. Gloria, who’s black, is charged with neglect, child abandonment and other crimes. She was previously charged for failing to enroll her children in school so she’s always been shady. This is what pisses me off: Stepparents and significant others have no problem torturing other people’s kids but they won’t do anything to harm their own.

Gloria needs her ass kicked.

Watch Brian and Gloria make court appearances.

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  1. The school district, CPS and apartment maintenance got some explaining to do. APARTMENT MAINTENANCE #1

  2. Forget about placing them in jail on tax payers dime. Give the public some stones and chains and let them handle it.

  3. These monsters should be locked up , no blanket , no food , no bed or any comforts …and let the other prision inmates take care of them

  4. One of the brothers witnessed the beating death of his brother…no doubt was terrified for his own life.

  5. You know what’s sad there are people like me who actually want kids to love and cherish and sick people like this get children. I often wonder why 🤦🏽‍♀️this breaks my heart

  6. Yall niggas gone learn to quit fuckin wit these crackers. I bet his white kids are healthy and living well.

  7. It hurts me 2 see scummy ppl like this mistreat kids.. HONESTLY SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY AT ALL . THEN there are so many ppl that would be amazing parents yet can’t have kids… or poor women that has been threw the pain of a miscarriage.🙏💜💙❤🧡
    … so heartbreaking😓😥

  8. Looks like she ate well!!!! How does society let this happen! SO MANY RED FLAGS! C’mon people, get involved!!! Dads, neighbors, school??????? Where is the “village”???

  9. I’ve never fantasized about hurting someone so much as I want to hurt those parents! Ex specially that man! Evil incarnation of a man!

  10. These boys have been horrifically failed until this point, I just hope they do not continue to be failed. What will happen from here? Where will they go? Will they remain together? I truly hope they are not separated and lost in the system. I also worry about whether the family are invested in the welfare of these boys, can they be trusted to care for them. They will need the upmost patience, love, care, therapy, love. I hope they receive it. Heartbroken.

  11. No food…. But the Mom collected all that stimulus money & extra food stamps for the children , but couldn’t feed them

  12. Were they still paying rent? Rent for 2 homes?
    It’s fishy that the Landlord didn’t investigate. It’s also weird that there wasn’t a welfare check if the smell was that bad? This is so disgusting & sad 😢

  13. So all this time no other family members didn’t bother to check on these kids. I mean this child was dead for over a year, what about the next door neighbors the oder didn’t bother these people….WTH.

  14. COVID-19 had rules in place to keep landlords from evicting tenants due to inability to pay. That probably also explains why kids weren’t missed in school and why electricity wasn’t cut off until recently as well. This is just awful. Those poor kids. Mom and boyfriend should be punished to fullest extent of the law allowed.

  15. If these 2 get less than 20yrs to life it will be an injustice…even animals protect their young.

  16. My prayers are with the children, the mother should be charged with murder also because she’s just as guilty & as a mother how could you stand by & let/watch someone abuse your children because as a parent you should do everything necessary to protect your children, They both need to rot in the pits oh HE** & THEY DON’T LIKE PPL WHO KILL CHILDREN IN JAIL SO THEY BOTH WILL PROBABLY HAVE A HARD TIME & SUFFER IN JAIL….

  17. The mother should be charge with murder also she knew for over a year and said nothing😤she’s just as cold if not colder than the man😤

  18. Hopefully someone will take care of these pieces of garbage in prison.

  19. The mother should be charged with murder also she knew for over a year and said nothing😤she’s just as cold if not colder than the man😤

  20. There is no excuse for a mother to allow this degree of torture. Dont play the fear card or mental disability bc disabled individuals know better than torture babies. You Ms Williams made the babies available for him to use as punching bags. When you chose to abandon them with no beds no blankets, rarely any food drops – you were killing them in monthly installments. You are a murderer, just like he is. May the Lord have mercy on you.

  21. So the 3 children let their brother’s corpse rot and didn’t call police, didn’t tell the neighbors, didn’t seek help, didn’t run away… I missing something here?

  22. Some people should NEVER be parents. Give them both the death penalty, a public execution, they don’t deserve to live!!!!!

  23. Where are these kids fathers…this doesn’t make any sense at all. Both that mother and boyfriend deserves the death penalty.

  24. How in hell does this go on for a year?
    This is enough internet for me for the day 😡😡😡😡

  25. This is definitely one of the worst I’ve heard….my heart breaks for these boys. I hope this mother and monster rot in prison…and I hope there is jailhouse justice every single day…..

  26. 35 yr old mother of 6🤔of course the swirler would permit her Zaddy to off her blk son🤷🏾‍♂️if they not cancelling them in the womb, it’s in these fatherless households through abuse and neglect.

  27. Listen up if you a black woman stop dating these kkk racist haters cause they do want sleep with us ok DONT TRUST THEM if they speak against black man red flag GET OUT THAT RELATIONSHIP

  28. the fact that no one in the apartment complex wondered about the smell.. the other family members… the sad part is these heartless people get free housing and money from our government.. what a disgusting and terrible world we live in today.

  29. True monsters. Dont go for the death penalty. Make them suffer in a maximum security prison.

  30. He gone get beat every where he go in prison he will never be able to walk the compound an he white 🥴🥴 he definitely gonna feel like he in hell

  31. Fry them both!!! Children do not deserve to be treated this way!!!! Rest in paradise sweet baby no more pain no more abuse.

  32. There is no way in hell that nobody knew about these children. The amount of culpability is unbelievable. How in the hell you gonna have a decomposing body in an apartment complex and nobody smells dick up. Come on these parents need to be under the jail.

  33. A lot of failed people here! Mother, Family, School staff, Neighbors and o yeah the Mom! Throw them to the 🦈🦈! 👌🏽

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