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School principal receives tranny lap dance at a rally

Mobelini got a lap dance/YouTube

Hazard principal target of outrage.

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HAZARD — Here’s another reason to pull your kids out of school ASAP: Woke educators in Kentucky are in hot water after a video surfaced that shows Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini getting a lap dance from a male student in lingerie. Mobelini is also mayor of the Perry County town. So he oversees law enforcement. The striptease took place Tuesday during the school’s “Man Pageant,” a homecoming event that exhorts homosexuality. Raw footage shows a teen transvestite in a white gown gyrating on top of Mobelini before slithering on the gymnasium floor like a damn snake. The student danced to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” He and his cross-dressing buddies twerked on other staff members too. In addition to the video, photos surfaced that shows scantily clad female students in “Hooters” outfits carrying liquor.

Sondra Combs, superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools, is pissed. She said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.” Social media reaction was unforgiving. Nema Brewer, cofounder of education advocacy group KY 120 United, tweeted, “Um. Exactly what is going on here, y’all? C’mon Hazard. Get it together.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman.”

Hazard High ain’t the only academic institution pushing a LGBTQ agenda.

Teachers at Wilton Manors Elementary School in Florida took students on a field trip to a gay bar.

Joe Biden’s America.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. The school’s administrators and teachers should be immediately fired and never allowed to work again. If a grown man or woman was allowing a minor to do that to them we would call it pedophilia so what the heck is going on here.

  2. Now, think back to the “Dukes of Hazzard” show, if you’ve seen any of those reruns and tell me, if you’re really, surprised that a place called Hazard, has this going on, at all. 😂

  3. Teen guys dressing in drag and dancing on grown men and teen girls in short shorts and hooter shirts doing the same thing… were im from these teachers would be called chi moes

  4. Jesus is your way to heaven, Believe in him and you will be saved from hell.

  5. It’s societies fault for absolutely sexualizing nearly everything in mainstream media and showing young kids that it’s completely okay to act like this when in reality it’s disgusting and not okay at all, and having so called “role models” like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj is definitely making the problem worse. The higher powers are training society exactly like they want, wake up you people and don’t fall victim to the devil in control, don’t be a sheep.

  6. This town is amazing.
    The school principal is also the mayor?!

  7. Your tax dollars at work. “ THEY” can’t reproduce but “THEY” can recruit. Enough said.

  8. Every teacher as well as the mayor should be put on a sex offenders list.

  9. Until we rise up and take back What God intended for us. We will fall farther into destruction.

  10. Any faculty member that didn’t put an immediate stop to this behavior should be held accountable! The school’s name just happened to be “Hazard High School”? SMH, so the principal is the Mayor and his name is Mr. Happy Mobelini? And he has a big smile on his face while he’s receiving a lap dance from a minor in front of the pupils? IDK this country is finished for so many reasons!

  11. As a father, If I went to a school event and saw my daughter walk out in a hooters costume/outfit. Not only would I have grabbed her and walked out…but CPS, the Police, and every media outlet I could find would know of this abuse/exploitation. This school just sexualized it’s student so openly…how the hell does this happen??

  12. Not a mask in sight. Smh This is an underlying side effect from the vaccine, clearly.

  13. There will be a secret meeting where all the teachers and faculty members who were present during this ‘event’ will be asked if they got inappropriately sexually aroused during it. Those that are honest enough to admit they did will get a hearty slap on the back and laughs all round from their fun lovin’ colleagues. Western Civilisation is truly dying on it’s arse.

  14. Every employee of the school and district teachers even janitors all need fired. Especially the Mayor/Principal needs jailed and beaten.

    This is another example of wokism going to far or opening the door to normalize pedos. These people are becoming more and more emboldened everyday when what they need is driven back into their caves or removed from society completely.

  15. Even if these kids were 18, this is still sick.
    Teachers are in a parental role when the students are in their care. There is nothing normal or funny about this. If they wouldn’t have done this with female students, then why were male students up for grabs?

    This is vile. Throw all of them into a furnace.

  16. These nasty-ass teachers at that school need to be prosecuted they’re perverts

  17. The principle had a kid throwing it back on him and the principal is standing there head thrown back big smile on his face he look like he liked it way to much

  18. Wow. Hyper sexualization from the gay community. Good job people. 🌈

  19. It’s a school, they are their to learn not to dance for a dollar, fire every last person part of it👎

  20. The school only care if teens are vaccinated and wearing face masks!
    If boys dress as girls then the law is on the side of schools!

  21. Many many years ago in H.S., at least at mine, Student Athletes were showcased and the school band.
    This is crazy!!! Also, isn’t Kentucky 47th out of 50 states in Education?🤔 Priorities all over the damn place.
    A lot of underlying homosexuality taking place, whilst having a history of being a heavily Conservative state.

  22. What happened to a good ole classic powder puff 🤨 like why the fuck we gotta grind on somebody and be HALF naked (literally wearing lingerie) to celebrate homecoming. Anybody trying to make sense of this is just flat out weird.

  23. Society has become so obsessed with sex, it’s starting to seep into every part of it. Also, Hazard KY is a small, rural, middle of nowhere town, with a very low population. I suspect there aren’t many rules or regulations going on in that area. That explains how the principal can also be the town mayor. Also, a group of blonde, teen girls wearing Hooters outfits . . . In a school . . . Disturbing . . .

  24. Whenever the mayor is also the principal…. That’s all you need to know…

  25. How the principal gonna be the Mayor of the city as well?! That in and of itself is some straight up foolishness and probably the reason why this behavior is being condoned. Who knows what’s going on in this school district behind closed doors?! I have no words…🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  26. How in the hell is this appropriate for a child to do in a school ? Omg 😳 this is disgusting
    A school is no place for this

    My god !!

  27. Well since this is also teaching people to become gay since most of this world is gay I think people need to start protecting the straight people just like they’ve been protecting the gay people because there’s not that many straights

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