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School principal receives tranny lap dance at a rally

Mobelini got a lap dance/YouTube

Hazard principal target of outrage.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HAZARD — Here’s another reason to pull your kids out of school ASAP: Woke educators in Kentucky are in hot water after a video surfaced that shows Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini getting a lap dance from a male student in lingerie. Mobelini is also mayor of the Perry County town. So he oversees law enforcement. The striptease took place Tuesday during the school’s “Man Pageant,” a homecoming event that exhorts homosexuality. Raw footage shows a teen transvestite in a white gown gyrating on top of Mobelini before slithering on the gymnasium floor like a damn snake. The student danced to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” He and his cross-dressing buddies twerked on other staff members too. In addition to the video, photos surfaced that shows scantily clad female students in “Hooters” outfits carrying liquor.

Sondra Combs, superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools, is pissed. She said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.” Social media reaction was unforgiving. Nema Brewer, cofounder of education advocacy group KY 120 United, tweeted, “Um. Exactly what is going on here, y’all? C’mon Hazard. Get it together.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman.”

Hazard High ain’t the only academic institution pushing a LGBTQ agenda.

Teachers at Wilton Manors Elementary School in Florida took students on a field trip to a gay bar.

Joe Biden’s America.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. This is just the surface. Look into it deeper. The guy owns the cops and this is nothing compared to what is going on under the table.

  2. If it was my kid and they told me I cant do anything about it…..I would go to jail….grow a set parents these are your kids.

  3. What do we expect. This falls on the school and how parents are these days. I see so many young girls out there looking like they are barely wearing any clothes at all. Putting them on birth control letting them smoke weed and everything else. Society is out of control and it falls on every adult that has a kid to allow stuff like this to happen

  4. The boys should’ve given their female classmates lap dances instead lol

  5. How someone haven’t give this guy, the J f K haircut is the real discussion here.

  6. What’s wrong with boys today…never…never would have happened when I was in highschool in the late 90’s.

  7. Until we as a country come together and demand an end, will this stuff stop. The perversion is going to go off the charts.

  8. The Clampet’s would be proud. What else would you expect out of Kentucky?

  9. It is not just they should all lose their jobs if they participated. But held accountable in a court of law with a prison sentence…The delinquency of minors by adults paid and sworn to protect them should have meaning and consequences.

  10. i believe it was all in fun. the stone throwers need to rope it in. they where just having some laughs .the fact we have time to whine while 600,000 people are homeless screams we are getting things way out of order. looks like kids having harmless fun too me.

  11. Why are children so sexualized these days? Obviously they’ve seen videos or people doing lap dances and wearing hooters T-shirts! When I was their age, I was modest and definitely not exposed to sex in any way! They might have been exposed to this at home! I hope not for their sake! What mother would buy her teenage daughter at shirt from hooters in the first place? Wtf is going on here? CPS needs to investigate this and the teachers need to be fired imo as well as the principal that allowed this! As a parent, I’d be outraged by this!

  12. This whole “incident” is absolutely disgusting. Dressing boys in lingerie???? And lap dancing is disgusting!! Where in the world was a real moral adult in all this debacle???

  13. “It was just teenagers being teenagers”
    Okay, so what about the adults who could have stood up, told the students this is inappropriate and to get dressed, and ended the event? The adults getting lap dances could have stood up and left the room. Pretending like this behavior is okay is disgusting.

    When I was in high school and played pranks on teachers we rearranged their classroom, did flash mobs, or wrapped their things in bubble wrap. We didn’t give lap dances to adults. Because the adults would have shut that shit down.

  14. For this to happen in a school, or anywhere else is abhorrent!.
    Why didn’t anyone stand up & try to stop it!. Or at least walk out in disgust & remove their child from this debacle!.

  15. This is fking disgusting. Wtf. I can’t even fathom why these kids would be willing to do this….

    Sodom and Gomorrah man. Fire and brimstone are gonna rain down from the sky….

  16. You people fuck me up! You have sex on almost every tv show, live performance, movie and ad in our entire country! When your kids start acting what they see now it’s a problem???? Maybe the problem isn’t with them but US as A WHOLE! We failed these kids by letting tv and iphones raise our children! I’ll be damned if my 13 and 10 year old kids act like this or even think it’s ok to act like this! Shame on ALL OF US! We are failing our children who are the future of this great country!

  17. Can’t believe sick shit like this going on. Is this school on the backwoods or what?!

  18. Father in Heaven help us🙏🏽 this is waaaaay out of line. Disgusting

  19. A “HOME COMING RALLY”??? What kind of coming are they talking about because I seen nothing to do with Football here!!! This is horridly under reported. HORRIDLY!! YES THERE “ARE” VIDEOS WHICH ARE BEING REMOVED FROM MEDIA!!!!!!!!! The videos of this shit are graphic as hell! BLATANT PORN WITH CLOTHS ON!!! People have obviously been getting sexualized via the indoctrination in schools for a very long time now. At least for three decades if not more! The police do not care. No one cares. Otherwise, where are the arrests? The videos of this shit are out there … or at least …. “WERE” …. public. There was one showing a male teacher humping between the spread legs of one of the female coaches right there on the gym floor! He also performed a simulated act of oral sex on her. She was splayed out, on a chair, legs spread, and her hands extended out over her head while he was doing all of that. You can not tell me that the whole school TO INCLUDE THE SCHOOL BOARD doesn’t know what’s going on! ALL STAFF AND THOSE ON THE SCHOOL BOARD NEED HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Would those parents whom say this is no big deal, allow the same things done with their teen age children with their own FRIENDS???? WOULD THEY???? And if so, they have no rights even raising children at all!!! This is the results of people not paying attention to what’s been happening in our schools since the 60’s and what has happened for allowing our children to be indoctrinated and taught about sexual behavior within the so called sex ed tutorial classes since the early 70’s!!! My Mom and Dad told me that this is where it would all lead to and they were right!!! Our children no longer hold the sex act as one of intimacy and the most cherished aspect of the human condition! They have been turned into nothing any better than animals, no self discipline, no self dignity, no honor, caving into animal instincts and behavior which is going to lead to dire consequences where health issues and relationships are concerned! That is already proving its self out! Females are having men exactly why???? Because they act like beasts? REALLY YOUNG LADIES??? REALLY???? YOUR JUST AS DISGUSTING!!! THEY HAVE CONDITIONED YOU!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Now I know why the schools are now mandating that all females entering into the 9th grade are made to go for Clamidia checks!!! LAST THING… THE PRINCIPLE OF THAT HIGH SCHOOL IS ALSO THE MAYOR OF THE TOWNSHIP, AND HE’S DEMOCRAT! GO FIRGURE!! WHAT DO ANY OF YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN WITH THIS INVESTIGATION!!??? NOTHING!!! NOT A DAMN THING!!!! This indoctrination must be stopped, and due to the indoctrination that has already happened to dull the senses and reasoning of the past couple of generations…. it’s up to our generation to stop it!!

  20. They’re probably just getting the kids ready to become online strippers and content creators…theyve probably finally realized traditional education has been made pointless. Why be educated when you can make a better life for yourself stripping online! XD

  21. The kingdom that opposes God will throw out anything and see if we will accept it…..clearly some are accepting
    the most obvious evil things with delight. There will be severe consequences for these things, the end is near.

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