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Ice Cube disses COVID vaccine

Ice Cube eschews vaccine/Clutchpoints

Ice Cube dissed COVID vaccine.

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HOLLYWOOD — Tadow, how you like me now? Ice Cube was supposed to be the lead actor in Sony’s impending comedy “Oh Hell No.” But when producers told him he had to get vaccinated first, Cube’s retort mirrored the title of the film. “Oh Hell No!” The BIG3 honcho walked away from $9 million in remuneration when he refused to take the COVID vaccine. Cube (né O’Shea Jackson Sr) would’ve starred alongside comedian Jack Black who’s also a co-producer in the flick. Filming was scheduled to start in December in Hawaii. Now producers have postponed the project until they acquire Cube’s replacement.

Social media reaction was mixed. One user tweeted, “No room in the industry for voices that would let harm come to the general public. With the amount of followers he has, remaining unvaccinated sends a clear message to those who look up to him.” Another user wrote, “I don’t see the problem with him not wanting to get vaccinated….that’s his choice, as long as u aren’t out here parading around without a mask on I could care less. He isnt speaking out against vaccines by not getting it.”

Cube has a net worth of $160 million.

So he can afford to turn down a job or two.

That said, do you support his decision to eschew the jab?

Could you walk away from $9 million?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. None of us know what we’ll do when that day comes , When that day came Ice Cube stood up and took the hit for all of us


  3. First of all why does everybody still refer to him as his little teenage street thug nickname??? What reason can we not call him by his first and last name???

  4. f the vax someone needs to get a hold of ice cube and send him a message and tell him to make a song called f the vaccine

  5. The love of money is the root of all evil. Good Cube is not for evil and is for FREEDOM!!

  6. People are actually waking up to what these criminal Democrats are doing. They all should be voted out of office


  8. When you already have over 150 million dollars in the bank’ turning down 9 million is easy.

  9. I respect all of these celebrities speaking out and standing up even costing them millions because of these crazy government control grabs! With in mandates and this vaccine it should not be mandatory when were still in testing obviously because it changes every other month & now they have booster number 4 .. For some. That proves with-in common sense they are still in testing phases otherwise it wouldnt change so often. Does it make any sense at all to mandate something as serious as a vaccine when its obviously not for everyone and or if you had the bug already!? Where does it end. They literally changed the meaning of vaccine just because of this lab leaked c.virus that Fauci funded. But back to the people speaking out It shows such strength and we need to really show our appreciation for these celebrities even if we dont agree with everything like Officer Tatum said. It is hard to do that as a celebrity to go against democratic policies when you are one. Just like Nicki Minaj im glad she spoke out and on her lives she said a lot that was shocking but yet not at the same time .. Made me like her that much more.. I always was a Nicki Minaj fan and she deserved a grammy a long time ago but Cardi B got 1 with in her first yr of rapping?! But Nicki I believe has yet received any!? I got off subject but I really think the billboards top 100 and some Award ceremonies with these music labels can be so fake I guess the word, bought out, and just who u know at the top. Its all about who u know to get awarded even if it wasnt really deserved in my opinion. Not saying Cardi B didnt have some huge songs but Nicki breaking so many records as a solo female rapper with her songs and albums I mean Thats crazy she has yet received a Grammy. The grammies is not voted by the people right?! Anyone know ? Im pretty sure its not but havent looked it up as of recently.

  10. I am not a fan of him however I will say I applaud him for taking that stance! I applaud all the police officers and anyone else who is mandated to take this shot or lose their jobs and are walking off the jobs rather than take that stab! I don’t care if you approve of the vaccine or disapprove of it it’s not a matter of that it’s a matter of freedom and rights. If you allow The government to mandate these vaccinations it will not stop there! Wake up America and stand up America and fight back!

  11. Respect should always be given to those who choose morals over money…

  12. I cant remember a time before covid that people would leave millions or quit their jobs coz they dont want to get a vaccine,maybe coz they have people they know that had horible sideeffects from this jabs,i for sure know people close to me,one got blood clots 2 days after the vaccine other one 25 year old with myocarditis

  13. We are expected to get jabbed while Biden goes poopy in his pants at the Pope’s place. Dementia patients crap their pants and that’s what we have running the country as brown gravy runs out his depends😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  14. Ice Cube earned more respect with this move, a raper with principles and not a sellout b*tch

  15. Yeah cool, a rich man turns down 9 mil. Commendable! I’m about ready to lose a 50k a year job due to this mandate. I’m not rich! I will not compromise.

  16. Where are the protestors that were tearing down America in 2020. Defund the police and all that foolishness and now they are silent over this. Stand up America. No political party has power unless we give it to them.

  17. Come on black people we need to get out of the Democratic Plantation…Wake the F up!!

  18. This is abut loosing OUR FREEDOM of CHOICE. Freedom is worth more than money.

  19. Slow your roll before praising Cube. The difference between Cube and other folks is that Cube can afford to decline work. The overwhelming majority of Americans cannot. That being said, I can appreciate his stance.

  20. Why are you praising this guy. He has sat back for weeks watching “black people” get fired and said nothing. It is not bold when you have millions in the bank. Just like anti American talking heads, faux conservatives always jump on marketable story lines.

  21. For all you dummies that are praising him for not getting a simple vaccine shot for the safety for him and his family and the many people he will come in contact with. What do say to them people? Do you praised them too?

  22. turning down 9 million for a movie role but probably been smoking weed all his life ( not knowing what the dope man put in it) and paying for that out of his pocket….i dont get it

  23. Anti-Vaxx Ice Cube can afford to turn down 9 million while most youngsters who follow him can’t afford to turn down a $9 per hour job…Just saying


  25. I applaud Ice Cube for making a stand. While companies have the right to impose mandates, I think it’s not what they should do. Vaccinated people can still contract and spread COVID. All it does is help lessen its affect. So what difference does it make to anyone else whether or not someone else is vaccinated? It’s time to drop all mandates and protocols and just get back to pre-COVID life. If you want protection,
    get vaccinated. And let’s support more research into therapeutics.

  26. Fuck pay me one million and I’ll be in that stupid movie! Vaccine or not.

  27. Lol cube must’ve forgot! When the Democrats tell you to do something, YOU do it or else!

  28. If they can tell you what you must put in your own body then you are a SLAVE and there is no going back from that!

  29. I haven’t gotten a booster or flu shot in about 14 years and I feel just fine. I also have sickle cell trait, the last time I gotten a flu shot I couldn’t even open my eyes and my finger tips started tingling real bad that I couldn’t even hold a socket wrench at work. So from that time on I haven’t gotten any shots.. just been taking my vitamins a c and e pills. Now my job is starting to mandate the vaccine shot, I am going to make an appointment with a physician and hopefully he clear me of getting the vaccine or I’m just going to get fired from my job… cuz I ain’t getting that shot

  30. Bravo 👏 his body his choice. This should be between a patient and their doctor only. Not the government and business owners.

  31. What are the facts, Vaccination does not prevent infection, Vaccination does not prevent transmission, symptoms or death if it cant prevent infection. if the covid survival rate is 99.99 percent then everyone should have been exposed repeatedly in 18 months if the daily reports of infection are true. The other truth of the matter is the 1000s of testimonies about death and severe sided effects of Covid vaccine reported by previously healthy people.

  32. Ice cube ain’t no gangster 😤 he scared of a little needle hah get vaccinated ice cube your a role model or you’ll be out of work get it.

  33. Once you take that jab it’s down hill
    from there . First it was 1 jab, 2 jab now a
    3 jab. It will never end. They will be taking jabs every year. More money for big pharm and the government employees who have stock in that makes. Trying to mandate it for the USA.

  34. These people are sick, sick in their heads, sick in their souls if they have one. dont get that poison

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