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‘Bad Boys’ star Will Smith once considered suicide

Will Smith gettin’ in shape/YouTube

Will Smith once thought suicide.

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LOS ANGELES — It appears Jada Pinkett Smith has made her husband suicidal. In a recently released trailer for his new YouTube series “The Best Shape Of My Life,” Will Smith said he contemplated taking his own life. The 53-year-old thespian also revealed plans to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks. Fans are starting to wonder if he’s suffering a midlife crisis. “When I started this show, I thought I was getting into the best shape of my life physically, but mentally I was somewhere else,” Will explained. “I ended up discovering a whole lot of hidden things about myself… I’m writing my book, and it’s like exposing my life and so many things that people don’t know about me. That was the only time in my life that I ever considered suicide.”

Can’t blame him. With a wife like Jada, who wouldn’t consider a voluntary quietus? If you recall, she disgraced their union on “Red Table Talk” when she confessed to cheating on Will with R&B singer August Alsina. Then she shaved her head bald. Then she told the world her husband’s dick is too diminutive. That’s enough to drive any man bonkers.

“It’s hard,” Jada, 50, told Gwyneth Paltrow on Red Table Talk.

“I mean, the thing Will and I talk about a lot is the journey. We started in this at a very young age, you know, 22 years old. That’s why the accountability part really hit for me, because I think you expect your partner to know [your needs], especially when it comes to sex. It’s like, ‘Well, if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind.’ That’s a huge pitfall.”


Watch Will’s trailer.

Also watch Jada discuss their sex life.

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  1. Jada Pinkett is showing the signs of a highly narcissistic and uncaring person. Disrespecting her man publicly is a form of emasculation to humiliate her husband; passive-aggressively using her Red Table platform. This reveals she has serious “character flaw” as person, as women, and as a wife. Jada has missed the importance of “honoring” and “respecting” her husband, she claims to Love, Value and Treasure. Sad. 😞

    I’m surprised that people are taking her “Red Table Talk” seriously. She is not a loving wife to her husband. She is not a true sage with real wisdom that is healthy. Jada needs to seek therapy for her addictions, and Will Smith needs to the same; since he is in a codependent relationship with Jada. (He is truly emotionally hurting, does know what to do because the codependent nature of relationship with Jada Pinkett; Jada is hurting also…..both need to go and meet with Dr Ramani; who appeared on Red Table talk a while back with Jada.)

    Jada has never been true “Wife” material, like so many other women these days. She is a “Modern Woman”; they are not worth marrying and are not quality women worthy of a quality man. Men can be the same way, as husbands.

    Modern Men and Modern Women are not good candidates for marriage or monogamous relationships. Best for them to stay single and live a turnstile relational life, while leaving traditional and quality men and woman alone. 🤔

    (Will Smith is a codependent caught up in a trauma bond with Jada Pinkett. Modern women should enter marriage with a traditional person. The relationship is unequally yoked and unhealthy).

    (This erroneous: No way a person can read a person’s mind, even if a person “Loves a person.” Its impossible. Two people in a relationship have to communicate by genuinely and authentically talking with each other; mutually respecting each other, while being fully transparent, honest and truthful at all times…every day.)🤔🤔

  2. He can’t be the leading man in movies anymore. Jada f’d that up.

    Will Smith has always been the real life Carlton Banks.

  3. Will & Jada might as well sign those divorce papers cause apparently those two can’t work out with their open marriage which I feel that could make things worse. Just end it already and just continue to be good co parents.

  4. My ONLY gripe with this is the obvious DOUBLE STANDARD black women & media keep IGNORING. If this were a man doing his “squeaky clean” wife like Jada does Will,he would be cancelled & she would be elevated to LEGENDARY VICTIM STATUS😂😂

  5. My God, he’s so annoying and ugly…Why is he always talking…Why are American black men, always talking, just STFU…

  6. @Finn: Then go back to your s**thole country, simple solution. Let those men talk as they behead and take the p*ssY

  7. Geez. It’s time to let that toxic bean head wife of his go. She even shaved her head to look like Pac.

  8. I respect it. He’s saying he’s not the person you see in super hero movies. He’s a person, just like everyone else, with internal struggles.

    I will never kick someone who opens up and shares their true self (flaws and all) with the world. I wish Will the best.

  9. In a world full of “queens” this is the type of behavior you would expect. I don’t understand the queen mentality, why not just be yourself? Why not just be content? Why do you have to look at yourself like a queen, and think anything less then perfect isn’t enough

  10. Street mindset is still street even if she got some money in the bank.

  11. @Champhf: He’s not being 2Pac. She doesn’t truly love him. He’s her security, and calling card. She prefers dudes like Pac, and August.

  12. I’m 39 and learned this like 5 ys ago. Closed mouth don’t get fed when it comes to how you feel and want to feel

  13. Will probably thought about suicide when he asked Jada “who’s coochie is this?” And she said “it ain’t yours, it’s just your time” 💁🏽‍♀️

  14. Will needs a more respectable woman on his side that doesnt publicly grill him to millions of people every time she gets

  15. Hmm🤔 it always seemed as if Jada bragged about their love life so I don’t think she is trying to shame her husband! Although Gwyneth looked extremely uncomfortable!😂

  16. We have no clue what goes on behind closed doors. Will might be a handful to deal with, bi, a boring jackhammer in bed or not romantic at all … and he may only have an inch to work with. 🤣🤣🤣Love ya Will.

  17. To go from Tupac to a finger snapping dancing summer summertime 🎶 she definitely had motives.. women very seldom just love you for you.. only childhood friends love that way..

  18. Divorce is an option brudda when death from stress is round the corner

  19. But, him fawking margo robbie was approved by his wife….so, he couldnt have been too depressed.

  20. I was a fan of Jada but she done crossed all the lines. Why is she even telling the world about her personal life? Putting Will on the spot and making herself look dumb asf. With everything going on in the world she couldn’t find something else to talk about🤨 Real women who truly love and respect they’re husbands don’t put they’re sex/personal life out in public for others to judge or assume about them; for the sake of a show rating. I just hope Jada get her 💩 together and stop throwing Will under the bus.🤦🏽‍♀️
    Some of us don’t give a rat’s a** about they’re personal life…we want to know why she felt the need to bring it to the table making it seem she don’t love nor respect her husband Will?

  21. To wake up one day and realize that you’ve been a fool for over 20 years for a woman who devalues you disrespects you and sleeps with your son’s friend Has to be a hard pill to swallow.

  22. Jada took a sh!t on that man’s mental. A powerful, successful black man, reduced to a puddle, by a barely average black woman for everyone to see.

  23. Jada is red pilling countless men. Her message is pretty clear: If you’re a man, a husband, and a father, this is your reward if you get married. You get a woman like Jada who will run you down at every opportunity. And it doesn’t matter how high value you are, what you do, or what you’re about. A lot of men (and women) know exactly what I’m talking about as well. You know this happens ALL THE TIME.

  24. if you watch the interview, she is clearly saying they have been married for over 20 years, you cannot expect a man to know how to please you for over 20 years without communication. we are human, we change, we evolve. something we liked in our 20s we might not like in our 40s or our appetite might even travel to different areas. for example, she might be tired of the same moves the man has been doing and saw a porno where the man had the women in multiple positions in one setting, she wants to explore that. but because there is no communication, she begans to get bored, and might go searching for that communication and connection from another. for some reason, men think when theyre having sex they are doing everything right. its as if youre hurting their ego if your explaining to them what you like and what you need to get off. i can tell you ive been having to tell boys and men how to please me since the very beginning.

  25. 🤔Didn’t she talk about getting her vagina done in the past? Maybe her body is going through a change and she wants something new in the bedroom? Maybe he is enjoying his paramour too much to worry about going the extra mile to get his wife to a satisfying and fulfilling orgasm. Women’s bodies can change after having children, aging, etc. I think about this when browsing and seeing all the hard slapping, tugging, fisting videos. I’m like yikes, doesn’t that hurt, but then I think that maybe over the years that woman may have lost some sensation down there and may not be as sensitive to certain things anymore. It must be frustrating on both partners to deal with that.

  26. She not even attractive enough to be acting this damn stupid and humiliating

  27. These bitches really out here saying they need you to be a psychic with a straight face bruh😂

  28. If y’all actually paid attention and stop hating women you’ll know she was talking about NOT expecting your partner to know things and instead COMMUNICATE what you both like.. Jesus fkn Christ.

  29. Money, fame, and material things are temporal! No amount of money can buy Peace! Jesus Christ is our Peace! Get to know him today via his word!

  30. In the beginning of my marriage with my husband, he also used to feel like that, thinking we had to be so connected that we had to ‘read each other’s mind’…He would be upset when I didn’t know or understand what he wanted! We would even argue AFTER having given each other the silent treatment for a day or 2😂 And we were both years older than Will & Jada when their marital journey began at age 22. Ppl get married not realizing that relationships aren’t automatic.
    We had to learn that love doesn’t equate a psychic connection! That just ISN’T how things work! You have to tell your partner what you want, your expectations & your fears, and then you have to work on those things together. We’ve both grown & matured a LOT since over the past 15 years. Most ‘young’ couples (whether in age or relationship length) don’t understand that COMMUNICATION IS THE MEDICINE to the healing & the success of ANY & EVERY relationship…especially marital relationships.
    In my opinion, ppl that have never been married for a considerable length of time & those that have failed marriages could never fully appreciate this.

  31. Jada you are CRAZY, YOU MAKE BLACK PEOPLE LOOK STUPID. YOU MAKE ME SICK, YOU MAKE WILL LOOK LIKE A WEAK MAN. SO SAD MANY BLACKS ARE embarrassed TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Seriously its difficult to watch you guys, you know what I don’t want alot of money when I see you and will… I only need to achieve my goals for my family and then be satisfied with life. Being rich is a lost cause, I would hate to have your worldly success. I used to be so happy that you guys represented a healthy black family, you both are disappointing. But I pray that God, his Jesus and his Spirit can save you and the rest of your family. The devil has done a great job, however Jesus Christ can save you all.. Get saved you and will and your children. God loves you all and he wants you leave the world and follow him. Get Saved Jada and Will stand up and lead your family and let God do the rest. I won’t watch your Red Table Talk nonsense.

  32. He needs to consider divorcing that witch he calls a wife fucked Ur sons friend then says will don’t please me in th bedroom and listing over Tupac is enough to drive any man to suicide especially when u have a woman years of your life

  33. As Red Pill men, we have to have a level of deeper thinking. This is obviously an “Illuminati” humiliation ritual. Will has a movie coming out, where he plays Richard Williams – the father of Serena and Venus. He will probably end up winning an Oscar.

  34. Are y’all DAFT???!!! Do you not see that this is a marketing ploy to draw attention to his new book that is coming out so that as many people as possible are made aware of it and purchase it? He also has that new movie coming out where he’s the dad of Venus and Serena! Notice how this same time last year when Bad Boys was being released Jada’s antics and comments had the internet aflame. That was also for marketing purposes! They are “quiet as kept” with their family life until these times. Get a clue, people!

  35. Will just needs to get that divorce and cut his losses. It’s gonna suck big time but the longer he stays with her the more she is going to disrespect and humiliate him publicly. It’s a game for her but it’s his legacy on the line.

  36. Definitely praying for Will 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 mental health is definitely no joke he definitely inspired me to never give up no and chase your dreams and goals no matter the circumstances💯 like he told his son in the movie Pursuit Of happiness you want something go get it PERIOD ‼️‼️

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