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CRT 101: Black professor said all Whites should die

Cooper can’t stand white folks/Black Her

Rutgers teacher loathes Whitey. 

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NEW JERSEY — First, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blamed COVID on black people. Now this: Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper damn near broke the Internet when she said white people are historically “committed to being villains” before adding, “We got to take these motherf–kers out!” The African American feminist, who teaches women’s studies, revealed her abhorrence for whitey during a confabulation last month on Critical Race Theory (CRT) with the Root Institute. “I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate,” she fumed during the online conference. “You know, their thinking is so murky and spiritually bankrupt… The thing I want to say to you is we got to take these motherf–kers out!” Cooper quickly added she “doesn’t believe in a project of violence.” But still, the damage was done.

Cooper also celebrated the economic labefaction of many Caucasian families. “White people’s birth rates are going down … because they literally cannot afford to put their children, newer generations, into the middle class,” she gloated. “It’s super perverse, and also they kind of deserve it.” Damn, that’s cold. Do you share Cooper’s sentiment? Are Whites genetically predisposed to become villains?

Watch Cooper get in white people’s ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. does she think “white” aka (American talk of europeans) people just appeared in Europe like 2000 years ago or something. We are all ancestors of everyone who traveled the world at some point. I dont think she understands how humans propagate.

  2. This is a very confused person who should be fired immediately for teaching students racial discrimination and a bunch of crap . And I am a American Indian . Shame on you Rutgers college.

  3. I’m not a liberal and I’m not a conservative. But this woman is part of the reason I’m not a Democrat, either.
    The way she talks is craazzzzy to me in every sense of the word. That someone thinks as racist as she does? And more shockingly says it the f*ck out loud?? Holy shit lol. Pardon my language but gotDAMN I just can’t imagine how awful a person’s life must be to truly believe the kind of shit she’s saying. Like how miserable must she be, you know? (And what would she be called because she’s the black version of the stereotypically white “Karen”. I’m truly curious.)
    I wish the white folks that believe this way and the black folks that believe this way and the brown folks that believe this way would all move out of the country. Let the rest of us who don’t give two shits about melanin levels stay here in the US and everyone else can go segregate themselves in whatever way trips their racist switches. Good lord. If she was a white woman? Holy f*ck she’d be doxxed, unemployed, prolly lose her kids to CPS, get evicted, get divorced and be living on Skid Row.
    In the white folks tent, of course.

  4. If this woman is not immediately dismissed then we know 100% for certain that the system is completely Fucked …

  5. Ummmmm this lady is a professor? She doesnt know that slavery exists in Africa today?

  6. The fear Caucasians have of releasing power is real. America thrives on racial hierarchical belittlings.

    I have often questioned why the criminal archetype is so appealing to Caucasians. Caucasians that push damaging policy (and those that do nothing to stop it). Those that use hate or just participate in the team sport of racism. After forty years of pondering this question, I have no answer.

    My people have allowed the concept of Whiteness to nearly destroy us. I will never yield my power. But it appears we have been hoodwinked repeatedly by the “White”: academy, the church, beauty industry, political structures, conceeding to corrupt concepts via the relentless media indoctrination campaigns, and the medical cartels.

    This video was very stirring. I remember my first copy of “Race, Racism and American Law” it opened my eyes. The viewing of this interview again shown me certain humans are committed to evil.

    Indeed racism is ordinary.

    This said I will never accept it as an excuse or an acceptable paradigm.

    There is much more to say about this video. But I will stop here.

    Thank you for posting this!

  7. White people don’t claim to be villains they instead claim to be the heroes of all races to basically justify all their actions from the past and future. Therefore she’s partly wrong but I do agree about white people wanting to cling to power as long as possible and one way to accomplish this is to keep minorities in the dark or whitewashed. Just look at how they white wash Asians , Hispanics and some simple black people.

  8. If you actually believe in Critical Race Theory then there really aren’t many logical conclusions other than what she’s saying. That’s why CRT is so vile.
    It really doesn’t give the white person who believes in it any other logical choices than 1. To be a slave to the new black political power (which now needs to be overthrown because they’re now the ones in power and are thus obviously oppressing the whites who are now out of power) or 2. to be be a white supremacist. Why suffer through being oppressed and being required (by your own doctrine) to overthrow the new oppressors, when you can simply do your best to keep them down in the first place. That’s the real evil of CRT. There is no middle ground of equality because there is always one group who is the oppressed and another that are the oppressors.

  9. She is talking about a very, very small part of the white population. Unfortunately, she has not looked in the mirror to see an actual racist.

  10. I think she’s committed to eating as many doughnuts as she can then squeezing in a few more.

  11. 1. Amercian white people are 2% of the planet earth’s white population. 98% never had anything to do with “slavery”. What can be more racist than that “professor’s” rant?. 2. Black African slave hunters (“Corsairs”) for centuries enslaved more than 3 million white Europeans and 11 Million black Africans. What about this?

  12. The bible said out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaks…she has spoken the wickedness in her heart.

  13. This is a perfect example of a being that is blinded by hatred. She is Adolph Hitler in a buffalo costume. She advocates the elimination of white people. She has obv never read a history book…yet she has a college degree??!!! …and on top of that she is a fkg professor???!!! What is up with Rutgers btw? They always seem to fall in line with this mode of thinking. Their new slogan: “IF you hate white people, enroll now for FREE!”

  14. She’s the one who said she’s fat due to Trump administration. Lol comical.

  15. I’ve taken a bit of time to listen to Dr. Cooper and, aside from any other criticism one might make, her ignorance of world history is utterly breathtaking. In fact, her ignorance is so profound it has led me to wonder HOW she managed to graduate from high school, much less acquire purportedly legitimate academic degrees.

  16. You know what we think she’s racist I mean she is what you would call the KKK kind of and it’s sad unfortunately because just like communism and socialism many people have fought and died and been done terrible to try to beat and destroy this kind of hate and you still have people like this that want to keep it alive and the fact that she just acts like that her life or her race is the only race going to ever exist talk about getting to the end of whiteness who’s to say what God is going to do what God shows tomorrow to wipe out blackness I’m not saying that’s going to happen and I’m not saying I want that to happen obviously all of God’s children should be respected and that’s one thing were ungodliness falls in on people if she had any godliness in her life she’d realize that she was created by God just like white brown any race around this world in that was his choice not hers but this is as far gone races as I’d see or hear about any way of any KKK member in back in the day and of course the biggest thing that plagues her in a lot of the community of the world is living in the past instead of living for the future so anyway God bless America

  17. Back in the 30s, there was a movement that started with pointing fingers at a certain group of people (along with others), blaming them for all the problems of society, that turned into an almost incomprehensible human atrocity. It took a long time before anyone took this movement seriously. Let’s hope people like this woman are held accountable for their words and intentions before we see modern day Nuremberg laws.

  18. If this woman’s ancestors had not been brought to the U.S.A., Her life would be so very different and significantly less financially secure.

  19. I wouldn’t want to deal with her on a day to day basis. She doesn’t know history. She is a prolific liar. And she continues to play this imaginary victim card. She must have taken the Rev. Al Sharpton, school on stupid.

  20. What?!!!!
    Oh nooooooooooo
    This is wrong on so many levels.
    She is the same lady that said white diets don’t work for blacks.
    This is indeed a hate speech.
    I definitely won’t be on that side if a race war starts. I just can’t. Its morally wrong.

  21. Dang……that woman wants to take me out……cool. She looks like she knows where all the buffets are, I’m ok with a good meal anyway…….wha?…… wait a minute….you mean she’s was saying she wanted to kill me, take me out! Oh, well just forget that shit girlio, I’ll just do this chicken pot pie at my place.

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