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CRT 101: Black professor said all Whites should die

Cooper can’t stand white folks/Black Her

Rutgers teacher loathes Whitey. 

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NEW JERSEY — First, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blamed COVID on black people. Now this: Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper damn near broke the Internet when she said white people are historically “committed to being villains” before adding, “We got to take these motherf–kers out!” The African American feminist, who teaches women’s studies, revealed her abhorrence for whitey during a confabulation last month on Critical Race Theory (CRT) with the Root Institute. “I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate,” she fumed during the online conference. “You know, their thinking is so murky and spiritually bankrupt… The thing I want to say to you is we got to take these motherf–kers out!” Cooper quickly added she “doesn’t believe in a project of violence.” But still, the damage was done.

Cooper also celebrated the economic labefaction of many Caucasian families. “White people’s birth rates are going down … because they literally cannot afford to put their children, newer generations, into the middle class,” she gloated. “It’s super perverse, and also they kind of deserve it.” Damn, that’s cold. Do you share Cooper’s sentiment? Are Whites genetically predisposed to become villains?

Watch Cooper get in white people’s ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She has wasted her entire life dwelling and hating on white people….she enslaved herself.

  2. i just don’t understand. how did this lady become so racist? i don’t know one racist person. regular people have more important things to worry about like getting bills paid and the car fixed. and what she so bitter about, she look like she make decent money. to me, it looks like people who make a lot of money and have even a little influence seem to be the most racist.

  3. College Affirmative Action at it’s finest. She has no place educating children.

  4. How is this not considered a hate crime? Can anyone explain that to me?

  5. Racism is Racism = Hating anyone based on the color of their skin. Honestly I’m glad people have become so ignorant to say only 1 color of skin can be racist. Because we all get to see all these racists show just how racist& full of hate they are

  6. I am so sick of this crap my family came from Ireland in the late 1890s and I can tell you they weren’t privileged

  7. This is the same woman who blamed her being fat on racism 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. What an ignorant woman, how did she ever become a professor. Perhaps she can explain what happened to the Koisan and the pygmies in Africa. How did they lose their lands? From whom did the whites in Africa buy their slaves? What did Genghis Khan do with his captives when he conquered half the world? Why is there even slavery in Africa today?

  9. She reminds me of a preacher hooping and hollering about nothing. And, the weak are saying Amen. She hasn’t said anything.

  10. She acts like racism against one’s own race doesn’t exist. What about the Tutsi and Hutu tribes of Rwanda? I’ve seen men and women in the U.S. who get discriminated against because they’re considered “mixed” and not “black.”

  11. Weird how the same whites she bashes gives all people a chance to thrive in America! That’s why everyone wants to come here, and honestly its poc who want to come here. She sounds so hateful! Brainwashing her students. How can she be a teacher? Crazy!

  12. She speaks for millions, and this is the real problem. The DNC pours gasoline on her fire, and millions others.
    She said “Human Nature” guess what? We all descend from the first Homo Sapiens in Africa.

  13. This woman speaks like a kindergartener that lost her toy and blames it on another kid….

  14. Dr. Cooper’s evocation of a world in which “black and brown people” interacted amicably for centuries is the most ridiculous, ahistorical, ignorant blather I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a tenured professor at a legitimate university. I am left wondering WHO was on her thesis committee and WHAT were the standards for judging her course work and dissertation.

  15. “The thing I want to say to you is, we got to take these mother fuckers out, but I know, but like, we can’t say that!” YOU JUST DID, YOU SAID IT! 😣 & she has the nerve to say that white people are spiritually disconnected 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Can you imagine if a white person said this? She is racist as fuck yet the media acts like only whites are racist

  17. Someone ought to tell her about the history between India and Pakistan

  18. So the left claims that black people are suppressed, unless they make something of themselves. But when black people make something of themselves, the left calls them Uncle Tom. Very interesting how that works. The elite want us to depopulate the World by killing each other off, that way they’re not blamed with genocide. Wake up people. We all breathe. We all bleed. We all breed. We Are One race. The human race.

  19. Is she really a professor…….she is completely uneducated on history. What books didn’t she read!!!! This racist lady should be fired immediately!!

  20. No one wants a race war for fucks sake……….. let’s work towards a better future… and yet some of these fuckers still try to hold on to racism for some reason… why?? !!

  21. As a white person…. What have I done? I mean honestly… Correct… nothing… I’ve done nothing as a “white person”. Now its time to stop generalizing, and just being a horrible racist person, and start being a HUMAN… The only one true race on Mother Earth PERIOD… Prove me wrong.

    This sort of crap HAS To do stop…

  22. yep, she looks so enslaved and trodden upon. and what’s with the white appropriation hair color?

  23. The new normal… Blacks are now racist against the whites. I will never apologize for being white. Nor ever apologize for past events. I wasn’t there, didn’t participate nor had a choice. It genuinely pisses me off!

  24. She is calling for civil war, she better not cry when it comes for her and hers.

  25. And what white people is she talking to that say this kind of shit? Jesus take the wheel and make sure she falls off the damn bus please.

  26. Cat’s out of the bag. Racism isn’t just a white disease. I wish The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were here to explain to Brittney Cooper why what she’s saying is racist and wrong, and, he would do it kindly and calmly… If she’d listen to him!
    Her picture of history too is a sad thing to see being propagated from her professorial level of authority.
    In the 1960’s, before Affirmative Action (which had some good points) my high ranking top secret US gov. communications Father promoted his Center’s first Black man, and then a few years later, Native American woman to management (over the racist objections of those around him and some of his superiors. As he said: It was my job to promote the most qualified, and I did.” What Professor Cooper says about how inhumane (subhuman) white people are is just wrong.
    The good news is that all men are brothers, or, can be when we all get what The Dream speech was about. Thanks for this finely done video breakdown point by point. I’m going to share it.

  27. Now if a white person said these things about a black person…🤭

  28. She doesn’t know anything about history.. and she’s a PROFESSOR?!? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀

  29. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars to get educated by a woman who isn’t educated? It blows my mind that a university are paying this woman. Talk about a ripoff.

  30. What about the immigrants during the Civil War who willing fought to free the slaves? They were NOT slave owners & some weren’t even American citizens & some lost their lives & others lost limbs to free the slaves. BUT SHE calls them “Mother F*****”? She is a total ingrate … especially since she doesn’t even know it was BLACKS IN AFRICA rounding up blacks to be sold into slavery!
    Her ignorance is shocking … but those who believe she speaks truth are the most ignorant of all.
    Rutgers should be ashamed.

  31. So they were singing Kumbaya and making daisy chains in Africa for centuries before old whitey got there? So the Benin kingdom wasn’t built on slavery, and Mansa Musas empire was built on democracy?

  32. She’s into eugenics. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she leads a charge to eradicate all the whites she can. She literally thinks of them as sub-human.
    Despicable human being…

  33. She is a very sad woman, and shows how ignorant she is, and l didn’t go to college and listening to her l didn’t miss anything.

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