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Raiders star Henry Ruggs got drunk, took lady’s life

Ruggs killed a woman/Clutchpoints

Ruggs gets DUI, killed a woman.

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LAS VEGAS — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III who pulled a Britt Reid by getting inebriated before crashing his Corvette into another vehicle. But, unlike Reid, Ruggs killed somebody. The drunken speedster got into a wreck in Las Vegas around 3:40 a.m. Tuesday morning. His girlfriend, Kiara Washington, was a passenger. According to police reports, Ruggs was traveling at “a high rate of speed” when he swerved into the right lane of a three-lane thoroughfare and slammed into the rear of a Toyota Rav4 — causing it to burst into flames. The driver, 23-year-old Tina Tintor, was burnt to a crisp. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Her dog also died. Conversely, Ruggs and Washington were expedited to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators said the 22-year-old wideout was drunk as a skunk. Ruggs was charged with a felony DUI that culminated in death and reckless driving. If convicted, he’s lookin’ at up to 46 years behind bars. Ruggs was also released by the Raiders.

The NFL released the following statement: “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim of this horrific tragedy. We will continue to gather facts and monitor the matter under our policies, but our thoughts at this time are with those impacted by this devastating incident.”

Police officials said Ruggs was driving 156 miles per hour and his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .161, more than twice the legal limit to drive. That little n*gga was Amy Winehouse drunk.

Ruggs also had a loaded gun in the car.

Watch graphic footage of the accident.

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  1. i hope the victims gets all of his money and he is band from the nfl and spends a good while in jail. then he can go work fast food like he deserves

  2. There is a danger to being situated in Las Vegas. Young players are influenced by the night life and this is the kind of thing that can happen. Sad. Condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

  3. Never will understand how anyone especially with his type of money can get behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired. Car service or uber could have prevented this. Prayers to the victim and their family

  4. Your career is over you selfish scum bag…..You took someones family member away. I hope the rest of your money goes to that family.

  5. Ruggs and NFL have blood on their hands…. The NFL has turned a blind eye to the consequences of alcohol…. Too busy promoting “Woke” culture, attacking marijuana cannabis users, and targeting individuals to protect rich ownership… Ruggs holds full responsibility for this loss of life, but the NFL should recognize its actions and face blowback

  6. Lyft and Uber are both very expensive compared to last year. Still, a star receiver of the Las Vegas Raiders can afford to take a Lyft or Uber around the world! No excuse why he drove drunk! May the victim and her dog RIP. 🐕🙏💔😥

  7. He better get 20 years! No sympathy for ppl who risk others lives let alone kill an innocent person in the worst way imaginable…burned alive!

  8. Stupid choices sometimes have serious consequences! He took the life of an innocent person, now he’s got to pay for that stupid choice! Rest in peace

  9. This is why you don’t drink, and drive because when that happens now your car becomes a weapon my condolences to the victim’s family.

  10. The loss of life is terrible but to add insult to injury, Ruggs’ friend that he had dedicated his career to was killed in a car crash. Just sad to see all of this end in such a way.

  11. Young dumb decisions we make in life too bad it had to be a tragic one.

  12. He’s black. Just need to cry racist. He will only get community service

  13. Sounds like another framed black man. Free this man and give him a million dollars! Black man marches on!

  14. We love a comment section filled with professional lawyers. Y’all are already on the case, why do we need to waste taxpayer dollars to have this heard in court?

  15. What an idiot…life in the palm of his hands and he blew it to impress some broad by driving a corvette drunk….you’d think the memory of his beet friend killed by a drunk driver would have stayed with him…

  16. Anyone who thinks RUGGS career is over is a fucking moron. He will emerge after his 6 month jail time with many many suitors. HE RUNS A 4.2 folks…And he probably will sign with the Patriots. PS this will just make him more popular with RAIDER FANS.

  17. God damn it. I feel so bad for this women’s family. I hate Henry made this decision. Such a promising player.

  18. Deserves everything he gets. Any time you drink and drive, you are lucky if you DON’T cause an accident. Never drive under the influence. A young woman dead, a poor dog dead, and a young career ruined. What makes it worse is that his childhood best friend died in a car accident. Clearly didn’t learn about how fatal vehicles can be, especially when impaired.

  19. He better not get probation or the minimum of 2 years because of who he is and how much money he’s got . Young lady just 23 years of age lost her life because of his actions and decisions . The system needs to set an example too the rest of the league or any young millionaires . You drink and drive and cause fatal accidents, your money isn’t getting you outta this one . If he serves anything less than 5 years there’s no justice for this young lady . If he gets probation or 2 years there isn’t a message of deterrence for this kind of behavior. Your young and rich ? Come to Las Vegas you can drink and drive and even kill members of our community and you might just get probation , worst case you’ll do a minimum of 2 years jail time .

  20. Shows you how 1 bad decision can mess up your entire life and someone else’s family😪

  21. Ruggs had more than enough resources to not drive that car. NFLPA offers free rides for players 24/7. Dude got drunk and basically floored it to 156 mph into an innocent woman’s car. Prosecutors are saying he could spend from 2-20 years in prison. Realistically, he’ll probably spend near 8-15 years behind bars. Even if he’s able to get out early, dude will be in his 30’s, what team is gonna sign a dude with that baggage AND 8+ years out of shape? Dude’s career is over

  22. At 22 yrs old you feel invincible, and if you are a 22yr old multi millionaire star athlete fueled by alcohol then you really feel invincible. Just a terrible situation all the way around

  23. He is going to prison for sure……..people love dogs………I guarantee 15 years minimum.

  24. Poor girl was burned alive in her can alongside her dog. Police even found a loaded gun in Henry’s apartment!!! he should spend the rest of his life behind the bars for what he did!!!

  25. It’s not about whether Uber/Lyft is available to him or not. It’s about him living a high roller life in Las Vegas driving a Corvette 156 mph. These young punks get too much money way too early.

  26. Should’ve hired a limo for the entire night out and it would have costed pennies on the dollar compared to what this accident will ultimately cost him.

  27. These millionaire athletes think they’re invincible and untouchable. It’s too bad that so many of them, who came from nothing and managed to achieve what most of us can only dream of, ended up throwing it all away.

  28. I think they are going to throw the books at this guy.156 mph with someone in the car on a inner city street.and drunk. With all the street races casualties and lives lost. I think they just found their example.

  29. I sure as hell hope that he doesn’t get the same treatment as Donta Stallworth (DUI, manslaughter: only served 24 DAYS in prison).
    Condolences for that family.
    May Yah bless their souls; and that the Holy Spirit moves Henry– and his gf– to repentance.

  30. He will forever hear the screams of that woman and dog being burned alive begging for their lives.

  31. Ruggs gf should also be charged. She sat with him into the car while he was drunk and they drove in that car together. She could have told him we take a cab or drive by herself if she was not drunk and most important she could take the keys away that he can’t drive the car! He should be charged like everyone of us would be charged! Celebrities should NOT get any bonuses!!! Get charged like every one of us would.
    R.i.p. to.the young girl and her dog. Prayers to her family and friends 💐🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  32. This is obviously a very sensitive subject and we’ll all have our separate opinions on it. I absolutely believe 46 Years is sufficient, but if he gets more you’ll get no argument from me. Do I believe he intentionally did it no, I’d need to be proven wrong but it was absolutely preventable and reckless to a degree that goes beyond Human comprehension. Which I why we don’t understand why certain things happen in Life. The fact he survived knowing he should more than likely also he dead, he has to live with that tragedy buried in his consciousness for the rest of his life on top of 46 years. I don’t even want to imagine what’s going on inside his mental right now…We’ve all lost people, whether by Murder, Passing, Recklessness, etc..the way she died was just so avoidable in his circumstance he has to pay whatever price he is given.
    But I’m not about to bury him on the cross for it, we also always wanna say “Athletes”…no us as Human beings should be held to a standard no matter your profession. People die the same way she did every single day but they don’t have the Status of a Henry Ruggs so we never hear about them. It’s a hard subject. That girl even if she did survive the crash basically died in a ball of Flames. We’re all in agreement he deserves whatever he gets, but I don’t wanna imagine what his mental state is right now.

  33. As a retired law enforcement accident reconstructionist who reconstruscted100s of these types of accidents .. I can tell you that .16 BAC was taken hours later after the accident and his alcohol level was much higher when he killed this young woman. He was probably 3 or 4 times the legal limit when he killed her ..

  34. He is an oppressed young black male. He has the race card in his favor. AL Sharpton will organize a protest and burn down a few city blocks.The police are at fault even though they had nothing to do with it.He will get away with it or there will be riots and looting.

  35. Hope his ass is really old and gray headed by the time he gets out and never be able to drive again

  36. Damn shame for all involved. By all accounts, Ruggs was a good kid. Alcohol destroys lives of even the best people. I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t help the lady out of the car. Ruggs is fucked.

  37. He was financially “set for life”. Then he throws it all away in one evening. A bitter pill to swallow.

  38. His girlfriend was more worry about him than a poor girl burning to death. Shame. My prayers go out to that girl family. Judge show him no mercy. Charge the girlfriend also for aiding in the committed of manslaughter. No mercy.

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