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‘Charmed’ actress Alyssa Milano laments childbirth

Zoë and Alyssa talk childbirth/YouTube

Alyssa Milano recalls childbirth.

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LOS ANGELES —  Alyssa Milano raised eyebrows the other day when she drew parallels between accouchement and sexual assault. The “Charmed” actress got some sh*t off her chest during an appearance on People Magazine’s “Me Becoming Mom” podcast. If you recall, Alyssa struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression following parturition. “After going through therapy, after giving birth to Milo and remembering that one moment of feeling like I was being held down and had things being done to me that I didn’t want, to me, was very reminiscent of being sexually assaulted,” she told host Zoë Ruderman. “It triggered all of these memories that I thought I had dealt with. I think anyone who has dealt with trauma has moments where you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve dealt with that.’ Versus the moments where you go, ‘Oh, no I didn’t. I just tried to tuck it away so no one could see them or I couldn’t see them or feel them anymore.”

Alyssa, 48, said she was never comfortable with gynecologists poking around her vulva. “I remember at one point really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina and thinking to myself, ‘Why does — I don’t like this. Why does it feel so familiar? I’ve never had a baby before. Why does this invasive feeling feel so familiar?'” she bemoaned.

Alyssa’s new memoir, “Sorry Not Sorry,” is now available.

Do you share her sentiment?

Are gravid women being violated?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Didn’t she get rid of two of her offspring to save her D List career. Umm…yep. So she is the LAST person to give advice on struggling with Anxiety after giving birth. LOL. No anxiety after offing one’s offspring though.

  2. Really????Ya’ll women put this upon yourself because of Eve, God punished ya’ll..thats why you have periods and men don’t..thats on ya’ll

  3. Depending on the interventions, birth can feel quite invasive and like an assault. If if didn’t for you, then pass on by. My wife had multiple people’s arms up in her to their elbows during attempts to turn our baby. It was rough to watch and I can’t imagine going through it without some PTSD.

  4. Terrible analogy. I have a feeling that true victims of sexual assault might be offended by this.

  5. Really you’re not being raped or violated they ask for permission to care for you and you give consent! Why associate child birth with rape these people are nuts.

  6. Honestly, who cares what these Hollyweird freaks say, think or do?
    I genuinely have zero interest in any of these out of touch, pampered, moronic individuals.
    Who’s interested in the opinions of a group of people who make a living pretending to be someone else, by reciting words written by someone else?

  7. That is the most disgusting comparison of childbirth I have ever heard. This broad needs help. Her poor child. 😞

  8. I feel sorry for the kid, your mother is comparing your birth to rape.

    Nice start in life junior.

  9. You struggle with anxiety because you sold your soul to Satan alyssa. To think america loves a cannabalistic child murderer pitiful

  10. uh she’s been on 3 hit shows in her career Who’s the Boss for 8 seasons Charmed which ran for 8 seasons from 1998-2006 and Mistresses which ran for four seasons from 2013 to 2016 I can see why she felt like giving birth felt like being raped particularly with c section

  11. These old hags seem to lose their mind when their sexual market value drops precipitously.

  12. And this is what happens when we hold actors up more than we should. I just want to see movies/tv shows. I don’t want to hear their personal views. They usually leave me shaking my head.

  13. I thought I was going to marry this women when I was younger… true story…lol

  14. Should have either used birth control or kept your legs closed then.

  15. Actually as a young woman, I am offended because she is discarding womanhood. If she’s so scared, don’t have kids. She can never be the original woman who gives birth to life.

  16. It’s so crazy. I fell in love with her and was absolutely mesmerized by her on who’s the boss. Yes I’m in my 40s lol she’s not much older than me. But I remember her on that show from way back in the 80’s .It really worries me because she’s not a politician and as far as I know she’s never went to college to study liberal arts or anything government economic related to even graduate with a degree to put her in a running for a position in Congress. As far as to my knowledge she’s been nothing but an actress for the last 35+ years. Although a very good actress. I guess only time will tell…

  17. This woman is a clown, and a lunatic. Indifference is the only way to deal with narcissists like this. Pampered, privileged, and still playing the oppressed… Pathetic

  18. Sweety wearing glasses does NOT make you look smart lol. She is an idiot. She married a man for his money so she need to go shopping. She’d be more useful in a mall. Go away ALOSER MAHALO meant Alyssa Milano cookies.

  19. She aborted when she was 20 and not ready to be a parent. You better don’t involve in sexual activities if you are not adult enough and be a parent. What a Loser

  20. What a horrible, deceptive being. She should be ashamed herself being a mother of two children undermining the lives of her first two children which she selfishly killed for what? Get more success, I just want to know is it hard dressing a wolf in sheep’s clothing? I’m a real feminist and I’m sick to death of these feminazi imposters who think they have a right to murder another human being just because they’re little and they see them as an inconvenience. She can’t run forever, she’ll have to face the consequence of her actions some day.

  21. I don’t even have kids just dogs but this podcast is my shit man😂😂😂

  22. Love your podcast . Alyssa you go girl! I just love her she is my idol.

  23. Alyssa looks straight outta Charmed! She will always be Phoebe Halliwell for me!!!

  24. There’s something so relaxing about hearing a couple moms talk about mom stuff.

  25. Remember when Alyssa threatened a sex strike on Twitter?!
    😂😂 She’s such a 🤡
    Honestly, why do people even acknowledge that twit?

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