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Travis Scott: Dozens dead

Travis Scott in hot water/YouTube

Travis Scott is facing lawsuits.

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HOUSTON — Travis Scott and Drake are facing lawsuits out the wazoo after dozens of concertgoers died at the Astroworld festival on Friday. Three hundred more were injured. Rather than stop the show as fans passed out via asphyxiation, the rappers continued to perform for 40 minutes. They also “incited the crowd” with their lyrics. Among the victims are: 14-year-old John Hilgert, 21-year-old Axel Acosta,  21-year-old Franco Patino, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez, 23-year-old Rudy Pena and 27-year-old Danish Baig, who was crushed like a cockroach while trying to rescue a family member.

Travis and Drake performed in front of a hellish backdrop.

Live Nation organized the event but failed to provide adequate security.

The Satanic ritual turned deadly when Drake appeared on stage. That’s when the audience surged forward, causing the deadly donnybrook. Witnesses said people were bleeding from both the nose and mouth, and bodies were piled up everywhere. “Live musical performances are meant to inspire catharsis, not tragedy,” said attorney Thomas Henry in a press release.

“Many of these concertgoers were looking forward to this event for months, and they deserved a safe environment in which to have fun and enjoy the evening. Instead, their night was one of fear, injury, and death.”

Announced attendance was around 50,000.

Coroners are conducting autopsies to determine why the victims fainted.

But police officers said a malefactor was going around injecting people with a syringe.

Was he giving people the COVID vaccine?

Watch disturbing footage of the mass casualty incident.

Also watch witnesses describe what really happened.

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  1. Come to a concert of a man who sings about being demon possessed, you should prepare to die. There was a massive concert shooting by ISIS in Paris several years ago. The band that was playing at the time had a song called F the Holy Spirit as their number one song.

  2. Yes the antichrist need blood sacrifice and this was the perfect way to do it. People after all what the Lord brought you all through for 2 years during this pandemic and instead of going to a church and keep giving the almighty thanks you all went to these toxic stage show to listen to someone that dont even know many of you and you wonder why more time God allow us to face autrocites by ourselves. Look what the world is going through with all this virus and all your focus right now is supose to be on GOD and not these celebrities. Wake up people God is at the door knocking why dont you open your heart to him.

  3. I just discovered something!!!!!! I believe him and everyone associated with him are apart of the Saturn DEATH CULT, they worship the pagan God Saturn. Well guess what? Outside the ancient temple of Saturn in Rome stands 8 pillars, THERE WERE 8 PILLARS OF FIRE AND 8 DEATHS. 888. PLEASE PEOPLE the devil is alive and well. Oh and last thing, he wanted to do the performance on Saturday the fucking day named after Saturn 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


  5. Boycott these fuckers. Evil at its best. How do you continue to sing after you realise what’s going on

  6. The coward needs to serve time for his actions. I’m sick of celebrities thinking they can get away with murder. Disgusting

  7. He didn’t give a damn about his fans! People were screaming out Help and he just kept performing. And this is what these kids worship.

  8. No one was forced to attend the concert it’s just like if you or selling something the person who purchased the item is responsible if there is no disclaimer so if you weren’t forced to attend the concert you entered those gates at your own risk everyone saw the chaos at the gate right then should have been a red flag if it started to look unsafe and you still enter that’s your choice condolences to those that lost their life now everyone want to cry wolf and Sue the performers which is unfair due to the fact that no one was forced to buy tickets and attend ask for the younger by standards this was not a child’s concert it was going to be explicit language wardrobe outside event people are smoking why would you be crazy enough to take a child who should have been home doing homework and getting ready for school the next day to all the artists Travis Scott Drake all employees you are not at fault and should not be getting sued and if a judge see fit to approve the lawsuits they need to kick him off the bench to be he need to be fired smfh

  9. EVERYONE. This is the work of the satanic illuminati. They use politicians and celebrities to tangle their way into power and have certain influences on modern society and they can’t keep us fooled NO LONGER. Look at the Symbolism that has everything to relate to this event. Go ahead. Research this for yourself. Burning dove/bird in the beginning Symbolizing sacrifice. They tried passing this off and saying it’s a “Phoenix” but no this is clearly a satanic ritual people.

  10. do you know that we are the only country in the world that worship dumb stupid ass celebrities like they are god or some kind of special someone or king or queen! Time and time again i hear my friends from other countries tell me that america is ass backwards because why and how dont we look up to real people that actually have skills or do good things instead we are recognized as the only country that worships these dumb pos no wonder we have the rep like we do. Only yal can change our perception of us being ridiculed and make a difference by ignoring assholes like this just like he ignored everyone of his fans and ppl dying, you guys control your lives stop living it vicariously through these idiots on what they do or wear, i know my life is amazing and i waste no time bcz i dont look up to non of these idiots and i dont have to worry about my younger siblings following after dumbass rappers/celebs like these because they dont take up a second of my time.

  11. It was a satanic ritual sacrifice . Stone cold killers who will meet their master soon . Turn to Jesus Christ and ask him for healing and forgiveness . satan lies kills and destroys .

  12. He knew what was happening….in the beginning he told yall what was gonna happen …..he first told u “see you on the other side ” then he displayed a dove on fire” which symbolises sacrifice throughout the show that bird was coming on and he opened yahy portal and the deaths and everything else started happening ….and he was laughing and continued throughout cos he fulfilled what he came to do …its all in the signs and symbols he used if yall payed attention
    He sacrificed each and every person that was in that presence of that sacrificial show and some the sacrifice came at the cost of their lives

  13. Whelp I Guess Kylie will be moving on soon ! ✌🏾👀 But honestly I think it’s the Venue’s & Security’s fault . I don’t even know his music can’t NAME NOT one song , ( unless I hear one I’ll Be like oh ok I know that song ) but most of his fans are a bunch of druggies and so is he . They knew from previous Concerts the type of fans , crowdedness, and risks they were taking to worship a false Idol ! Nevertheless R.I.P to the deceased who thought they were just coming to have a good time , & FK the Fans that actually stepped on people to get to that stage ; which is the Majority. Shame on you ! Thanks to those who stopped to try to help someone up ! 🙌🏾

  14. Listen to garbage, worship absoloutly morons, egotistical wastes of life. Maybe people need to get better idols Instead of giving complete piles of garbage money. He does not give a crap about any of you. Children are so stupid. We have to change, we have to. Don’t go given money to idiots. In dumb speak. Not like this is old, not like this has never happened before.

  15. He made his career off of inciting riots and mayhem at his concerts. He has been charged 2 other times in 2015 and 2017 for injuries at his concerts from what he encouraged in fan behavior at his concerts.

  16. Lucifer was GOD’S angel appointed to the lords music worship in heaven that’s why he knows alot about music and how to use it to hypnotize and posses and open doors to the demons of lust, anger, fornication, rage, violence, murder, death and there are much more open your eyes Repent of your sins and seek JESUS CHRIST! The lord can set you free and open your eyes you will be born again and see the evil for What it is seek the lord all reading this message 🙏 Itzkeisha GOD bless you and seek the lord

  17. A conventional satanic ritual with pain, suffering, and souls sacrificed. Wake up!

  18. Travis taking heat because he’s the Rapper.
    He’s also the black Rapper.🤔.
    This type of tragedy definitely isn’t new at all, and it always happens for the same reasons. The crowd! The Surge!
    160 people dead at one concert, 56 people at another, 26 at another, the list goes on and on numerous of times
    and all lost their lives sadly. So mind blowing how people are actually holding the performers responsible for the fuckery and the behavior of others 🙄

  19. Look into Travis Scott, he encourages raging at the stage! He encourages disregard for authority and rules. He made mention on his page about one young man who died at this concert is a Hero to him! I think it’s been taken down but you can still find it, Travis is a fool. Live Nation needs to start paying out recompenses along with Travis and the Security Company. This concert should NEVER BE RE-SHOWN or RE-STREAMED, whatever it’s called, out of respect to those who died and their families!

  20. GOOD….it’s time to end the devil funded version of hip-hop that this generation worships

  21. Travis was the only one who could stop it nobody else could of controlled the crowd, CHARGE HIM WITH MURDER

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