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Howard Stern ripped Aaron Rodgers for eschewing vax

Stern wants Rodgers gone/YouTube

Stern went after Aaron Rodgers.

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GREEN BAY — Earlier this year, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters he was immunized. But, turns out, he lied. Rodgers has not taking the COVID vaccine. During a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers said he has concerns about Johnson & Johnson’s panacea and he’s allergic to vaccines concocted by Moderna and Pfizer. But several media members think he’s full of sh*t and that includes radio legend Howard Stern who didn’t mince words while confabulating Rodgers’ vaccination status. “This f*cking guy. They should throw him out of the league so fast,” Stern told his co-host, Robin Quivers. “If I ran the NFL, if there was decency in this world, I would throw this guy out of the football league so fast. They should throw him out of the league so fast with the guy who crashed his car at 153 mph.”

The guy Stern is referring to is ex-Las Vegas receiver Henry Ruggs who killed a woman during a DUI crash. This ain’t the first time Stern has called out an athlete over the vaccine. If you recall, he lambasted NBA star Kyrie Irving, saying, “In terms of idiots, he’s got to be the top idiot in the country right now.” Do you share Stern’s sentiment? Should unvaxxed players forfeit their métier?

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  1. Howard Stern showed how incredibly ignorant he is. Hate to admit I was once a fan of his. He’s completely washed up. A total has been

  2. So the shock jock that once had a stripper put a stick in her butt and catch rings on the stick is now the voice of morality, and truth….interesting

  3. Has Howard stern run out of women he can get naked on his junk radio show…he is using covid to further his ratings…screw him and his opinion…

  4. Howard Stern has turned into an less funny and uglier version of Don Imus minus the ranch. Some old famous people know when to fade away, but Howard still thinks he’s relevant and entertaining.

  5. I used to listen to Stern way back in the day. He used to stand up against the government especially censorship and now he is just another shill for the establishment. Sell out.

  6. The vaccine does not stop COVID from spreading. My sister and her family got COVID from someone that was vaccinated. Again, it doesn’t stop the spreading, just lessens the severe symptoms.

  7. Get vaccinated. You get vaccinated for other people, not yourself.

  8. Howard stern still bows down to his masters, just like the rest of the celebrity-sheep. SMH

  9. He didn’t lie, he said he was “immunized”. That means he caught covid and his body built antibodies. Since the new definition of vaccinated drops the word “immunity”, he wouldn’t be immunized just slightly protected if he got the jab. Also, f*** Howard Stern! Him trying to be any kind of moral authority is laughable at best.

  10. Howard’s lost it. Should have retired 10 years ago. The show sucks

  11. Smdh. I really used to love Howard Stern but he’s become a vaccine nut. Why can’t people make their own decisions for their own body without being crucified? And isn’t the point of getting the vaccine to protect you when you’re exposed to it? So why then are people so terrified of being around someone who’s unvaccinated? It’s time for these people to use their brains and stop infringing on an individual’s right to choose. Last I checked, this is America.

  12. I judge people if they’re not vaccinated. They’re selfish dick bags who are keeping us in this pandemic and causing death ! Get vaccinated everyone. Love Howard . Rodgers should be fined and thrown out of nfl .

  13. Does anyone really care what Howard Stern has to say 🤣 dude is a clown anyway. Nexxxxxttttt! 😂

  14. Howard Stern and the word “Decency” should not be coming out of this indecent man’s mouth.

  15. Howard Stern, the guy made famous by using tons of vulgarity, interviewing pimps, prostitutes, and pornstars, racially charged phone arguments with fans, and having contests for people to engage in public sex acts, is now so “woke” he is offended by someone choosing not to get a vaccine?!

  16. This is hilarious. Howard Stern is the LAST person who should be criticizing anyone, period! I’m seriously confused. How can people who fail to vaccinate themselves with the COVID vaccines hurt others? If the vaccinated can carry, spread, and be effected with COVID (same as the unvaccinated), what is the problem? The vaccine is nothing more than a therapeutic, it does not and will never, unless modified, eradicate COVID. What about those who were already infected with COVID and have natural immunity? According to studies that came out of Israel and other countries who have had robust longitudinal studies indicate that the natural immunity has up to 17% more immunity that what the vaccines provide.
    If the argument is that the unvaccinated will overwhelm the hospitals, then please name me 10-15 hospitals that are so called “overrun” by unvaccinated, infected COVID patients. I would argue that the bigger issue in many hospitals is that many nurses and Dr.’s have been terminated because they refused the vaccine mandate. There is a maternity ward in NYC that had to be shut down because there are no medical staff to run the ward safely. One has to wonder why they are reusing to get the vaccine.
    The other argument is that if vaccines like Polio, measles, etc. are mandated, why is it not OK for the Government (State or Federal) to mandate the COVID vaccines? Well…. first, unlike the other aforementioned vaccines, the COVID (MRNA) vaccines are relatively new and no one knows what the long term effects are. Secondly, the other vaccines (Polio, measles) vaccines destroy the virus and prevent reoccurrence from the disease unlike the COVID vaccines where they are nothing but a therapeutic.
    Suppose 100% of the US population gets the vaccine. That still will not eradicate the virus. Israel has had over 80% of its population vaccinated and they still have the highest rates of infection around the world. COVID is here to stay, and we should treat it no differently as we treat the seasonal flu with the exception of those who are older and for those with health risk factors that exacerbate the risk of death from the virus.
    Unless I can be convinced otherwise (and I can be convinced with a strong argument), I say that if the unvaccinated are choosing not to get the vaccine, then they should be able to make that choice (and also deal with the potential life threatening consequences that result from that choice). And by the way whether you were a mask or whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated, the virus will mutate. The virus will continue to mutate until which time there is a drug that actually stops it or prevent it from spreading again.

  17. Does Howard actually think that Aaron’s teammates didn’t know he wasn’t vaxxed? 😂🤣 My god Howard, you are a legend but you may be becoming senile in old age. What an embarrassing take, and to think that I thought you were a funny, sane comedian when in reality your just and old kook.

  18. Howard Stern obviously supports freedom of choice, as long as it agrees with his opinion/choice, otherwise no.

  19. Used to really like Stern he’s literally become everything his former self once hated lmao

  20. My thoughts if you don’t want to get the vaccine that’s okay with me, but if you have it and running around in the public and not wearing a mask that might impact people’s lives. Then be a good dude and not throw your germs into their place. I’ve already seen firsthand how covid impacts family members dying and it’s not a great thing to see.

    As far as Aaron Rodgers, yeah he should get kicked out of the NFL and anyone else covering up his unvaccinated condition. That’s my 2 cents.

  21. I get that it’s a choice for people to vaccinate. I don’t think it should be mandated. At the same time he was asked point blank he was immunized and he said yes he was. That’s outright lying and I think there should be some accountability.

  22. I know more people spreading Covid that were vaccinated than unvaccinated. They don’t wear mask because they think they can’t get it so then in return spread it. I haven’t been vaccinated but wear a mask all times and wash and sanitize my hands. I never got Covid. What is your answer to that Mr. Stern????? And as far as running for president 🤣🤣🤣 no chance.

  23. Oh my – this is coming from a guy who’s big question to female guests is – “ do you do anal??” I can’t believe this hypocrite!!

  24. Yep, send the anti-vax folks to veterinary hospitals if they want to be dewormed. We don’t need them taking valuable hospital beds from people who need them.

  25. Stern is a sell out. His show had prostitutes masturbating on tv. But he is moral guidance counselor. Foh

  26. All of these celebrities clamouring about other people’s lives is beyond gross. Show your proof of the vaccine, otherwise I believe these celebrities NEVER really got them.

  27. If there was any decency in the world cirrus radio would have fired Howard stern long ago and he should be in jail for totally humiliating Kimberly from different strokes and contributing to her suicide the day after her interview

  28. Howard stern 10 years ago was a bastion for free speech. Now he is genuinely asking for someone to lose their job over their medical opinions. Just retire already Imus

  29. Sorry but Stern’s take is idiotic. Sure I’d go to a doctor for a broken toe, but what about heart disease? Doctors are gonna give you pills which will treat the symptoms but not cure the disease. Meanwhile I could change my diet and totally reverse the disease. Of course doctors won’t tell you that because they don’t know. They have zero training in nutrition. Medical science is great at some things but awful at others. It’s up to the person to use logic and figure out what course to take.

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