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Love & Hip Hop: Stevie J, Faith Evans called it quits

Faith and Stevie J are done/The Sun

Stevie J & Faith calling it quits.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Faith Evans’ marriage because it’s done. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and Stevie J are calling it quits after 3 years of holy matrimony. Stevie, a record producer, filed dissolution documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday citing irreconcilable differences. They don’t have kids together so child support won’t be a factor. But alimony could come into play if there’s no prenup in place. Stevie, 50, and Faith, 48, got hitched in Las Vegas during a shotgun wedding in their hotel room back in 2018. Family and friends were completely blindsided by their nuptials. The marriage has been hell ever since. If you recall… last year, Faith was thrown in the slammer for beating Stevie’s ass. Cops found scratch marks all over his countenance. This will be Faith’s second divorce and Stevie’s first.

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  1. Like Faith’s mother said, she likes Bad Boys. I love Faith. Her pen game is crazy and her songs are magic. Especially that first and 3rd album. I like Stevie J. He is who he is and wish him well.

  2. Well I’m glad they are going their separate ways. Good luck to both of them.

  3. This marriage was never built on the right foundation. Sorry to hear this , but not surprised at all

  4. Stevie J never wanted Faith like that. Faith was another notch on his belt and he wanted the world to know he got his best friends widow. A hot mess 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Stevie J. and Faith knew damn well their marriage wasn’t going to last. Faith and Stevie were one in the same. Funny I just watch the BET Awards from a few years ago when Faith performed and Stevie was in the audience. Stevie didn’t want Faith. Jewell stated that Faith did in fact sleep with Tupac, not a rumor. Jewell was signed to Death Row and named the label. Faith isn’t going to run up on Jewell, Jewell has hands too and even pulled a gun out on Suge. It’s been said Jewell would beat 4 or 5 girls up in the lobby of the hotel and was even beating up on producers that’s why Teddy Riley didn’t want to worked with her. Faith’s has been around in the business. Redman even admitted to sleeping with Faith in his mother’s bed. Faith married Biggie’s best friend after Biggie passed.

  6. She’s so dumb. She threw a party for him last week!!! Do I feel sorry for her… Noooooooooo…..

  7. Stevie is not and has never been a one woman man. Marriage doesn’t seems to be for him.

  8. I love faith & Stevie J. I am gonna get straight to the point he seemed to be looking for security more than love when they first got married It happened to0 fast in my opinion. People do not change that fast. Again that is my opinion.

  9. We aren’t surprised and that was a fling, he was more attracted to her then she him and I think cause she was faith Evans all his other girls were regular before him.

  10. Faith is not to be played with… please check her track record….Stevie can’t handle that fire 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Stevie met his Match, lol what’s goes around come around that’s what he get I’m team Faith Evans all the way, that is a good Woman. Sometimes how you treat people would come back on you.

  12. I am surprised that the marriage lasted this long. Faith does need to leave those drugs alone though. Maybe her being on the mask singer will help get her back on track.

  13. Biggie said Faith wasn’t faithful in a song in the 90’s. I Guess Stevie-J forgot ……. RIP to B.I.G & PAC 💯

  14. Stevie J is not only divorcing Faith but he is also asking for Alimony. I saw the court papers on another person’s channel….

  15. I don’t understand for the life of me why Faith Evans fell for that Idiot

  16. She could have married any man but no she chose Stevie J a certified special case

  17. Smfh Big is rollin in his grave with this silly nonsense. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Faith ruined her complete image for me for marrying that rat face loser. They all need to take their triflin asses to the clinic 😳

  18. She got tired of paying his child support she inherited by being his legal wife good job gurl u should of left him long ago

  19. He liked that fighting ish in the beginning. All that feistiness probably made for great and exciting sex but then it gets old very quickly. I imagine he was out in these streets and she’s from Jersey where they fight dudes lol. Personally, she shouldn’t have dealt with him because Stevie will never change. He pursued her but she knew him best. I’m just shocked they lasted this long

  20. Amen. When they don’t act right, make them take a hike. I had to do that with my second wife. There’s no need for a man to put up with a disrespectful woman. Get rid of her like yesterday. It’s time other men get the memo and do the same…. Will Smith.

  21. Faith tried to fake it but Stevie still sleezy took the cake and filed for divorce.

  22. Man there’s a lot of bitter heauxs in this comment section. A lot of y’all act like the man cheated on y’all . As CTG would say, I’m sending healing energy y’all way 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Good for you Stevie Pac told y’all a long time ago what type of woman she was so its on you to hold that “L” Stevie.

  23. Umm, didn’t she smash Biggie and Pac?…There are no surprises here.

  24. A lot of these Rappers and producers have business arrangements with these women no real love .

  25. Well he knew what he married she wasn’t faithful to Biggie nor was he faithful to anybody else they deserve each other

  26. What you expect when you go back and marry your friend’s widow remember stevie j and biggie we friends

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