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Sucker Punch Video: Black kid clocked Asian student

Black girl clocks white teen/TMZ

Black girl sucker punched a rival.

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GARDEN GROVE — Authorities in Garden Grove, California are investigating after a black girl sucker-punched an Asian teen in the middle of their basketball game. Ms. Rice-A-Roni got knocked the f*ck out! The disturbing ordeal transpired last Sunday during a regional tournament. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows both girls falling to the ground after colliding into each other midcourt. After they rose to their feet, a mother in the crowd screamed, “You better hit her!” That’s when the 15-year-old black chick threw a wicked left hook that connected with the Asian girl’s countenance. It was eerily reminiscent of the haymaker Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed with in Rocky IV. “Oh my goodness!” yelled a concerned parent after the punch was thrown. The referee stopped the game as the Asian girl crumbled to the floor in agony. She suffered a concussion and facial cuts. The assailant, daughter of former NBA player Corey Benjamin, was ejected from the tournament. Police were called shortly thereafter.

Should this be treated as a hate crime?

Watch the sweet ‘n’ sour ass-whuppin.’

Share your thoughts.

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  1. WTH! This girl who threw the sucker punch should be banned from ever playing in the league from this point on! #SMH #lockherup 🤬🇺🇸👍🏼

  2. Where is BLM when you need em’? The black teen clearly needed to vent her peaceful protest.

  3. bLaCk pEoPlE cAnT bE rAcIsT – anybody you know that’s a Bernie sanders supporter

  4. Don’t worry. That Asian kid will become a medical doctor and that black kid will be another statistic. 😎

  5. She came down, hucked a selfish three… fell back trying to fake a foul when nobody touched her, landed on the girl. She walked up the court then her mom tells her to hit her! It’s insane.

  6. That child swung on command. Not to mention, this was completely random and unprovoked. This is unfortunate but the best thing to do is to make sure this child is never allowed to play ball. It’s called tough love but what’s right is right.

  7. If people don’t fight back this will get worse. Girl belongs in jail and so does her mother.

  8. Wow. If that the girl defended herself. Would she end up like Mr. Rittinhouse! Brandons Americas man! LETS GO BRANDON! 😡

  9. She’s clearly going to continue to have a future of violent acts if she’s not held accountable. What else has she gotten away with using the excuse “…because she’s a minor.” I’m sure this isn’t the first time considering how blatant this is.

  10. Terrible, she is way bigger than the other girl and she attacked when the girl did not even see it coming, so had no chance to jump out of the way. She almost got her across the throat which could have killed her. That can not be accepted, it is straight Battery and should be charged as such.

  11. Don’t forget days later at another game this same girl attacked 2 other girls.

  12. I’m curious to know how this will effect the mom. She’s a former basketball player telling kids to do that kind of action.

  13. The mother and daughter should be prosecuted. Adult crimes should get adult time. This type of criminal violence has no place in youth sports. For starters, the young woman that carried out this violent assault should be banned from youth sports. A mistake is not deliberate violence.

  14. That girl should never be allowed to play anymore. Mom arrested.
    What low class people some mother you are .
    Karma will find you .

  15. Whether she was a minor or not she chose to make that decision she should not only be banned from sports for the rest of her life but they should professionally fine the parent and break their ankle lol sorry that last part was a little much

  16. Juvenile detention is where she should be shooting hoops. This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone.

  17. 100% the black girl was wrong and should be punished. But some of you “adults” in the comments are just as wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Y’all are bullies too

  18. Ahhh the settlement will be lovely 🥰 I’ll bet her mom teaches her after this to keep her hands to herself over petty $hit because it cost you money 💰 💴 💰

  19. So the daughter doesn’t know better, but mindlessly obeys a mom who incites violence? This cannot be the only incident.

  20. Another racist attack from black to another, wake up America, dam Biden people.

  21. Like mother like daughter. Criminal charges should be filled. CPS should be contacted and this PATHETIC PARENT should have the child removed immediately to save her from further FAILURE.

  22. If it would have been my daughter that got hit, I would now be in jail for Assault.

  23. That’s some criminal sh#t. Big girl fell onto the smaller girl knocking her down. That’s not enough so the mortal kombat mom ordered to finish the small girl up with a sucker punch in front of an audience.

  24. What a disgusting young girl and her mother. She needs juvy and mom needs jail.

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