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Rap artist Kid Cudi came out the closet as a homo

Kid Cudi and Eli are a couple/FilmMagic

Kid Cudi wore a wedding dress.

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NEW YORK — First Lil Nas X. Now this. After months of donning women’s apparel, Kid Cudi has finally come out the closet. The “Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper turned heads at the CFDA Fashion Awards when he showed up on the red carpet in a custom bridal gown while holding hands with his Caucasian boyfriend — Eli Russell Linnetz — who was decked out in a classic monochrome monkey suit. Cudi, 37, also sported a countenance full of makeup as if someone put it on with a paint sprayer. He’s full blown Liberace gay. The aforementioned wedding frock — which was designed by Eli — featured gloved sleeves, an ankle-length bell skirt, a tuxedo jacket with ivory lapels, cream-colored floral sneakers and a veil. Dressing like a bitch is nothin’ new to Cudi. If you recall, he wore a flowered off-white gown during his performance on “Saturday Night Live” back in April to pay homage to Kurt Cobain who donned a homogeneous wardrobe for Nirvana in 1989. Will Cudi’s closet egress inspire more rappers to come out? Is the rap industry overrun with gays?

Watch Cudi elucidate his conjugal appearance.

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  1. The crossdressing makes me sad…it’s like a red flag that he’s suffering from mental illness. Just like Kurt Cobain and we see how that ended up.

    With his heavily made up dead and empty eyes.

  2. This has nothing to do with his sexual preference, I just never understood some of the ish he was rhyming about and couldn’t understand why people were still on his d*ck once day n nite finally got played out. & damn you sold out with a gringo on your arm? & another dress really again bro but now instead of black kurt cobain you pull a fake Rodman and Madonna 94 ish wow, mental health awareness for men was just a few days ago. Call that number fam it’s on Travis Scott IG bio. Y’all need to sign up together. Call up Ye and Drake make sure they free Larry Hover. So they all can sign up as well. Lol wtf is going on out here?

  3. Cudi thinks his antics will get him an Uber eats deal like Lil Nas X? Very rarely do I see rappers in commercials no matter what they say or do.

  4. This gay agenda is hitting black men hard. The hip hop community has been infiltrated and now black men has nothing to call their own. Sad sad day. You will see more and more rappers come out gay or bi. Next probably Ye

  5. Since it’s not April Fool’s Day. My other guess is : he is just a mentally sick man. He looks a complete mess. I will pray for him

  6. I got my cape on for cudi! Who want the smoke! Me & him will bend all y’all over in that dress how bout that 🙌🏽! Man is progressive & been doing this so it’s not for clout or bag! & I need y’all to have this energy towards Prince but y’all won’t bc he a god to yall & yall like the women suits on him! Or give me this energy for Dennis Rodman! Y’all won’t bc he’d beat your ass in a dress or a thong!

  7. For those who don’t really know what “ sell your soul “ means . It’s not making a deal with the devil . It means you can no longer be yourself … iE you have to do what others do or continually bring attention to yourself to provide . Like 69 , Akademics , so on so forth . They only can provide doing things that ain’t stand up , trading against they principles , morals , and standards as a human to stay relevant .

  8. Some people keep saying this nigga saved their life so his hero-complex made him think a cape was not good enough. I’m not going around saying that a dress-wearing nigga saved my life.

  9. When kid Cudi first came out in 2008/2009 with his hit single day and nite he was cool everyone was boppin him we loved his skinny jeans style his over all look he dressed masculine and every one loved him but now he’s gone and did a whole 360 doing the Dennis rodman in the wedding dress sucka 💩 i don’t get why men who thinks this is cool do this type of stupidity!!!! It seems like to me some men just don’t want to be men anymore and this goes for women too! It’s females out here dressing like dudes!!! I understand that everyone has the freedom to do as the wish but dayum people are going to the extreme now with how they step outta the house in public.

  10. I’m tired of this stuff man and Joe Budden is doing the same thing. We may be able to decipher between some of this stuff but these kids cannot and think its cool or the only way. Where are the men at?

  11. Off white designer designed this dress for him. Virgil is promoting the gay agenda. Bun that. Sellout.

  12. Our agenda has worked better than we expected….. we turned ALL you street monkeys gay
    This is the best news ever 😀

  13. The Original Man was made in God’s image. What best way to show disgrace and disdain for God is by degrading his People. They ain’t ready for that conversation. 💯

  14. Imagine goin from being anti industry in your younger days then suddenly selling out while almost touchin age 40

  15. Soooo whos taking the L blacks or Mexicans because his dad is mexican and his mom is black

  16. I was a Cudi fan, after this I don’t think I can listen to “its” music.

  17. Emasculation of African American males… The NWO agenda/saga continues.. WAKE UP💥

  18. It’s demons! Demons are overtaking the people… Look up

    Isaiah Saldivar
    Daniel Adams
    Kathryn Krick
    Vlad Savchuk

    They out here casting demons out of THOUSANDS of people… in the name of Jesus

  19. This is the saddest shit ever..especially for real men that’s left. The slave master is stepping up his game. They making more of are dark brown men looks weak as hell. We got to stop supporting these people, we got to stop putting are money in there pockets. We got to stop this.maybe this can we are way of helping them doing this to are dark brown men. If we not spending money on them maybe this will stop. The slave catcher is stepping up his game ..anybody that gets into this industry comes out like this..are you sure you want that lifestyle??

  20. This shit is ridiculous and it’s sickening. The world is a shit show and shit has gone out in left field

  21. I do not have the courage to throw on a dress, but honestly….it’s just a dress. We all have many problems in our life that are a lot more important than him wearing clothes. I personally sleep perfectly fine at night knowing this nigga is breathing air in a wedding gown. If that’s what he do, let em do it n don’t complain. Too much bullshit on the net to be consuming, when we could all be getting to our blessings. Guys….don’t bend over in front of that nigga on accident.

  22. I had to stop fucking with kid Cudi…like I have all his CDs…even kids see ghosts more I have his old shit and it’s awesome..but I’m not rocking with painted nails..and wedding dresses..I have lost another artist…

  23. Wat y’all don’t know is he got on panties and a bra on too . He gay foreal

  24. These comments are so disgusting, Cudi has always pushed the boundaries of fashion and if you were a real fan you would know that. He is unapologetically himself and people In these comments can’t just except that

  25. These devil worshipers are evil just as Satan their father we can’t be compassionate for them let burn in hell!!!!🔥 They don’t give a damn about what we think! Anytime they sacrifice family and friends and abuse innocent little babies, kids and get pleasure while going it. All for fame! Let them all burn in hell. The holy scripture says. Which the majority may know as the Bible. The detestable The sorcerers and so on! Well read it for yourself in Revelation 21:8 then ask your self does this sound like a compassionate God.To me yes! Because their getting what they so richly deserve! Every bit of God’s displeasure.

  26. He’s under mind control a real nigga wouldn’t do this and Kudi used to be one

  27. This shit ain’t even creatively weird – its just fuckin cringe. Need to stop promoting this kind of perversion. Ain’t nothing fly about it.

  28. It’s sad that this is what he feels like he needs to do to be relevant , and put this stain on his legacy. What makes it even crazier for me is I heard he’s one of the best song writers in the world smh.

  29. Hypnosis or black magic these weak mfs getting off on using spiritual technology to control grown men that’s some punk shit

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