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Police Brutality Video: 2 thugs beat up white cop

White cop being investigated/YouTube

White cop fought black malefactors.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials in Chicago are investigating after a pair of negro malefactors beat the sh*t out of a white police officer. The ass-whuppin’ took place inside an apartment building. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the cop handcuffing a miscreant when a black man in a red jacket jumped in to intervene. “Back off!” the officer screamed. “Back off!” Seconds later, they started wrestling in the hallway. “Ooh, he fighting the police,” a black woman said. “He swinging, what the f*ck?” The man in handcuffs yelled, “beat his ass!” Then he stood up and started kicking the cop as his friend had him in a headlock. The fight continued until a handful of backup officers arrived. The two black men were arrested and thrown in jail. One of ’em claimed they were racially profiled and treated unfairly.

The Chicago Police Department is looking into the matter.

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. N***** always got to come save the cops, but won’t jump in and save us from the cops

  2. I actually want to see more of this. This is self defense. George Floyd would be alive if someboy put a brick on that devil’s head.

  3. It’s actually legal to resist an unlawful arrest or detainment by a police officer.

  4. That was very dangerous. These brothers could’ve lost their lives over “racist words?” When will we learn to do what the slave patrol officer ask and fight it out in court. You get to live another day and spend time with those you love. They’re definitely doing time for assault on a police officer which will be elevated to attempt of murder on a police officer. They’re doing a minimum 10yrs all over racist words from a dirty cop! The racist cop got what he wanted to destroy another black man’s life!

  5. Homie In the black save dude life when he broke it up. Them police would’ve pulled they guns out if they would’ve saw the cop getting choke.

  6. Homicide is the number one depiction of the nihgger races culture… Not cop culture. Arresting criminals is the number one depiction of cop culture. You nihggers are violent, rabid, vile, hateful, criminal minded, and the largest mass of racists within the US.

    One thing about nihggers and their nihgger culture, is their constant need to protect, defend, turn a blind eye too, pedestal, or martyr, the sewage skinned criminal nihgger element because the criminal is the same exact freaking sewage skinned nihgger that they themselves are…


  8. Is it too much to ask for the person taping to hold the camera still? They definitely can’t use the “I didn’t know he was a cop” defense.

  9. Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun. He gone think twice next time he let his badge get to his head.

  10. Very smart smfh. He was already “On camera” he arrested your homie, step back and let it play out. He didn’t beat him up or anything just put cuffs on, whether lawful or not given the past few years, smartest thing would be to just pass your homie the footage for the court case later. Nah you had to go make it worst and put hands on a cop. If the officer would have pull out and shot both it would have been justified at face value, only exception is if during the case a deeper dive reveals and proves that he was indeed racially profiled. Anyone looking at this if you were in the position of the officer, GUARANTEE 90% would have pull out and shoot. The officer took his instant karma (if he did profile) like a champ!

  11. Them nig are stupid. Now they are going to charged for more than originally had. Then on top of that you get that special treatment by co in prison For touching a police officer so you know that nig Ain’t gonna have a good time in their. The officer was doing his job, he didn’t choke him or anything. Even if he was a racist officer them nig should of kept their composure, they already had the arrest on camera and probably could argue in court…BUT NOOOO NIG ARE STUPID, THEY DONT HAVE COMPOSURE LIKE OTHER PEOPLE, THEY REACT WITHOUT THINKING FIRST, WHICH IS THE DOWN FALL OF NIG. THIS IS WHY BLM IS A FAILURE, RATHER SUPPORT REAL BLACK ISSUES WHICH WAS WHAT THE ORGANISATION WAS CREATED TO DO THEY SUPPORT POOKIE AND RAYRAY WHEN THEY ARE ARRESTED BUT YOU NEVER HEAR A PEEP FROM THEM WITH POOKIE AND RAYRAY COMMIT CRIME IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. OH WELL, LOCK THEY ASSET UP, THEM NIG WHERE IN THE WRONG.

  12. Oh well .. the pigs have a very very very long history of violence ya get what ya put out .. just because you have a badge don’t mean shhhhhh and guess who gave them badge to corrupt the WHITE MAN they same ones who kin folks hung us .. I don’t care who don’t ageee with me ..I’m the eyes of them we dangerous anyway regardless.. the proof is here watch we will be seeing more killings by the KOPS sad but true don’t take my word for it … just watch

  13. Black women holding the camera instigating violence against police that resulted in two black males going to jail. These broads are destroying black communities

  14. All the people taking the cops side must not read/watch the news and see all of the bad cops out here.

  15. Look at all the niggggers on here supporting the CRIMINALS. Wtf!!! EVERYDAY people are being killed, robbed, raped and all but NOT by the cops, by the CRIMINALS and y’all out here pissed at the cops for doing their jobs. WHACK like Whitney’s CRACK!

  16. If the police had shot him, his mom would be on the news saying “he was a good kid” gtfoh.

  17. Seems cop wanted a fair fight…I aint mad. Noone pulled their weapons 🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. This is why the police are hated fuck this punk ass cop. If somebody poped his ass I would feel no sympathy.

  19. Gotta admit I usually back the cops ,but this shit ain’t right leave the guy the fck alone

  20. Its like black people dont realize when a cop gives you a command, you need to follow it. Theres no choice in the matter…

  21. Man if I was there I would’ve started punching the cop in the back of the head.

  22. lovely police work, cop… Thats exactly how they trained you in the academy…

  23. Well, do you want the police to pull their guns in these type of encounters? The moment the suspect shoved the officer, he committed assault on that officer. That was the first act of aggression. The officer used less than deadly force to subdue him. No brainer.

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