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Urine Video: Sophia Urista urinated on a fan onstage

Sophia Urista pissed on a fan/YouTube

Sophia pissed on nasty volunteer.

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DAYTONA — Sophia Urista, lead singer of “Brass Against,” is catching hell after she pissed in a male fan’s mouth while performing. The urination transpired during the band’s set at “Welcome to Rockville.” It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows Sophia telling the audience how bad she had to pee. Then she invited a volunteer onstage to be her toilet. “Get my man with the can on his head ready, ’cause we’re going to bring him onstage and I’ma piss in this motherf*cker’s mouth,” she vowed. “I gotta pee and I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.” That’s when Sophia pulled down her pants and proceeded to micturate all over the fan’s countenance without stopping the song. The urine gushed out like a garden hose and he guzzled it.

The band tweeted an apology afterwards. “We had a great time last night at Welcome to Rockville,” they wrote. “Sophia got carried away. That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. Thanks for bringing it last night, Daytona… We’re truly sorry. Not who we are as a band.”

Can’t lie. Some of us love women pissing on us.

It’s kinda sexy.

Watch Sophia pee on a fan.

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  1. Well… That’s set a benchmark now for future shows. She will now be rated on various aspects of her piss… Volume, colour, smell and power.
    I do wish that guy had a gopro though :'(

  2. Jeezus. That flow. And I never knew female pissing is like a fucking garden hose splashing everywhere.

  3. Maybe they should write a song called “Yellow Rain”

  4. Why did I watch this?? Fuck!! I didn’t think it actually happened and now I’m fucked.

  5. As someone that works in a hospital laboratory this isn’t bright at all. That urine can have trichomonas, chlamydia, gonorrhea, ecoli, yeast. Any of these organisms can cause conjunctivitis. I wish people were more educated on the risks of coming in contact with body fluids. If you have spent decades looking under a microscope like I have you would never do anything like this man did.

  6. Absolutely disgusting. This is peak degeneracy. This is why we need Victorian style morals and social standards.

  7. You can’t just piss on a man and then kick him off stage without at least a goodbye

  8. Such a rich and diverse culture. Christians will never understand.

  9. Remember folks!
    We are requiring you to have a passport showing you have required 9 vaccine shots for YOUR health!

  10. Only a demon possessed woman would do that.
    Only a demon has that much sickening pee. A gallon you think?

  11. I never thought that would happen in my life time..Thank god my grand father is dead…He would have had a stroke seeing that dispaly of lowlessness

  12. Misogyny!!! Oh wait. Forgot it doesn’t work in reverse. Also, where did she keep all dat?
    Get checked for STDs

  13. This is the garbage that’s suppose to be talent???
    It crawled out of a gutter.
    Definitely not makin’ her Father proud…eh?

  14. Really don’t like the way she kicked the fan off the stage…the least she could have done was to give him a kiss!!!!!

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