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Elmo says get vaccinated

Elmo promotes COVID vaccine/YouTube

Elmo is pushing vaccine on kids.

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NEW YORK — Big Bird got the COVID vaccine. Now Elmo is doing his part to get every kid inoculated. A television commercial has gone viral that advertises Playskool’s “Vaccinate Me Elmo” doll. The stuffed animal is designed to unnerve ambivalence when it comes to getting the jab. The two-minute advertisement shows Elmo doing his best to coerce a little girl into taking the aforementioned experimental drug. “It’s your turn. Time to get the vaccine,” he told her. “I don’t want to,” she said. “Sorry, you have to,” he insisted. “No,” she fired back. “You have no choice. [Do it] or else,” he retorted. Feeling pressured and mortified, the little girl jabbed herself in the left arm. “Great, Elmo loves compliance,” he said. The government-approved puppet comes with a toy syringe, a stethoscope and a diminutive vial of something that resembles a panacea.

Elmo also wears a face mask.

“Get the vaccine or die,” he said.

Watch the crazy commercial.

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  1. Wow….now this folks is a PRIME example of corporate/government brainwashing. Well played PBS!

  2. So when kids are facing more dangers from the vaccine than from COVID shouldn’t this be looked at as abuse. People aren’t anti vaccine we are anti stupid let’s do the study’s have debates and make it as safe as possible let’s not however try and censor people who have the peoples best interest at heart and have fact driven opinions and suggestions.

  3. Until they release all the contents of the vaccines, and have a long term study , I see absolutely no good reason to put kids at risk ! If it’s about health it’s a easy no , if it’s pushed forward then we have to ask bigger questions

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