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Domestic Violence Video: Zac beats up baby mama

Zac beat up his baby mama/Oshay Duke Jackson

Zac Stacy beat white woman.

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ORLANDO — “Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect… tragedy?” The Internet was set ablaze when quondam NFL running back Zac Stacy beat the sh*t out of his baby mama in front of their 5-month-old mulatto son. The Ike Turner impersonation transpired Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m. inside the white woman’s Florida home. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows Zac tossing his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans around like a rag doll. First, he yanked her off the couch. Then he threw her into a television. Then he thwacked her repeatedly in the countenance as she laid on the floor in a fetal position. Kristin begged him to “stop.” But it was to no avail. It’s arguably the worst ass-whuppin’ ever. The battered damsel went to the hospital and filed a restraining order. “He punched me several times in the head,” Kristin told investigators.

“I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me. He then picked me up and threw me into my TV. The TV began to fall and he turned to make sure I wasn’t getting up. As I laid on the floor he began to yell at me, telling me I’m destructive. He then picked me up off the floor and off my feet and body slammed me into our son’s bouncy seat.”

“I fear for my life and my children’s lives,” she added.

Zac had already beaten Kristin’s ass several times prior. But this time she was astute enough to set up a camera. Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams tweeted, “ZAC STACY NEED TO BE THROWN UNDER THE JAIL. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a coward. Can’t believe what I just saw.”

Zac, selected by the St. Louis Rams in the 5th round of the 2013 NFL Draft, was arrested at Orlando International Airport.

He faces a million charges.

Many think he’s suffering from CTE.

Watch Zac pummel Kristin then watch his court appearance.

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  1. Between this and the Danileigh situation white girls are losing this week

  2. He needs to be PUT Under the Jail! No one deserves that no one! I can’t image his SON grows up and sees this on the internet!

  3. Typical Black gorilla! Beating on his precious White queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  4. It just seems that when the checks stop coming some of these ex football players or Athletes in general turn their lives into a life of crime,it was said that he had done this before and perhaps that’s why it was capture on camera,but chances are she will allow him to come back for more of the same he needs to get some therapy.

  5. Gosh this was so Painful to watch. My heart hurts. I dont care the color of the victim or the perpetrator. No one deserves to deserves to endure that kind of violence. If someone pisses you off just leave them alone but that was so painful. And to hear the poor child crying in the background. SMH!!! Glad he has to face the music.

  6. I was shocked at the video. How can it be so easy for a man to be violent to a woman who doesn’t didn’t do anything? Does that not bother his soul? I have never actually seen DV in person or much in video. I have heard it but never really witnessed it. One time on a train going home i saw a man smack a woman I think. Can’t remember

  7. Ladies.. we really have to learn our place and stand in our lane and allow our Kings to do the same so there Is harmony in the home

  8. He beat a cave beast, stop acting like y’all care. Next!!


  10. A man’s race has nothing to do with his brutality towards his woman or any other woman. He made himself look bad not other black males. People want to generalize a specific group because of the actions of a portion. I check people on individual bases not as a group. If ur an assshole I’m going to treat u as such

  11. Hmm, well he’s done for now because he hit a White chick

    Maybe if he had put that effort and energy into his football career, he may still be in the NFL.

  12. Women love to fall for these kind of dudes all the time. Probably had an ego on him and a straight up narcissist. Dude is complete trash but I’m sure she ignored all the red flags. Be smarter ladies.

  13. That clip was so funny to me. He threw that snow bunny across the room like a frisbee lmao. It wouldn’t be funny, if little man was old enough to realize what he was doing to his mommy.

  14. You play nihgger games you win nihgger prizes. Homicide is the number one depiction of the nihgger races culture. If you’re white, and you play with nihggers, then you deserve the repercussions of nihgger violence aimed at you and your family. Nihggers are rabid feral pavement apes and are not to be trusted

  15. Zack, I hope you get 15 years in prison. You have no rights beating on a woman like that. Why don’t you take your anger out on a guy? Unreal. What if some guy did that to your daughter or your mother? Yeah, you would want to kill him for that, right?

  16. I mean, it’s appalling for any man to hit any woman. She is getting beat by a football player. Who’s job is to tackle. He’s freaking massive.

    Honestly, he was lucky to have her.

    He’s not attractive and he’s a coward and a woman beater.

  17. That’s not the first time he did that to her, but hopefully it will be the last he’ll ever do that to anyone. He’s going to really enjoy what Tyrone’s got waiting for him in prison.

  18. Oh my god. I heard it was bad but, I had no idea how bad it was. Getting picked up and thrown into a TV like that brought back so many memories as a survivor myself. It was absolutely gut wrenching to watch. This man needs to held accountable. I am so proud of her for allowing the video to be released so the true nature of what he did is understood and not taken lightly.

  19. Chad Wheeler has him beat by a long shot…..Chad beat his girlfriend so bad that after she finally came through from being knocked out he said to her “you’re still alive.”😳😳😳😳

  20. she in some way tried to wreck his situation with another woman considering what was said in the clip. they were probably still having sex and not technically supposed to and she got tired of coming second in his life considering they have child together and to a woman that is a slap in the face. maybe she tried her hand in something that wasn’t her business which sent him on edge. the weird camera placement is enough to suggest this has happened before but no one reported it, I don’t even know who tf this guy is. she is a victim but she isn’t very intelligent nor is she innocent.

  21. This video just fills me full of rage for someone weather she did him wrong or not to do it in front of a baby and not think twice he could have seriously injured her and and to just leave what if she couldn’t get up to console the child what if she suffered injuries that could have killed her then there would have been nobody there for the baby I can say I have really bad anger issues myself I had a gf that cheated on me I never one in my fit of anger and rage even raised my hand to her I broke my hand hitting a wall when I was by myself

  22. This is a coward in his element and rare form I guarantee you he won’t hav half of this energy nor aggression in front of a real man that’s ready and bout that action such a coward would attack a woman knowing he’s twice as strong and twice her size and in a way better physical condition being trained as he is and even worse I’m sure family and close friends seen him go off on her and never said a thing to help her…truly she’s lucky she survived him to tell her story

  23. Black man beating a white woman. Not surprised it gets barely any coverage. If he was white and she was black, Louis Vuitton would have to shutter it’s doors.

  24. How can anyone support the NFL with case after case after case and their glorification of murderers, rapists and domestic abuse animal behavior.

  25. I go through this at least once a month and now I’m pregnant with his baby.. i see how close that baby was and I don’t ever want my child to see that . P.s her calmness was triggering because I’m calm in it too. You get used to it and just hope for good days.. as much as I want to say to anyone living through this to RUN AWAY AND FAR I can’t because I know the reasons I won’t run away 🙁 you love someone and hope they’ll get better and maybe it’s my fault and if I just did what he wanted more then I wouldn’t get thrown around.. I obviously see how stupid it sounds not leaving but it’s harder than you think n you blame yourself.. and if u have depression on top of it blaming yourself and convincing yourself it’s deserved is all too easy 🙁

  26. One of the many outcomes of single parenting, but we still close our eyes…! These violent offsprings of so called baby mommas will also create other babymommas! I mean,the baby is 5 months old and before the baby was born this violent individual has been beating you and you still reproduce with him?

  27. He ain’t ish in looks or character, but she wanted a blk NFLr for a bf huh? Y’all Becky’s can keep him!

  28. If I’m her I’m finding a good man at a bar, filing a restraining order and staying armed with that glock

  29. He won’t do that shit to a black woman. That’s why he’s worth a white one.

  30. He literally said “love you “ to the baby b4 he left, WTF??!! His baby was right there & he didn’t care?! He needs to have his a** beat like he did her! That was horrible to watch, and the fact that he kept coming back shows it wasn’t any kind of accident. He’s disgusting & deserves the MAXIMUM he can be held accounted for!

  31. Props to her for not even appearing to be hurt in his little bitchy fit

  32. What a piece of shit human being. And clearly a coward. Beats on a woman less than half his size, in front of his infant son who could have easily gotten hurt as well, and then runs from the cops 🙄

  33. This man is going to kill her. He is a Monster! I hope she does WHATEVER IT TAKES to defend herself next time (and there WILL be a next time). If domestic violence is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The abuser does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.

  34. Well she wanted a black man, she got him and she is a baby momma now welcome to the statistics.
    The statistics will show more white women baby momma than black women if white keep having babies with black men so fast. White men must be so thrilled. @babymommasKaren2.0
    Just hilarious 😂

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