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Bucs star Antonio Brown bought fake vaccine card

Brown bought fake card/Clutchpoints

Antonio Brown caught in scam.

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TAMPA — Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is under fire after he purchased a counterfeit COVID vaccination card to eschew NFL protocols. The 33-year-old wideout was ratted out by his personal chef — Steven Ruiz — whom Brown owes $10,000. Ruiz, owner of “Taste ThatLa” restaurant in Los Angeles, contacted the Tampa Bay Times and commenced to singing like a canary. Here’s what went down: Cydney Moreau, Brown’s supermodel girlfriend, sent Ruiz a text message on July 2nd saying Brown was willing to pay $500 for a fake Johnson & Johnson vaccination card. Why J&J? Because it’s a single-shot panacea that requires diminutive paperwork. “Can you get the COVID cards?” Moreau wrote. “I can try,” Ruiz replied. “JNJ shot. Ab said he would give you $500,” Moreau added. Ruiz gave Brown the spurious immunization record just days before training camp.

He also leaked the text messages.

Brown’s métier is now in jeopardy.

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  2. I guess the vax card is the new status symbol. Going to let this boat sail . How these people trust Gates, Fauci, WHO, CDC and the FDA is beyond me.

  3. AB is an independent talented soul that knows the vaccinations are a tragic insane loss of personal freedom to a fascist mandate

  4. If you’re gonna be around other ppl, possibly effecting others, it is definitely the right of others to know if one has been vaccinated. If u live in ur own bubble and wanna affect ur loved ones then u have the right to ur vaccination status to self. U don’t have the right to have fake cards, be unvaccinated and be unmasked spreading ur germs to others. I personally am sick of hearing about ppl that are anti vaccine. It’s their right, just stay in isolation and protect those who do believe in being vaccinated.

  5. AB got enough bread to pay a doctor to give him a real one. Not all doctors are upstanding they will take that easy bread. I don’t believe the chef at all.

  6. Not a big story at all. Most people have a fake card. The whole covid thing is a joke at this point.

  7. Are our bodies a temple of GOD
    Or are our bodies Property of the state????

  8. I got the vaccine but they actually gave me the card 5min before the doctor called me back. I could have walked out there with the card without the vaccine.

  9. Im ready to get back to normal but we cant until u antivax assholes get the jab

  10. Fake Vaccine ID card…he went through his girlfriend to get to the Chef? Lol…as reported by Colonel Mustard! Pretty sure this report, like the rest of what comes out of the woke media is and I quote “Retarded”! The Former Chef said….common guys…is hysterical…I’m sure those fine folks down at NFL network will troll this nonsense…and why would he specifically pick J&J….is that the fakers vaccine of choice?! This whole story is a scam….and you all are getting scammed by scammers…lol

  11. If you get vaccinated, good for you. Probably nothing wrong with it. But you damn sure shouldn’t be FORCED to do it. Everybody saying let’s “get back to normal”, while they keep piling on rules to make “normal” impossible. And just when people start to settle down, they use scare tactics to warn us of a “new” variant… they could say anything they want – who’s gonna know any better? And what’s more, half the people just blindly follow whatever they’re told to do… Sickening. Normal IS what we’ve made this. The way it used to be is going to be an old myth in about 20 years… Grandparents telling their grandchildren about the days when you could breathe the air, way back when you had dominion over your own well-being. What a crock.

  12. Who would have thought football players were anti shooting stuff in there bodies.

  13. The NFL doesn’t want to know if AB, and other players, is telling the truth. They’ll find out how many liars there are if they do.

  14. How about digital certificates with QR codes? Some things are just stupid… who uses paper anymore???

  15. You are going to have to get a booster shot every 4 months to be considered fully vaccinated. Unless, they finally admit that these vaccines do not work. We shall see how much y’all like these vaccines when boosters are mandated every 4 months for the rest of your life. Good luck

  16. I’m more curious to know how he owes a chef $10,000….quesadillas and chicken wings don’t cost that much.😂

  17. In addition to the card they should have everybody sign a sworn statement under penalty of perjury and felony offense that states that they have received the vaccine and the time, date, and place they received it. I’m not saying they should be forced to get the vaccine but lying about it is not acceptable.

  18. If players don’t want to get the vaccine, fine,follow the rules and follow the protocol, if you submit a fake card that means you knowingly and willfully put others at risk,,this should be handled by fines,suspension and or expulsion, if you violate company rules at any other job you would be suspended or terminated, same goes for politicians,enough is enough…

  19. Who cares. you losers worried about someone else’s medical status need to get laid or get a life. Pathetic humans. 🤡

  20. I would guess a ton of players across all the major sports leagues have them. I don’t buy for a second that 90+% of the players in every league are vaxed

  21. I 100% believe this for two reasons.

    1. Most people are scared of the vaccine.

    2. Antonio Brown probably pissed off his chef.

  22. It’s was just a matter of time before AB found trouble it in his nature he can’t help it and it sounds like someone’s trying too cover-up for him maybe they should check CAM Newton’s card too

  23. Government shouldn’t be this involved in American lives. The vaccine does nothing to prevent transmission. So who cares? People need to quit virtue signaling with vaccines.

  24. NFL wont investigate this because there will be a lot of players that will be suspended if they do

  25. Fu*k this stupid *virus* y’all can get that vac if you want it . I’m good lol

  26. Good! He totally deserves it. I wish these POS were fired, instead of just suspended.
    These mother fuckers are paid millions of dollars, and they can’t even follow protocol. If you don’t want to comply just quit, and there’s always someone willing to take your job. Take your dramatic excuse not to get the vaccine b/s somewhere else!

  27. Force people to get PAPERS to let them work, you get people doing anything to be able to continue to pay their bills…..
    It’s a pandemic against those that don’t listen without thinking for themselves lol

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