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Liquor Store Shooting: A woman urinates in public

Black chick let her gat explode/YouTube

Crazy black chick opened fire on car.

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DETROIT — Authorities in Detroit are investigating after a black chick opened fire on a nosy driver at the liquor store. The bullet-spray transpired around 11:25 p.m. in the 9000 block of Hayes and Chalmers. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows a redbone female in a scarlet blouse firing eight shots at a 25-year-old woman in a silver Kia Rio because she thought the lady recorded her taking a piss. Yep, this chick urinated in public then became incensed when somebody watched. “We heard gunshots like bop, bop, bop, bop, bop and I looked to my left and I see a red hoodie,” an eyewitness told reporters. “It was somebody standing right here with a red hoodie on. I was asking the cashier, I said it was a dude just out here a minute ago shooting his gun. And he was like that wasn’t a dude. That was a whole female… We got it on camera.” The Kia was struck several times but the driver wasn’t hurt. The trigger-happy damsel sped off in a black SUV.

“The suspect clearly has no regard for human life,” said a police spokesperson.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. You can not!!! Make this shit up!🙄😩🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😩

  2. She was no dude she was a whole female.. really?
    He was no chick, he was a whole male…

  3. Somebody out there sleeping with that disgusting creature I just hope it’s not breeding too

  4. How the hell you gon get mad at someone when you nasty ass is pissing where everyone and they mama can see you?
    Had you been intelligent you could have found a way to piss outside without anyone seeing you.
    The few times I couldn’t hold my pee and had to do it outside I made sure that from all angles no one could see me.
    She just nasty. She problem the type to leave bloody piss water and used uncovered tampons/pads in a public bathroom.

  5. If she gonna do that because she got recorded. Who knows what she does if you owe her money.

  6. It’s SAD how someone can just casually shoot at people- without thought that those BULLETS will actually KILL another person…
    She pulled it out and shot as though it were a water gun…
    Sometimes, Pi$$er, going for BAD- doesn’t always end up GOOD…💯💯

  7. Again black people showing out for each other now the system is going to destroy the rest of her life. But this is the stupid decision she made just to be considered some type of bad a$$. She deserves what the white Justice system is going to do to her for being stupid.

  8. peeing in front of a liquor store is not vile enough but then you are just going to pull out a gun and open fire on a random vehicle that you SUSPECT may have recorded you (for what possible reason i cant even begin to imagine) without any regard for the safety of whoever may have been in that vehicle (kids etc.) or in the surrounding area. The blatant stupidity of people like that is rediculous. So she was worried that someone may have recorded her peeing and so was rteady to murder someone over that ? what if she killed an innocent person and there was no recording? someone is dead and someone is in prison for life for no reason at all other than an uneducated, uncivilized idiot giving the govt. another reason to try to take gun rights from responsible citizens.. we got a young man (kyle R) on trial for defending himself during protests over black shootings looking at possible life behind bars, all the while we got blacks just firing guns off at random cars over moronic ideas that have no actual bearing in reality ( she didnt know she was being recorded, just thought it, and so what if she was? you gonna kill someone over THAT!?) its people like her that make it hard for good people to live in a civilized society..pathetic… i blame RAP music and the failure of parents to teach their kids basic social skills, and dont give me that bullshit about single mothers and all that i was raised by the system, abused in foster homes and been through shit 90 percent of kids will ever have to deal with and i still got an education, served in the military, raised a family and never would even ever consider doing anything as friggin stupid as this.. if you cant raise them right at least try to give them some common sense good god.

  9. This whole story just reeks of class 😂 peeing in public in front of a security camera, and then shooting at some random you think is recording you…. Like the IQ level is off the charts…..

  10. It’s like she is saying OMG I don’t want to be seen on social media urinating in the parking lot so I’d better shoot them and be on social media. How heartless and stupid at the same time.😒

  11. She was so nonchalant about it, I hope they get her ass off the street.

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