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Liquor Store Shooting: A woman urinates in public

Black chick let her gat explode/YouTube

Crazy black chick opened fire on car.

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DETROIT — Authorities in Detroit are investigating after a black chick opened fire on a nosy driver at the liquor store. The bullet-spray transpired around 11:25 p.m. in the 9000 block of Hayes and Chalmers. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows a redbone female in a scarlet blouse firing eight shots at a 25-year-old woman in a silver Kia Rio because she thought the lady recorded her taking a piss. Yep, this chick urinated in public then became incensed when somebody watched. “We heard gunshots like bop, bop, bop, bop, bop and I looked to my left and I see a red hoodie,” an eyewitness told reporters. “It was somebody standing right here with a red hoodie on. I was asking the cashier, I said it was a dude just out here a minute ago shooting his gun. And he was like that wasn’t a dude. That was a whole female… We got it on camera.” The Kia was struck several times but the driver wasn’t hurt. The trigger-happy damsel sped off in a black SUV.

“The suspect clearly has no regard for human life,” said a police spokesperson.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. She was peeing in the parking lot, and opened fired when told to stop. Let that sink in.

  2. Not one person in the group tried to stop her, they acted like it was nothing

  3. Well, we all know whats going to happen to her when the people in that car see her again. And trust me, her family will be on the News painting her as an Angel with 5 children left motherless.

  4. what the hell is the matter with these people, poor excuse for a human being.

  5. Sometimes I think America cannot be real… like cannot .. but then again it isn’t – it was stolen from the natives… the ground is always shaking under it… y’all need to go back to the root and do some cleansing ….

  6. She was willing to take someone’s life just for recording her doing a non-violent act

  7. gross peeing in the parking lot, no toilet paper… drip dry.🤢🤮 Then shooting! It’s like a giant toddler with access to weapons!

  8. The real victim here is the parking lot, poor thing probably has herpes now.

  9. Look how nonchalant she is. She even looked back and asked if did a good job and if anyone else wants to try.

  10. I’m sick an tired how my people think that they can keep doing violence towards each other but it’s not ok for white people or other people of color to do it to us … when we out here doing this stuff our ancestors fought for our freedom get shot an gotten whipped to their flesh was hanging…
    I’m sad an a whole female as that she shot that gun like she did this before supposed that bullet would’ve hit somebody an killed them how do she know they recording her if she is peeing when the whole camera at the Liquor store recorded her boy some people need to use their head … I won’t ever protest with someone if this woman would of gotten shot but I would protest to have people like her to be removed off the street it don’t matter the color of someone skin or gender please put the guns & violence down
    An the way the car spent off they don’t know she was shooting at them …

    She acting like she play on gun smoke

  11. The shooter’s aim was terrible..the driver should have put the car in reverse and ran over all of them.

  12. Another democrat run, cesspool. Wake the hell up and stop voting for those criminals!!

  13. luckily she has no control of that pistol and most of her shots the barrel is dam near aiming at the ground lol

  14. And we wonder why the police act the way they do, BECAUSE WE ACT THE WAY WE DO, LIKE ANIMALS

  15. If your peeing in public then I guess you don’t mind being recorded cuz that shit is degrading

  16. And just Like That… Her WHOLE life changed In one night… Prolly On Some Drunk shit

  17. That was wrong. Lucky there weren’t kids in the car she shot at. Plus why would you pee in a public parking lot in front of several people? Uncivilized behavior.

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