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‘Island Boys’ need Jesus

Island Boys are a disgrace/YouTube

The Island Boys satanic disgrace.

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MIAMI — They have no talent. Their coiffures resemble french toast sticks. They don gold grills and their physiques are embedded with tattoos. Yet, they’re large on TikTok and their YouTube videos have garnered millions of views. We’re talking about the “Island Boys,” a Florida-Cuban duo comprised of 20-year-old dizygotic twins Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd who have gone viral for a freestyle rap song that sounds like complete horsesh*t. I’m serious. I’ve heard cats f*ck with more harmony than these guys. They’re an absolute disgrace. To add ineptitude to comedy, they recorded the track while playing around in a swimming pool. The song goes: “Cause I’m an island boy, and I’ve been trying to make it. Oh, I’m an island boy. Ayy, I’ma just island boy, I’ma just island boy.” Ok, I know what you’re thinking. How did they become so popular?

The answer is simple.

They sold their souls to Satan in exchange for online views.

“About a week ago, I sold my soul,” FlyySoulJa confessed in a recently released video.

“And ever since I sold my soul I haven’t been happy ever since.”

“I’m not even cappin,” he continued.

“I had to do it because I was trying to make it. So I sacrificed myself.” 

Social media reaction was crestfallen.

One viewer wrote, “Sad thing is besides him selling his soul, people think he is joking.”

Another added, “Lord please forgive this lost soul for he knows not what he is doing.”

Flyysoulja’s real name is Alex. Kodiyakredd’s is Franky. They were both jettisoned from home at 18 because they were frequent violators of the law and their mom got sick and tired of cops knocking on the door.

Do you feel sorry for them?

Are they capable of turning their lives around?

Watch their videos.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Absolute Garbage. God I wish I was born in a generation that actually admired real vocal talent, skillful poetic rapping, and just shit that required at least half a brain cell…..instead of uplifting fucking clowns with no talent who do stupid shit for attention. Pathetic — Say what u want to me, idgaf, muting this

  2. This has to be a fkn joke. Lame all across the board… this the kinds ppl yall give millions to!

  3. I played this song to my disabled cousin, he got up from his wheelchair and turned it off.


  5. Their is a heaven and a hell Jesus is the only way to heaven to go to heaven you must believe in Jesus and repent of your sins

  6. The amount of people that take this serious is incredibly astonishing. 🤦‍♂️ he’s unlocking your inner sense of divinity to try and capitalize on the attention it brings. To believe someone can actually sell their soul is kind of hilarious

  7. Jesus Christ loves us all very much. Jesus Christ took the punishment for all of our sins instead by dying on the cross to save us from going to hell, and so we can have eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ and God. On the third day after Jesus Christ died, God raised him back from the dead. Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven and he will come back for his chosen ones. Nobody knows when Jesus Christ will come back but the Father, who is the one and only true living God. Also, please spread the Gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord because there are people who still go to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  8. Theses clowns 🤡 dudes are making money ..I’m shocked 😮 I have never in my life seen such weak ass rappers what ever they want to call them selfs is a joke…and people out there support theses guys music what is this world coming too everyone out there on dope like them ..letting theses guys make money for there rapping is the craziest thing I have ever seen ..I work 40 hour job and make good money ..but if any dumb ass can get out there and mumble rap and say any stupid shit that comes out there mouth I’m in the wrong business

  9. They was getting laughed at and boo’d on stage at Miami’s Club Liv or somethin like that. I watched the clip. I’m sorry but they’d have to sell their soul cuz they sucked! I give them props cuz they kept tryin to sing. They should stick with Tic Toc!

  10. This is the type of shit I would blast when I was in grade 2 tryna be cool

  11. Slowly silencing the haterz! 💯 Get money! 💰
    Ima Island Boy! 🏝
    Hay look! 👀 They made it! 👍

  12. No matter how shitty they are guys, now they are famous and rich so deal with it!

  13. Sideshow BOB In real life!! and damn i must really be high cuz i thought it was decent 🤷‍♂️ no need to hate like everyone else let them get that money! Lifes too short to hate on another person for just trying make a quick buck

  14. If shaking ass and bass sells this is a platinum hit.. Love Island boys but their “producer” dropped the ball on this.

  15. I knew this was gonna blow up weeks ago ❗big up Boys 🙌🙌🙌

  16. These guys are obvious very intelligent and I have the utmost confidence they will take the money they will make from this brief glimmer of fame and make some very wise investments in some diamond encusted teeth and neon green Lamborghini that will only gain value over time. And I’m sure they are hard at work procreating many many heirs to their vast fortune. They cracked the code on accruing generational wealth. Hats of to these island boy geniuses.

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