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Texas A&M: Sydney Carter “sexiest” coach of all time

Sydney Carter smokin’ hot/Twitter

Sydney Carter sexiest coach ever.

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COLLEGE STATION — Texas A&M’s women’s basketball team just gained a bunch of male fans including yours truly. That’s because assistant coach Sydney Carter showed up against the Kentucky Wildcats donning the sexiest outfit in NCAA history… and Black History. The curvaceous damsel stimulated phalluses worldwide on February 7th when she shared courtside photos of herself dressed in a turtleneck, pink leather pants and clear stilettos. The only thing missing was a stripper pole. My penis is still perpendicular. Sydney told Yahoo Life, “I literally post every outfit.” As fellas, we appreciate it. As a matter of fact, Sydney’s confrères should mimic the wardrobe. But haters are gonna hate. Many vented their exasperation via social media.

One Twitter user wrote, “Is this outfit appropriate as a basketball coach?” Another chimed in with, “I’m not feeling it at all… she is coaching basketball. Looks like club gear and you want to be taken serious.” A third viewer added, “Inappropriate period. She should get ticket/fine whatever.” Several dudes rushed to Sydney’s defense. “What’s wrong with it???” a fan wrote.

“Moral of the story, shut up and let black women be great.”

Sydney is not only a coach, she’s a recruiting coordinator.

Is her attire inappropriate?

Should female coaches be allowed to dress sexy?

Watch Sydney defend her provocative wardrobe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I guess the male coaches should come to the court dressed like cameo in the word up video

  2. America just can’t handle the beauty and curves of a black woman’s body, nothing new here to see.

    The sister looks great, keep up the good work baby!

  3. This is the difference between sexy and hootchie. Sexy is a state of mind. I always said you could be sexy in a turtleneck. Stay your beautiful, powerful, confident and sexy self. Bless you young lady

  4. Ddddaaaaaaammmmnnn , totally appropriate as it’s nobodies business what she likes to wear. Always some haters …..

  5. I just understand why people are so concerned what others are wearing. Get a life and worry about yourselves. Good lord!

  6. This asst coach wears very stylish clothing. I have seen other pictures of her at games. This was not her first time nor will it be her last. This became an issue because of the pink pants and how form fitting they were. She wore those pants in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. If you notice the players are wearing pink sneakers. The woman sitting behind her on the bench is wearing a pink dress. It is sad to say some of the criticism she received was from Women, not just men. I like those pants. She looked really nice in them. So I have no issue with them.

  7. Why worry about haters, love each other, lift each other up, and watch the manifestation of unity… Sidney Carter continue to work your black girl magic in everything you do ❤❤🏀🏀👠👠👑👑

  8. She looks great! Yes, her outfit is form fitting but she is covered up in turtleneck and pink pants. Clothing must be considered in context — she is an assistant recruiting coordinator at a basketball game so her outfit is fine. If she was working in a conservative corporate workplace, it would not have been suitable.

  9. People are just mad and angry at their lives and they look for anything to put others done. She looks great and she should be proud of it and own it 😉

  10. She looks amazing why can’t people be feminine at a game men wear suits????

  11. Stop 🛑. Kardashians are everywhere with their naked fake ass and a black women can’t?

  12. This is random😂😂 but this reminds me of how we look at God in only way . We limit him to be whatever we “think ” he is . For example , Just mean or just Love etc.. When in reality , he more than that and if we can just stop putting limits on people things would be a lot easier .

  13. She is fully covered at a basketball game but Jhene Aiko can wear a dress with a slit all the way up to damn near her waist line on NATIONAL TELEVISION and doesn’t get any heat. STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST CURVY WOMEN AND SEXUALIZING THEM

  14. Pathetic. Really. Judging what she’s wearing. How about how well she does her job. How tough it must be to do your job in a Man’s “Sport” World

  15. If she had her natural hair out & “regular” clothes they’d say she was too dressed down & needs to get herself together. She’s got herself together and now she’s doing too much! Can’t ever fuckin win!

  16. I think Sidney is a beautiful FEMININE woman. She can wear whatever she wants, just like those hating on her wear whatever they want. People are allowed their opinions but trust and believe, Sidney is not dressing for public opinion😌

  17. Shits crazy. A woman’s outfit gives ya little tingle in ya pants and u start complaining about it bcuz ur too attracted?! Weird, talk about projection.

  18. There was nothing wrong with her outfit. And let’s keep it 100, it wouldn’t be a problem if she wasn’t curvy and form fitting. I really wish people would stop trying to control what women wear and blame it as a distraction. No sir, you just can’t control yourself. And that is not a woman’s or her outfit’s problem.

  19. I used to play basketball back in the day. I remember hearing that I wasn’t good enough for the game because I was a girl. But what Shut It Down was my Mad Skills! 🏀 I owned the court. Off it I wore my cute jumpsuits, shorts, and even summer dresses. I was a girl and Proud of It! It’s F***Up the Double/Triple/Quad standards society has for women and for themselves.

  20. I’m sorry… what exactly about her outfit is inappropriate?! She’s covered up… and it’s very classily worn ! Is it cuz it’s pink latex pants & heels she’s wearing ? Women can multitask and cook , clean & do just about anything in heels if they wanted to 😂! She’s a female basketball coach ! Let her be ! There is literally nothing wrong with the outfit… if you’re u comfortable or can’t stop looking that’s on you ! Have some decency

  21. Never heard of her before but glad I know her now. She’s a cutie. pink leather pants aren’t a big deal but showing off them curves might hurt somebody 😉

    I have seen this story before and I will always take the position of this. Women who look sexier in an outfit simply because they are curvier than women with less shape shouldn’t be scrutinized. I’m sure I could have worded that better but I think y’all know what I mean. as long as #1. the woman is covered up appropriately meaning no areola showing, or buttocks hanging out, no obvious cameltoe showing, etc., and #2. The woman is wearing the appropriate size. We know when a woman buys a blouse too small to essentially show off her boobs. versus a woman who naturally has big boobs and literally can’t hide them no matter what size she wears.

  22. Girl what’s your cashapp so I can buy you more outfits like that

  23. She’s a beautiful woman, I’m sure it’s intimidating for a lot of people to see a woman so gorgeous.

  24. You go girl..Do what’s best for you..beautiful and great time to change fashion in sports..bring it on.
    you is the do it..

  25. Imma put it like this if you got a problem with that you either fruity as f**k or you old and white it’s that simple lol

  26. She is head to toe perfect 10. Some just couldn’t handle that natural black girl magic.

  27. She’s a tower of deliciousness. All 5’6 of me would be shooting my shot.

  28. She looks amazing 👏. If this woman had been in a different ethnic group it wouldn’t be a problem. We are black beautiful women with BODY period. Whatever we put on is going to be elegant and elevated, because we got “what” BODY. They (the other ethnic group) make clothes to fit stick figures! Had a coach from a different ethnic background did this first it would have been met in a positive light, but because she is who she is it has a negative connotation. Why is that? They do something and you applause, we do something and its a Damn Shame. But we got BODY! thighs, butts, and hips. So say it loud WE GOT BODY! Coach Drown out the noise and do you, and look great doing it. “Because you is kind, you is smart, and you is important” Some females in professional or even collegiate sports look butch which is off putting. Ms. Carter is giving people a reason to watch women’s basketball. They(TexasA&M) should be paying her extra for the free advertising she is giving them. Because What you won’t be doing is questioning her gender! Some of them (female athletes) you have to look at twice like WTH! I applaud her for being a dominant force in a male dominant career field. This could be a teachable moment for us, somebody start designing clothes to accommodate Black women’s gorgeous Body’s! Challenge yourself!

  29. Oh I forgot, all coaches are supposed to wear butch looking menswear suits because that’s what precious coaches (predominantly white) have been wearing 🙄. Get outta here. The demographic of the coaching staff is changing (young, black, hip, fashion forward) obviously how they look will change as well. She’s always fully covered and presentable.

  30. It’s that bodacious body that is offensive to those who don’t possess it, in particular the melanin deficient who lacks curvature and shape.

  31. Her out is sexy yes it is…but it if was a white girl who is as flat as garlic bread. Nobody would say anything

  32. I don’t see the big deal. She’s dressed professionally and can damn sure pull that look off. I don’t give a damn if she is black, white, hispanic or asian, the woman is gorgeous. It SHOULD NOT distract form the fact she is OBVIOUSLY A DAMN GOOD COACH or she WOULDN’T have the job! This comes from a Christian, white, southern, conservative man. America baby!

  33. A black woman gone show her ass every chance she gets.. that’s just the way they are

  34. I’m a 62 year old black woman, and I think she’s absolutely beautiful. Seems like women can’t be themselves, nor can we be feminine enough. Or feminine enough at the right time. If I had her body and budget, I would dress exactly like that. Wow, can she just be her beautiful self? Women just can’t seem to get it right for some people. We are just not enough for some people. Sad

  35. She’s a curvy sister and she’s on a stage where people are gonna pick her apart with a fine tooth comb so maybe she can pull back a lil on the shinny tight pants. Or a nice sports jacket with her tight pants to look less like she’s at the club. I’m a man so I don’t mind looking at curvy woman at all but people are watching at those games so she’s gonna have to tone it down just a lil bit and she’ll be ok.

  36. No it’s not appropriate wear dress pants and suit jacket with dress shoes you not going out to a club come on stop trying to be cute and win some trophies 🤔

  37. She looks damn good and I’m glad she’s a feminine good looking coach👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💜💜🥳🥳🥳🥳🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  38. Sis was wearing those pants and I am not mad about at all! She’s a woman. Who can wear whatever she wants. Stop lusting and being a creep. Stop acting like you never seen a nice shapely educated woman geesh.

  39. Just amazingly gorgeous. Black and beautiful all around a modeling coach… what time is the game got my popcorn 🍿 Let’s Go!! What’s her team?…

  40. Ok, I’ll say it, I wanna see her and Kristina Pink oil wrestle…

  41. She’s a redbone too. They definitely are going to hate. Sadly, we are our own worse enemy. Simone Biles and other athletes have gone through the same for their hair. There’s crime all over our streets but yet, we’re focused on her clothes.

  42. Seein’ that woman in those pants got me thinkin’ ’bout the goodness of Jesus! 😍😜

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