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Kayla Nicole is ready for marriage, but Kelce ain’t

Kelce should marry Kayla Nicole/Twitter

Travis won’t pop the question. 

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KANSAS CITY — Kayla Nicole, the black girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, damn near broke the Internet the other day when she shared a series of seductive photos she took inside a carless parking garage with the caption: “a lot to handle.” Not sure why she did it. But God bless her. The curvaceous popsy is decked out in a tight stygian ensemble that showcases her plump derrière and juicy embonpoint. She’s definitely a lot to handle. After descrying the photos, a horny Travis (who’s white) posted a line of drooling emojis. So if he likes it, shouldn’t he put a ring on it? Hell, even Stevie Wonder can see Kayla aspires to be barefoot and gravid. But, for some reason, Travis hasn’t popped the question.

The swirling lovebirds have been together (off and on) for five years. Social media reaction was fierce. One fan wrote, “She submitted to him and, still being fine, he didn’t marry her. Maybe he unconsciously doesn’t want black kids. But she is fun and submits. I am sure he made her have abortions too. But yes, it is better to be Travis’ girl than a dusty girl and have the same problems. I bet she doesn’t have to work.”

Another fan added, “I don’t blame him because once he marries her it’s game over. The ratchet comes out even more than just showing half naked pictures on the Internet for the whole world to see. She’s going to start giving him that dirty attitude, entitlement to his money and when she can’t have her way she’ll just divorce him and take everything he worked hard for. He made the right choice not to marry her. If he’s smart he’ll leave it that way.” 

Do you agree with the fans?

Should Travis avoid marrying Kayla?

Would he be better off waiting on Becky?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. You only beg a man to marry you when you don’t know your worth and value. And when you’re the placeholder. When you’re the game changer, a man will beg you to marry you. She’s clearly the placeholder, after five years and no ring? He’s holding out for his preference and game changer.

  2. It’s kind of hard to marry a woman that if you go to the family BBQ all your cousins and Uncles will know where her birth mark is located 😂

  3. Fuck that! We all not stupid. Far from being stupid. She just trying to secure the bag nope

  4. Why should he marry her she’s giving him the draws and he’s getting all of the goodies without “paying” for it. If she decides to not give him the draws he can get rid of her and vet another woman

  5. I don’t agree with a lot of these comments, I think Kayla and Trav are cute together, she is a strong Africa American not everything is about money.

  6. Their relationship is kinda surprising and cute to me at the same time. Surprising because I watched an older interview he did and he said he would never date a girl who, all she does is take selfies. This is exactly what Kayla does..I’ll be surprised if he marries her.

  7. he smart, every now and then a white guy wakes up…
    Glad to see that he aint simp cuz you know Damn well she tried her best to get him

  8. Is this one the swirlers can have? 😂 Maybe she will eventually get that ring.

  9. White dudes are told to have “fun” with chicks that’s not white. BUT! Never marry or have kids with no one that don’t look like them.

  10. if he ever gets married it will be 2 a white or foreign girl. i called it

  11. He’s White tho…. Like he’s lucky to even have a beautiful black woman by his side. Who genuinely likes him/cares for him. Like lucky. Because she could seriously just by looking at her… attract a fine wealthy ass brown/black man
    Honestly…. Why would she marry this whiteman anyway.?? !! Like…. Don’t do That. Clearly… he wants to embrace the 2% black he found out is running in his blood thanks to ancestry dot com and need her fine Ass to amplify his “urbanly” adopted sense of fashion/swag etc (I know y’all see it. Hell if you ask me he need her. Even if it is just for practice. He would hope to have a brown woman as his wife. Besides He look like a remixed version of Drake, and he not even 100% black! Like I can’t . I mean… I get what’s being said but… don’t dumb sis down to a bed maid.

  12. Been following this dude since he was at UC. Don’t Do it Trav!!! Bruh don’t be stupid- once she have the kids she gonna take you for millions. In fact the longer he lets her hang around the more likely she’s going to eff him over!

  13. Any woman who is rushing you for a ring and kids!! Run she has an end game that does not include you!!!!

  14. If only y’all knew who she was, you would know she isn’t with him for his bag. Girl is smart, graduated from Pepperdine University. She’s a sport journalist/ model. She been had her own money. She don’t need him, if anything, he’s lucky to be with her. These assumptions of her are pathetic. Post real news, not this nonsense.

  15. Why are you brothers so mad at the sister you would think you would be mad at the white boy…. why don’t y’all have this much hate and animosity towards black male athletes who date white women y’all just jealous

  16. Divorce rates are 50 %. Most of them are failed by the wife. For a man to get married is like going to Vegas and bet half his money on red/black roulette table. And if he win – he just get to keep his money and nothing more.
    Does that sound like a smart thing to do?

  17. Whether you’re white black, rich or regular: there’s no benefit for a dude to get married. Ever.

  18. Damn black men y’all never fail to amaze me y’all are loved and handsome but y’all keep talking down on black women🤷‍♀️why do y’all hate us so much? it’s sickening but im glad we’re waking up and dating out now expanding our options fuck single motherhood😭

  19. If I were TK, I would go after tennis stars Naomi Osaka, Sloane Stephens, or any of the top LPGA stars. Dude, do not hang out with a broke chick or the latest Instagram booty model Just sayin!

  20. She is delusional and crazy if she thinks the best tight end in the game is going to marry her??😄 he’s going to make SURE the wealth stays in his community if he does decides to settle down by marrying a Becky…he’s getting what he wants anyway..

  21. She just wants to wrap up that paycheck and pop out some babies, PERIOD!!! I mean look at these basic chicks on IG thinking they deserve a Millionaire….LMAO!!! YOU NOBODY…

  22. I bet her family is also telling her things like “he should have married you a long time ago” and blah blah blah. She needs to understand that she is girlfriend material, at best. He just doesn’t trust her to be a wife…period…

  23. She seems to have it together. It’s not about just wanting the $$ when the guy is clearly drop dead gorgeous and all around good guy. He’s desirable on many levels. Seems like their personalities click. I just wish she wasn’t twerking all over social media. Don’t see many athletes wives doing that!

  24. One of the most attractive Black women on earth,but she cannot get the WHITE BOY to marry her. Where are the divesters………He is using her up.

  25. If he didn’t make it Big, she wouldn’t even look his way. Majority of us non-simps are figuring how woman truly are & not even batting an eye when it comes to them.

  26. She’s trying to front for the gram, also too many weaves. Men really don’t like you looking like you’re in witness protection. It’s ALWAYS a bad look.

  27. Lack of commitment from a white man??? Say it ain’t so Swirlers…what’s going on?

  28. She can keep on begging it’s not gonna happen…he can have any woman he wants and they would all know about each other and still won’t give a damn 🤣

  29. At this point it’s been so long he really may never marry her. Not to compare but people who aren’t as highly known as they are date for years and get married. Sis is 30 and posing on Insta as a model and has expressed numerous times about wanting to be a wife. All her inner circle athletes girls are married and have children . I love to see good people together but do y’all think that Kelce is just using her? Still not ready and waiting? Or waiting for someone else? Because 5 years and half of her 20’s ouch. The longer he prolongs the engagement it prolongs the wedding and kids and etc

  30. What gets me with black women is when they’re with a black man,she has bad attitude, combative,and just plain disrespectful,but when she gets with a white man, where’s the bad attitude,she doesn’t give him no problems,and respects the HELL out of him. AIN’T DIS SOME SHIT!

  31. Why do people care if white people or any race date a black women becuase they are attracted to them personally then make it a big deal like that white person using her for what because he likes black women nothing g wrong with who you like. What if a black person dates a white girl is he using her or is he attracted to her personally same thing we are all human being everyone. Why don’t we all just focus on the relationship aspect of things then what color people date because it doesn’t matter you love the person you find attracted to besides the color or race who cares. When people act like this is about that person being jealous that’s it and can’t get what they have going on am I right everyone. Go out date whoever whatever color mix match who cares you fall in love with the person not the color right? Nothing more to say and if you think white black qho knows is not right maybe your racist just let things be and everything will fall in your lap whoever the person is in life. If kelce likes black women so what it’s like that old saying arrest me then. One last thing everyone can be annoying don’t matter what color or race it’s part of life plus if your girl is annoying your lucky that means she really cares for you and it’s hard to find those people in life anymore. If you find someone that’s annoying and cares for you then your lucky it’s better then worrying if she or he will cheat on you at the end so take it as a good sign.

  32. Having served in the military I can tell you first hand that most white guys that I’ve spoken to concerning interracial relationships would say that they would only sleep with a black women, but will not marry them. Because unfortunately usually a black women falls in the category of satisfying a sexual fetish, but not being the choice to get married to. Especially if he’s traditionally loyal to his own, or has other options with other groups of women.


    You weirdos are asking for trouble!

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