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Elementary school kids marching for ‘Gay Pride’

Pride parade draws criticism/Twitter

Students show gay pride.

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AUSTIN — A video has gone viral that shows kindergarteners at Doss Elementary marching through the halls to celebrate Gay Pride Week. No bullsh*t. The LGBT parade went down at the academic institution in Austin, Texas. Doss Elementary is part of the Austin Independent School District. Raw footage shows masked students carrying rainbow-colored placards at the behest of teachers. A little boy was switchin’ like a runway model. Kids were also told not to tell anyone, including parents, which means they’re secretly indoctrinated. Social media reaction was downright vicious. One Twitter user wrote, “I have no problem with whatever anyone wants to do in the bedroom. But the second you have my kid celebrating sin is where I’ll always draw my line. I will fight for equal rights but don’t expect me to celebrate something that would compromise my faith.”

Another chimed in with, “Why are they forcing kids to do this?” A third person tweeted, “Why did they not hold a straight/heterosexual pride parade as well? We are for equality, right?”

Watch the controversial video.

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  1. Straight parents take their kids to Hooters but make a big deal about this…

  2. Is this freedom? No! It is indoctrinating young people This must be forbidden in schools They rob children of innocence and want to force them into situations that should not be. When they are old they can decide today let them be.

  3. No…Instead of prayer, how about a lesson on the US constitution where it explains separation of church and state.

  4. Remember when the gay marriage crowd mocked all the slippery slope arguments of “what are they gonna push for next?!” And concerned parents were mocked widely for wondering how this shit would affect their kids? This was always the plan. Unthinkable 15 years ago.

  5. Our kids are woefully behind in reading and math. As an elementary teacher I don’t have the time or inclination to teach sexual topics to 8 year olds!! This is infringing on parent’s rights and totally inappropriate for their age.

  6. This absolutely horrible. School is supposed to be about reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science. Not this bull💩. I’m all for people being who they want to be. Kids need to be kids and not groomed for this crap.

  7. The same people that don’t want kids to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school think this it’s perfectly fine

  8. I wonder how many of these students are proficient in math, reading, & science. Are they reaching their fullest potential? It seems to me that this is a waste of public funds. If our children are not being taught to engage their minds, how can they grow to be productive citizens?

  9. Well after seeing what is going on, I have transformed from LGBTQ-neutral to a protester.

  10. Brainwashing a generation. Welcome to the post apocalyptic United States

  11. Soon they’ll have the kids parading in lingerie, heels & boas

    Whatever happened to Science Fairs, Spelling Bees, Reading Clubs?? Now it’s all about turning Kids into Sexual Perverts by the time they’re 10 😔

  12. They don’t have this same type of energy for other shit, like stopping bullying, stopping fights where chairs get thrown on people’s faces, teaching math and ensuring that ALL students understand. NOPE not all all but for this there is ALL energy.

  13. I’m sure they aren’t already behind enough academically after the last two years of half-ass Zoom “classes”.
    We have to take time out for public school’s core mission of political indoctrination.

  14. “We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teacher, leave them kids alone
    Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!” – pink Floyd

  15. It should be parents’ choice but they are teaching a good thing to students

  16. If you are gay then be gay that is your sexual prefrences. Stop trying to teach our children anything of the sort. Schools shouldnt even teach sexual education it should be left to their parents.

  17. Honestly though, what exactly could a child as young as 4 possibly gain by learning about the lgbtq?

    I can understand it being taught in college or universities where students would have a somewhat better understanding of it. But definitely a big no in elementary/middle school or even high schools. Otherwise it makes it seem there’s an agenda behind it.

    They may not be teaching about sex per se, but the whole concept of lgbtq plus is already confusing enough and it keep changing. Even I as an adult am still trying to understand it. So I just can’t see how it would work teaching young children about it.

    Parent’s should have a say in whether this is something they want their children to learn. There are so many things not being taught in schools. So what makes teaching about the lgbtq+ so different?

    I completely understand the parents frustration. I would do the same and just homeschool. People should not be forced to accept something just because society now seems it acceptable.

    Not supporting the idea of teaching about the lgbtq doesn’t necessarily mean the parents hate the lgbtq community. Children are just too young for this and as some have stated in the comments, this would be too much for them and confusing and could possibly lead to them questioning themselves.

    Children should be allowed to be children.

    I am on the parents’ side on this.

  18. Why is this even a debate? Let ppl choose what they want and don’t want for THEIR kids. Even if someone is secretly homophobic so what there are ppl who are closet racist and sexist it may not be right but As long as they don’t bring that outside their homes it’s none of our business you cannot FORCE someone

  19. This is repulsive. Anybody who supports this should be on an fbi list. Go ahead, try and justify this evil. Im waiting.

  20. When I see shit like this I slowly agree with what thanos was trying to do

  21. This is why I will not have kids…it’s only gonna get worse and we all know it,,,unless everyone gets off their asses and stands up to this whole agenda

  22. I just don’t understand Why they aren’t pushing engineering/mechanics/electronics as hard as they push this crap! In Japan, China, Germany etc they focus on engineering and science, there is obviously some plot to destroy the West..

  23. I believe let people be people, i believe jesus christ is god, but i will never go telling someone else kids jesus Christ is god. So LGBTQ people should stay in their lane and not be indoctrinating my kids into their sexual preferences, because that is the principal of LGBTQ is their sexual preferences children do not need to know that.stay in your lane.

  24. Wow I didn’t know that the comment section would be so full of homophobes

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