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Steelers QB Haskins dead sparking Twitter ‘outrage’

Schefter attacks Haskins’ legacy/Clutchpoints

Haskins dead at 24. 

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MIAMI — The sports world is in mourning after Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins lost his life in a traffic accident Saturday morning around 6:30 a.m. in South Florida. He was only 24. According to police reports, Haskins’ automobile ran out of gas on Interstate 595. Rather than wait for road assistance, the maligned signal-caller egressed the vehicle then inexplicably tried to dart through traffic on foot. Haskins was struck by a garbage truck. Florida Highway Patrol officers pronounced him dead at the scene. Haskins, the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, was labeled a bust by many which brings his mindset into question. After all, he went from being a starter to working third-string on the scout team. Was he depressed? Haskins was also filthy rich so how the f*ck do you run out of gas?

Just sayin,’ anyone of sound mind wouldn’t take that kind of risk.

Now people are speculating suicide.

“I hate anytime anybody is killed or anybody dies. But he was a guy that was living to be dead,” said former Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt, 90, during an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “They told him don’t, under any circumstances, leave school early. You just don’t have the work habits. You don’t have this, you don’t have that. What did he do? Left school early. Maybe if he stayed in school… he wouldn’t do silly things … [like] jogging on a highway.”

Damn, that’s cold.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter disseminated the following insensitive tweet: “Dwayne Haskins, a standout at Ohio State before struggling to catch on with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL, died this morning when he got hit by a car in South Florida.”

Twitter reaction was unforgiving.

Quondam NFL quarterback Cardale Jones, a teammate of Haskins at Ohio State, wrote, “Dwayne Haskins, son, husband, buckeye brother, friend, beloved teammate has passed away. What the f*ck his career ups and downs have to do with him unfortunately losing his life? Shut the f*ck up! Let his friends & family grieve instead of throwing shade.”

Baltimore Ravens signal-caller Lamar Jackson chimed in with, “Adam Schefter you lame as f*ck.”

Washington Post reporter Robert Klemko wrote, “In all my criticism of Schefter I never stopped to consider the possibility he might just be a stupid person.”

Retired receiver Dez Bryant added, “Athletes for the record… the sh*t Adam Schefter wrote that’s how a lot of people view us… we ain’t sh*t but entertainment!”

Haskins is black.

Brandt and Shefter are white.

The Woke mob is already hollering racism.

Haskins would’ve turned 25 on May 3rd.

He leaves behind his wife, Kalabrya.

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  1. First of all, RIP DWAYNE HASKINS. Secondly, our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends including teammates and former teammates from the time he started playing football, and through junior high, high school, the Ohio State Buckeyes football program, the Washington Commanders and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will be praying for y’all.



  2. HE was a bust in the NFL and may have had some mental illness because normal people rich or poor don’t try to cross interstates on foot.

  3. Adam schefter doesn’t know Haskins “personally”……NFL has military type structure, players get drafted, get hurt, or jailed, being a former veteran, Schefter did nothing wrong, young
    dudes who knew him will grieve 😩

  4. Haskins had a history, that analysts follow, of ignoring good/safe/ free advice. Showed signs of being immature and disobedient.

  5. NFL Combine Scouting report from ESPN:

    Dwayne Haskins:

    Strengths: Elite arm talent. Played the position at the highest level, on the highest stage in college. Decent athleticism, ability to move in the pocket.

    Weaknesses: Reading defenses past the second level. Decision-making without play-action. Dump trucks.

  6. Just when I thought the NFL died when they rigged it for the L.A. Rams(formerly ST. LOUIS where WON first SUPER BOWL) winning the Super Bowls with plans to make them the bread and butter of LA making them to NFL as the Lakers are to the NFL & the Dodgers are to the MLB and the NEW YORK GIANTS TO NEW YORK the SUPERIOR brand over the JETS, but after hearing this shitty story, that was the time that the NFL fucking DIED. Dwayne Haskins got killed in an accident by some fuck in a 4×4 pickup truck pissed off by the Joe Biden presidency that is one of the SAME FUCKS who VOTED FOR THAT peeon woketard in 2020 and it is like Marjorie Taylor Greene attacking disney while profiting off of some stock from WOKE Disney she owns!

  7. There’s signs all over the state of Florida for stranded motorists to call *FHP ( Florida Highway Patrol) They also have a state funded program called Road Rangers who patrol up and down the highway in their county looking for stranded motorists they’ll put in 3 gallons of gasoline so you can get off the highway and get to a gas station. How long do these dumb athletes have to be babysitted. Went to college and can’t read signs posted on the highway telling stranded motorists to call this number if you have a emergency. The guy couldn’t read his gas gauge . Use some dang common sense

  8. Something was clearly off about Haskins while in Washington both off and on the field . They didn’t release him for their health. Maybe when an elder speaks and sees he was living towards death people should pay attention. Clearly people around him missed some stuff and maybe he needed someone’s help. 24 is still a kid technically , nfl qb or not ,,,RIP,,,clearly Brandt has lived a full life cycle where as anyone under 80 has NOT

  9. How long before the Woke mafia crucifies Gil Brandt and demands he be removed from HOF and Cowboys Ring of Honor if he is a member?

  10. That’s the nature of the enemy. I keep telling y’all that them people don’t have no respect for us black’s and that’s the bottom line just watch the way they talk about us black’s and watch the way they talk about the white people, with total respect. I don’t care what the profession is they just don’t respect no black man or woman.

  11. Adam’s level of expertise and experience is so high that I dont think this was a “mistake”. He was deliberately targeting an audience.

  12. When these athletes choose this pro path and sell their soul to the gate keepers they get major dollars to do so. They are entertainment. They get perks for it. Same with actors and Musicians. If they want to be treated human get a 9 to 5 and stop fooling around with these devils. Pray for the Haskins family

  13. Oh stop. People are so overly sensitive about any and everything now a days. They’ll complain about a blue crayon on the ground sayin why it gotta be blue🤣🤣🤣 its not the big of a deal. All Schefter said was facts.

  14. Adam wasn’t in the wrong for bringing up his career. He is an nfl reporter so of course he is going to bring up how bad he was in the nfl. Those are the facts he was trash in the nfl. Nfl players need to grow up and stop crying.

  15. Brandt is 90 years old and doesn’t have time to be tactful anymore. He was being honest. It is what it is.

  16. Man real talk wft, im done with Schefter’s ass what does that have to do with this man passing away 😤 Really KMA Adam (KISS MY ASS) 💋

  17. What i wanna know is HOW does an elite athlete get hit by a dump truck trying to cross a highway. I’m not saying anything, but it sounds a little suspect.

  18. I don’t see what Schefter said wrong?!….you are entertainment you dumbasses! You make money to entertain US! all he said was he “struggled” (facts) , but of coarse , par for the coarse spoiled rich black athletes acting like nobody can say nothing to them… accountability. Nobody wants to hear shade, how about ask WHY he was walking down a highway?! He’s dead….no need to bring up he was high on drugs or something lol…wake up America…not the culture you want to follow

  19. Grown ass men butt hurt about a tweet. Professional athletes are a clown show.

  20. Gotta admit my first thought was why the hell was he jogging where he could get hit!
    Would I have said it in a radio interview?
    Probably not!?

  21. Sounds to me like a bunch of fucking cry babies in the NFL now day’s! Main reason why I stop watching NFL in 2018. Motherfucker’s are soft as baby shit now day’s! These dude’s getting rich from us when we buy their jersey’s, go to the games or watch them on TV. We watch them cuz they are entertainment!!! How the fuck did they think they got those hundreds of millions dollars contracts. We support them with our money to entertain us! But they want more money to play the sport. How you going to do that if your losing your fan base? Fanbase= bigger profits. Now, the NBA getting weak asf too debating on if I even want to continue watching any sports with these weak ass cry babies coming into the leagues. I’m almost certain if this crying bs keeps happening the only sport I’m going to watch soon is MMA. Least them fighter’s understand that they are our entertainment and know where they stand with their fans!!!! Also I think everyone crying bout this cuz two white guy’s reported on this news, part of that bs well he didn’t give him respect or he didn’t have to say that. But if it was a brother who had said that their wouldn’t be a fuss bout it. Everyone be saying that’s right brother, keep it real and keep 💯! Just how I see all the bs in the sports world since 2018. I just call it how I see it.

  22. If you don’t want to be considered entertainment, don’t become a jester ! You play ball because that’s all you’re good at, ball is considered entertainment, it’s only existence is to entertain, you are part of that production, if you don’t like being treated like the “entertainment” then you should’ve thought about that before playing, sorry you want the same respect as a doctor or whatever, but seriously look in the mirror and take accountability of yourself and realize your position in life . I know looking in the mirror sucks because the mirror is where the facts are, real “grown men” take accountability of themselves not act like whiny lill boys that get offended at a whisper. Weak minded athletes

  23. So, please tell me what was racist about what Brandt said? I did not hear anything racist. It may not have been the appropriate time, but the guy told the truth. Oh wait I forgot ….. the truth is racist and hated in the current world.

  24. Not making excuses for him but, Gil Brandt must be losing it mentally to say these things about someone who died tragically and with his family likely devastated. Smh. I don’t get it!

  25. Adam has been doing shady ass shit the last year. This man has lost all credibility and respect from me.. he’s a self serving ass.. it’s time to replace him

  26. Where were some of his teammates???…Were they that disconnected after workout hours??? That’s probably why NFL teams have roommate assignments during the NFL season…RIP and condolences to his great family…

  27. This Adam schefter is a racist! He hates black athletes and always have negative things to say about them! 😡

  28. It’s bullsh*t. I hate Adam Schefter, but this cancelling people over a poorly written tweet or simply saying something that the woketards spin into something else, has to stop. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the real privileged groups, and they are women, black people and anyone who identifies as transgender. You are guilty until proven innocent in our culture if you don’t carry the “progressive”/neo-Marxist/Democrat flag everywhere you go. And, if you are a white man, it doesn’t matter what you do, you are born racist, sexist, transphobic, etc.; and thus, you must be ostracized and destroyed…. Also, most of the people who carry out the doxing and cancelation are white “liberals” who are scared of not being woke enough for their comrades. So, it is all about VIRTUE SIGNALING how superior they are…. Schefter’s response should be “no response” except that his intentions were to add information about who Haskins was…. I myself know most names in the NFL, and I have tuned in to see Haskins playing QB in Pittsburg, and I still needed a little context in the news to understand, “Oh, that backup QB in Pittsburg.”, and since I didn’t know Haskins, I can say that I was not emotional about his death. It is not because I am a bad person. It is just that lots of people tragically die every day in the U.S., and since I have never known most of them, I don’t go around pretending like I am personally hurt by it.

  29. What the hell is he thinking about, did he think he was invincible.. Crossing an interstate, I mean that’s what the “NEWS” says, he’s an idiot. come on man I was once young and I never thought about crossing a f**** highway or interstate, Him being YOUNG I hope it wasn’t a DARE OR a Tik-Tok issue or anyting else stupid to be done Just–to SHOW OFF with his friend, anyhow. GOD BLESS his HEART 💕✝️☦️🏈

  30. Professional NFL Quarterback. Millionaire. He made a decision to walk on the freeway before dawn. Why? Why would he do that?

  31. Haskins DID struggle at the NFL, but it was disrespectful, and ignorant for Schefter to mention it, right after Dwayne’s life tragically ended

  32. This is the same crap they do to black men who get beat or killed by police when unarmed or minding their own business. Story goes “unarmed black man beaten by police, stomped then shot for refusing to take his hands off steering wheel and get out of car for fear of being accused for reaching for a gun. He was a weed smoker 5 years ago in high school and showed up late to school 5 times in year. Whew definitely a troubled man no wonder they had to shoot and stomp him” Isn’t that how it goes ladies and gentlemen? High school and his past has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SITUATION but that’s one of the first things they do to depict a black man in bad light. Same mentality here. SMH. Last we checked NFL teams have somewhat common sense that if a player is that bad they would sign him to a contract. Guy is DEAD and still can’t get a break. The level of evil degradation consciously and subconsciously indoctrinated is beyond sinister.

  33. Lamar Jackson…
    Focus on football… Not Twitter…
    That’s your problem..
    Every time Lamar speaks he shows us why he will never win a ring…
    We are bashing Adam for a tweet that is being blown outta context yet praising these woke “professional athletes” for their vulgar responses…
    Grow a set ya fuggin crybabies.

  34. He just thought he could walk across the road with his hand up and everyone could stop

  35. Not sure why more isn’t being said about the 911 call about someone walking erratically across all lanes of the freeway with their hands up. I hate to say it but it seems Mr. Haskins was under the influence of something.

  36. You gotta be on some kind of drugs to just walk across the highway…especially as a millionaire

  37. Nothing wrong with Schefter’s tweet. It stated facts. People die everyday. It is the unavoidable end to everyone’s life. Haskins chose to be on the freeway. His choice. We should be feeling bad for the driver of the truck that hit him. He didn’t ask to have live with that the rest of his life. Haskins dying, while maybe sad, does nothing to my ability to go on with my life. Just like my dying will do absolutely nothing to anyone outside of my family, if that. So, in closing, get over it!!!

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