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Tranny Shauna Brooks said Benzino ‘claps her cheeks’

Shauna reveals relationship with Benzino/YouTube

Benzino threatens Shauna. 

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ATLANTA — Hell hath no fury like a tranny scorn? Transgender model Shauna Brooks damn near broke the Internet last week when he divulged an alleged dalliance with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Benzino. But if Shauna ain’t careful, he’s gonna end up six feet under. That’s because Benzino (né Raymond Leon Scott) threatened bodily harm during a Twitter diatribe for the ages. “You keep lying on me I am gonna hunt you down and Im going to jail,” he wrote. “This person has crossed a dangerous line and I’ve already accepted that at 56 years old I will die now or go to jail for the rest of my life over my name, reputation and legacy. This weirdo mf is playing with y’all, not me. He/she still haven’t said that we never met in person.” Benzino also issued a stern warning to media outlets and bloggers like yours truly. “Anybody, and I mean anybody who had written a blog or on YouTube tryna make money off of this is about to be sued,” he vowed. “This internet will get someone killed for real, and know this, on my mother I dare a mf to say something IN PERSON to me about this false bs.”

Benzino went on to say his lawyer is prepared to post bail to which Shauna, 32, replied, “He said if I had any ‘sense’😕 but just last week didn’t the ppl say you & your alleged ‘male friend’ CAVARIO ain’t have enough CENTS to pay the Red Roof Inn. Yet, talkin bout you got a legal team to make sure you’re on point with bail, while you PUBLICLY THREATEN me… OK DADDY🙄.” 

Daddy? That’s somethin’ a woman calls a man between the sheets.

Is Shauna wrong for tellin’ the world Benzino clapped his cheeks?

Do they make a cute couple?

Watch Benzino beg to keep their romance a secret in the Twitter video above.

Watch Shauna reveal details of their relationship below.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Them GirlieMen better stop playing with people.
    Then you wonder why them people be getting offed with the quickness.

  2. This ain’t nothing but, The Gay Agenda in the OPEN.
    My main question is… WHY?
    Just say you’re gay.

  3. Street cred is everything in
    The hood…..Trans🤭 actional relationship # Identity Crisis TRI SEXUAL🌮TRI -ANYTHING

  4. I say if he wants to bust in Shauna Brooks booty number 2 let him do it is none of my business I’m out here laughing my @$$ off. 😅😅😅

  5. What heterosexual man let’s a transgender woman a.k.a man who dresses like a woman call him Daddy?

  6. I think trans exposing straight men is because they don’t want a relationship. Laverne Cox is a very popular transgender actress and she still good for head only.

  7. Ben(dover)zino isn’t the first who likes extra sugar in his tank and won’t be the last alot of these so-called macho macho men are undercover.

  8. This is fkd, I mean how are you suppose to know if they get the full operation, fakepussy and all lol. There needs to be a law for this shit

  9. If he’s threatening “him”…yes, him!! Because that is not a woman… they’ll be videos/ more phone calls next, maybe even pictures!! His career/ bank account is dead!!! So the LGBTQ lmnop group want matter….

  10. This is what happens when you beef with Eminem…..$hit fucks with you even decades later.

  11. 😭😭😭💀Buckzino…….I don’t know how yall didn’t see this coming. He got caught months ago with another man in a motel room and admitted to the police that he just got out the shower and that other man was still in. You can’t make this shii up just watch the video

  12. he came up with some “explanation” but c’mon man just live your truth dawg. He one of them ATL ninjas anyway. I know he not a native but he been there too long

  13. Honestly don’t got a problem these transformers exposing other guys. It saves the ladies the trouble from messing around with fruity guys.
    This is the more of a 🌈people vs 🌈people type of friendly fire💀

  14. Dammit man old a$$ pole smoker 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  15. Like what’s crazy is niggas want a woman then date a man that’s a woman ….like da gig is up man It’s no going bacc he might as well date trans & join Young buck caz in the closet 2 but it’s messed up how you wanna be in the dark wit a transgender person then act up because ppl kno smh😂🙅🏾‍♂️😏😅

  16. Ben-Zero need a storyline for that ghetto reality show. Otherwise, he’s a nobody

  17. I’m not messing with you if you’re not a natural born woman period 👌🏾.

  18. The most glaring catalyst for the whole scenario is feminism. It’s ironic that feminists have misrepresented the male-to-female social dynamic for so long that regular women actually began to believe the leftist world view, and now it’s coming back to bite them on the ass.

  19. When an old Playa gets played. Go sit yo old grandpa azz down some Yamn where!

  20. This is such a non story. Who cares who another man fucks! I’ll admit Benzino is crazy but this story is so unnecessary. If anything people should be criticizing Shauna for exposing his private business.

  21. This won’t hurt Benzino cause nobody cares about him. He’s irrelevant at this point in the hip-hop community

  22. Dude pumping d**k that’s not attached to himself. Lmmfao 🤣🤣

  23. One thing I don’t understand is why? A man in his position would put himself in that predicament? Knowing full well he could get exposed? You associate with people who have nothing to lose and will make you lose everything! Why would you do that man?! Should you have thought about all of this before the risks you were taking?? Your manhood?? now you’re begging this person to not expose you?? What’s the matter with you?!! What happened to your “gangster?”

  24. If you mess with black women there’s a 50-50 chance that you’re going to get a transgender

  25. Let’s please be clear that he knew she is trans. He absolutely knew without question.

    Shauna has been open about how often men who claim to be straight pursue her and she has exposed several men. Shauna has also been open that she hasn’t had a full transition meaning she still has her parts, I mean so open that she has IG videos about still having her male parts.

  26. Idk why he’s making threats now. The damage is done. Hell he/she had a recording of the conversation. Lmfao 😆

  27. Purposely doing something to go to a place where you’ll be surrounded by nothing but men morning, noon, and bedtime certainly doesn’t protect your “straight” reputation as much as you think it does. In addition, hurting or murdering someone is no proof of your “straightness.” There have been countless cases of transwomen and openly gay men being murdered by men who think like Benzino. The men often claim they were lied to, lied on, or tricked by these transwomen or were harassed by these gay men, but evidence (usually call logs, texts, eyewitnesses) later reveals that the murderer was a willing and knowing participant who only flipped out after threat of being outed. Benzino ain’t fooling nobody with common sense. He’s the typical down low brother.

  28. …What is Transgender? He is Dating? (F#@king) a Man, just call it what it is

  29. Shauna Brooks is very open about how she still has her penis… so Benzino is full-on gay.

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