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Tearful Flex told spouse Shanice he’s dead broke

Flex told Shanice he’s broke/Black Love

Flex broke down.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows “One on One” actor Flex Alexander confessing to his wife — R&B singer Shanice — that he’s so broke he once borrowed $350 to take her out on a date. Flex and Shanice, if you recall, filed bankruptcy a few years back that left them homeless and destitute. A lachrymose Flex dropped the bombshell during an appearance on “Black Love” with comedic host Chris Spencer. “[It was] our anniversary and I couldn’t do anything for you,” Flex, 52, told Shanice as he wiped away tears. “And Chris, he gave me $350 so that I can take you out.” Chris, who also cried like a lil bitch, replied: “You weren’t supposed to tell her.” A shell-shocked Shanice, 49, was at a loss for words. She was completely blindsided. “Wow, this is my first time hearing this,” Shanice said. “Thank you, Chris.” Look, it’s not unusual for entertainers to fall out of favor in Hollywood. After all, Mo’Nique was blacklisted for years. Ditto for Isaiah Washington. But there’s 3 things wrong with this story.

1) Flex ain’t disabled and he’s in good health. Get a f*ckin’ job! Carl Anthony Payne, who starred on “Martin” and “The Cosby Show,” is selling cars to make ends meet. A stagnant métier is no excuse for penury. 2) There’s no way in hell I’m tellin’ my woman I borrowed money to take her out. I would’ve took that sh*t to the grave. And 3), N*ggas cry way too f*ckin’ much. It’s gay and mortifying. The way I see it, there’s only two acceptable scenarios for a man to snivel: Your mama died or you got shot in the ass.

Anything else, MAN UP!

Watch the emasculate video.

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  1. I love flex and shanice. He stuck by her side and I hate with all my heart to see them on financial downfall. I wish black Hollywood would keep our people steadily working to the end. And yes she is sticking by his side also. Black Love ❤️👊🏾.

  2. We’re living in a time when there are only two relationships you need to consider. If you are with someone who loves you deeply, then you should remain alone with God.

  3. I pray god bless him with more money. Flex create your own comedy. Don’t cry flex your a real man

  4. I’ve grown up watching them both shine in their own lane. Their bond matches their personalities which are unbreakable.💪

  5. Chris!! What a man. He was crying more than Flex. TRUE FRIENDS are a treasure. So hard to find now a days. We celebrate them👋👐🎉

  6. You can cry in front of a woman one time but if she sees it all the time she will eventually call you a pussy

  7. That’s what being a man, brother, and true friend is about! If every man inside your clique is rich your clique is rugged…Nobody will fall cause everyone will be each other’s crutches! Jay-z

  8. Black men have to make good economical decisions, this pandemic has shown the importance of having savings and investments.

    But he is so blessed to have good friends as not many people have good genuine friends in this day and age

  9. There is a reason why we all have tear ducts, y’think?
    Just like there is a healthy reason why we all have buttholes.
    Shyt has to come out from time to time.

  10. It’s beautiful to see them together and still in love. I’m always happy to see a king and queen together in a healthy, thriving relationship, one of those relationships where you can tell they get along, they take care of each other, they’re the two people that The Most High ordained to be in charge of each other’s hearts and well-being in this life. May they be blessed, prosperous and more in love every day.

  11. I just broke down after finding out he paid 350 for a date damn…

  12. If you need to borrow 350 dollars to go on a date is on so many levels crazy. All these people crying over the thought of 350 dollars for a date is crazy. I feel the emotions, but that’s HS/College level thinking. Be strong and take it as a learning lesson.

  13. This is so sweet…and REAL LIFE…..💖💞💖💞💖💜🖤💜🖤BLACK LOVE MAGIC💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  14. i been in some trouble with my mortgage payment and my boss who was black help me out i tried this again with my white boss and she came up with some excuss for not helping me so i had to get help from another person that was black

  15. that makes so much sense. I experienced something like this with my husband last year. I’ve never known him not to provide or have a job. but he lost his job and for a few months he was in a deep depression and I just thought it was because of the job thing, but hearing this makes so much sense.

  16. ignore blog king he dont have a heart……. good to see black people helping each other out

  17. That really broke my heart seeing him brake down like that😢, thank god he has a really good friend that has his back.

  18. I always feel some kinda way when I see men cry… like…😢 I want to punch somebody because 😢then hug the man that’s crying😭…idkw.

  19. I can appreciate man whom can openly talk about his rock bottom and not feel ashamed about it. Many blessing and prayers to Flex and Shanice and his friend. Good friends like that are hard to come by.

  20. REAL MEN ARE THE BEST! cuz maaaan dudes these days are not necessarily cut the same way. A lot has to do with how they were raised but there are a lot of women out there taking care of dudes and some are happy to do it so I’m just saying that real brothers are the best and it’s nice to see brothers supporting other brothers in being there for their women!

  21. Yet people wonder why men are killing themselves in droves, what a twisted sad society men live in

  22. I will never understand how a couple this talented is not working in Hollywood. I appreciate the work of both these talented people. I also admire their love and devotion to one another.

  23. Women will ALWAYS lose their RESPECT of you if you dare to shed any tear! So, Man up, or else you will get no where!

  24. As a feminine lady, the idea of being with a man who cries more than I do (and I don’t cry often), I’d be a bit worried if he could be manly enough to handle stressful or dangerous situations. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with him crying if the situation is serious like someone we love is dying or losing his business. But it’s weird to cry in front of the kids or for him to cry in public. It’s womanly to cry in front of everyone because women have estrogen, men do not carry as much estrogen as women do so they’re not as swayed by emotions.

  25. If you express your sadness to a woman, she will use it against you 9.99/10

  26. Only cry alone. No cares about your sorrow so just keep your feelings to yourself.

  27. I like Shanice and Flex but I cant stand the promotion of struggle love. This needed to stay a secret.

  28. A man has every right to cry… especially when he feels he cannot provide for his family. Rise up my brothers that change is coming even if you don’t believe, you will see it. There is beauty and strength in Black Love when you can rejoice in good times and hold tight through tough times. Father YAH, I lift up Black Love and Black Families to you.

  29. @Brayden Defouw: That’s true.
    When you show your emotions to a women , they don’t respect you at all.
    That’s why the BS all over the media telling man it’s ok to be emotional,is a LIE !

  30. Black man stop crying so much on camera it makes us look weak no matter how you see it it makes other races think that we are weak that’s why they don’t respect us. And it makes them think they can do anything to us.

  31. Honestly I’m a girl and if my boyfriend cried to me I wouldn’t care one bit and I’d treat the situation similarly to when my friends cry. I’d want my boyfriend to cry to me as it shows me that they trust me and I want them to feel comfortable to tell me anything. There’s worse things to break up about than your boyfriend crying

  32. Being a young man.. My take on this would be men should not cry unnecessarily front of women, or even in general. Only cry when terrible things occur such as loss of a family member, or something even similar. Men who cry for small matters are emotionally weak, women dont love men who are emotionally, physically or mentally weaker than them. Men can show their vulnerable side to their women, but they should not act upon it, face it like a man.

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