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Deshaun loves masseuses

Hardin did Watson no favors/Houston Chronicle

Watson’s lawyer trippin.’

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOUSTON — Sometimes it’s advisable to plead the fifth… even if you’re a barrister. Rusty Hardin, lead counsel for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, incensed feminists worldwide when he proclaimed it ain’t felonious to enjoy feral copulation after a full-body massage. Hardin spewed his ‘happy ending’ malarkey during an appearance on Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Texas. He was accompanied by attorney Leah Graham. Watson is facing 24 civil lawsuits from masseuses alleging sexual misconduct and handjobs during their pornographic therapy sessions. Despite all that, the Browns demoted incumbent signal-caller Baker Mayfield then gave Watson a fully guaranteed 5-year contract worth $230 million — arguably the worst indenture in sports history. “I don’t know how many men are out there now that have had a massage that perhaps occasionally there was a happy ending,” Hardin said on the air.

“Maybe there’s nobody in your listening audience that that ever happened to. I do want to point out, if it has happened, it’s not a crime. OK? Unless you are paying somebody extra or so to give you some type of sexual activity, it’s not a crime. . . . Doing something or saying something or being a way that makes you uncomfortable is not a crime.”

Damn. With lawyers like Hardin, who needs enemies? Social media reaction was priceless. One fan wrote, “So Watson’s lawyer literally just admitted to some shady business?” Another chimed in with, “Watson should hire Johnny Depp’s legal team.” A third person added, “If a happy ending ends with the massage therapist being in tears then it’s not a happy ending.”

Watson tried to indemnify the accusers with $100,000 each but they turned that sh*t down.

The Houston Texans also enabled his deportment prior to trading him to the Browns.

Watson hired at least 66 massage therapists over the course of 17-months. Yikes!

Do you agree with Hardin?

Should it be admissible to bang your masseuse?

Check out Hardin’s interview on Sports Radio 610.

Also, watch one of the accusers put Watson on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. lol. Watson is so ugly that he couldn’t even pay women to sleep with him.

  2. I see why the Browns have never won a SB. This organization is terrible. I know Baker Mayfield sitting back chillin’

  3. I’m sure Rusty has been around the block once or twice. Imagine those shriveled raisins.

  4. This is an absolute mess with Watson…on the other hand, the Browns must be the dumbest team in all of sports to sign off on that deal for Watson.

  5. This lawyer is real as they come. He just telling the truth , he didn’t say Deshaun did that, he’s just keeping it real its not a crime. He old school. Not a big deal.

  6. A 100K lmao 🤣 you basically rapped 23 girls you bum. Each girl should get at least 5ML 50K- 100K per month until each woman gets their 5ML so 50K-100K x 23 that’s 2.3ML a month until paid off or half of that.

  7. It sounds like Deshaun Watson needs to find a new Lawyer. His Lawyer tried to get him to settle, instead of going to court. He needs to find a competent lawyer of the stature of the late Johnnie Cochran.

  8. I can’t wait for this man to get suspended and potentially banned for life, only for the Browns to be out 3 1st round picks 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Hard to believe a guy who pleads the 5th then offers a cash settlement to women he flew in 1300 miles to give him a massage when there’s massage therapists 10 minutes from his house lmao.. Anyone who believes Watson is a straight up lunatic

  10. Browns should fire GM, and owner should be forced to sell the team. all time dumbest trade.

  11. I’ve had a few “Happy Endings” …And I must say….It was amazing 👀

  12. Deshaun Weinstein 😂 it’s hilarious watching the Browns collapse and I hope it gets a lot worse just for the chaos.

  13. God dammit rusty. Why didn’t you stick to the baseless accusations line? All the dummies were eating that line up.. now you go and say this. Wtf am I paying you for you puppet haired moron.

  14. if the Browns now think they’ll have to play Baker Mayfield (because of the potential suspension coming for DeShaun Watson), I’d advise Baker to demand at least $100 MILLLION for this season… GUARANTEED! If not, he should sit out and demand a trade, and maybe sue the Browns… bankrupting the franchise.

  15. I bet the GM didn’t even put a clause in the contract to void it just in case..

  16. How much egg will the Browns have on their face if the have to beg Baker to come back

  17. If he doesn’t get destroyed by these women, then I hope it drags out for years and the browns take it up the poop shoot.

  18. Make Happy Ending’s GREAT AGAIN !!

    Patriots really screwed up. Robert Kraft and Deshaun Watson could have been great friends if they picked him up.

  19. To many chicks to me, my opinion, I believe Deshaun Watson is being set up by these women 23 is way to much women to do sexual things with, it had to be consensual , ain’t no way a man can make any women do sexual things without them agreeing to it, how is it they all know each other, this must be a behavior of Watson to ask massagers for sex, consensual. Cause I know 23 women ain’t going to be sexually assaulted like that too weird . They probably do anything for money so they set up the guy. This crazy.

  20. Its crazy the shit people choose to overlook. This country is crumbling bc half the population is brainwashed. I have no idea whether Watson is guilty or innocent but the fact this isn’t a bigger deal is fuckin sad.

  21. Watson, will be making $46 million dollars A YEAR and he offers a measly $100k to women he sexually assaulted, talk about a complete and utter fool. If he wants this to go away then pony up as opposed to offering them peanuts, relative to your massive income.

  22. Rusty Hardy fees? Has to be a couple million to retain him for such a messy, public, legal mess. 230 million for his current contract + future earnings are at stake, 100,000 is not enough, the victims have been awfully quiet, seems odd, have they been asked to not share their stories by the league or their attorneys?

  23. Basically he tries to bang every woman he comes across. There’s a few that accept his advances. How can any woman turn down Deshaun Watson? He’s rich and famous! SMH.

  24. A lot of you jokers on here want to stick up for dude, but FACTS are things that people DON’T want to hear. If it was YOUR daughter that he assaulted you’d be talkin’ about chokin that dude!

  25. The Cleveland Browns this season, will not have “a happy ending.” 😒

  26. lol everyone in this comment section really believes he’s telling the truth lol 😂 23 girls can’t be wrong guys. Also every girl has the same story. But imagine being a super star pro QB that makes millions an you gotta go to a massage 💆‍♀️ parlor to get a handy when all you gotta do is just a post of pic on Instagram seeing if any girls wanna hang out lol 😂 dude could’ve got the hottest girls but instead he’s going to random girls

  27. These women had two yrs to file charges and didn’t until he got PAID!! but they originated when he wanted out of Houston….. these women are lying

  28. Maybe Rusty is s big time Texans fan and he’s doing them a solid by saying this shit.

  29. If I were the nlf, he’ll be in the exempt list until he settles these cases, he shouldn’t be representing the nfl while these allegations against him still pending, and then one year suspension for inappropriate conduct….

  30. TWO NFL OWNERS have been arrested for getting “happy ending” massages in places that later got raided and were under investigation during these owners visits to these places. Come on, Watson does not give a damn what the court of public opinion thinks. He only cares about what the NFL will do, and Hardin is basically saying “you want me to bring that ‘happy ending” stuff and the arrests of NFL owners? Go ahead and give him more than 6 games. Go for it. See what happens. It’s a BOSS move!

  31. Rusty Hardin also defended Adrian Peterson after he whipped his infant son with a tree branch so hard the infants body was covered in welts and bruises. Rusty said there wasn’t anything wrong with that behavior either..

  32. The media is dramatizing this entire issue. Deshaun can easily get out of this by offering $300K to each “victim”. That’s only $7 million out of $230 million. At the end of the day, Deshaun is extremely rich regardless. While Deshaun is out golfing, the rest of us will be slaving away at our 9-5 jobs. I think Deshaun is probably out now sipping down a Margarita.

  33. Hardin, IMO, is doing the only thing he can. He has a client that has twenty-four women accusing him of sexual misconduct. He has a client who has admitted that in at least three cases he did have sex with the women. He has a client who admitted in his deposition that he did search on InstaGram for “massage therapist”. He has a client that now been accused by twenty-four different women of wanting a massage in his “groin area” and in at least sixteen of them he allegedly ejaculated either on their hands, arms or clothing. Fact is, dude seems creepy as hell at this point. He is a multi-million dollar man and yet he’s trolling on IG for young, attractive women to “massage” him?!?

  34. Sooo…..why when this happens do they NOT CALL THE POLICE???. F lawsuits. If you get groped or sexually assaulted go to the police IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait and get a ambulance chasing lawyer. If this guy is really doing stuff like this then he should’ve been stopped after the first time.

  35. The trade for Watson is going to go down as the worst in NFL history. Leave it to Cleveland to pull that one off. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣

  36. I hope the Fans in Cleveland boycott the Browns game and ladies u should be the one leading the way. Don’t go to any browns games this season. Browns franchise dont care about women at all.

  37. I have received over 100 medical massages through my chiropractors office, ZERO times it became inappropriate. Deshaun Watson is a vile human being.

  38. the texans provided deshaun with the ironclad NDA’s so the girls could sign them and keep deshaun safe from prosecution. They also provided deshaun with his own private room where he could do his illegal massages. This room should be forever known as the “deshaun suite” , I know many football fans would be pay extra to stay in the deshaun suite, lay in the same bed deshaun got his massages performed on him.
    One of the ladies had “the goods” on him, she had him by the “[email protected]” but he was able to squirm away like a cockroach. If only that lady had come forward, all those other girls could be saved from the serial molester. The lady said he was “throbbing” as he crawled away after she savagely confronted him about his evil deeds. Deshaun still doesnt believe he did anything wrong, is loving woman too much wrong? is it a crime?
    Yes deshaun is a disgusting nfl player, there is no getting around that. But can he still throw the ball? That is the only thing that matter to the cleveland browns, they have never been to a championship since jim brown was a young player, they are desperate..
    Right now deshaun is in the bermuda islands, he is working out with his fellow cleveland players, and he is also getting massages on his appendage, in bermuda there is no statue of limitations, so he can get all the massages he wants, without risk of prosecution. He is with his fellow nfl players enjoying the sun getting a tan, throbbing.
    Will deshaun have the last laugh?

  39. Stop calling women a “masseuse”, which implies happy endings included. “Massage therapist” is the neutral, professional term.

  40. 1) Watson is the most overrated QB of the last 20 years. 2) He should be shut down for at least 2 seasons. This should not only be a punishment on him but also on the browns for signing him to that contract…essentially screwing all other NFL franchises in the process.

  41. Deshaun Watson should apologize to all these women. Settle with them out of court. Get some serious help, pray, ask for forgiveness from the Lord, deal with whatever punishment comes from the NFL, and start over. We are all human and make mistakes.

  42. The Houston Texans set this man up……and as soon as he said he didn’t wanna play for them …..boom… comes all the “allegations”…….

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