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Black bachelorette shuns scientist, prefers a ‘thug’

A viral video shows a blasé black chick on Melli Monaco’s pineapple dating show shunning an eligible bachelor because he’s successful… not a thug. The 27-year-old navy man is a nuclear physicist, he’s educated, he’s remunerated and women think he’s handsome. The Al B. Sure clone also sports a curly coiffure. Yet, the bachelorette was completely unnerved by his achievements and quickly cut him off. She basically called him boring. “I need a man with some personality,” she explained. “I’m really good at reading people.” Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “Queens like men that beat their asses tho!” Another chimed in with, “She’s single baby mama material.” A third observer added, “She said he needs a personality! She needs to get a f*cking clue.”

Do women hate nice guys?

Should urban popsies stick with Pookie and Ray Ray?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Long story short, he’s better off without her and she knows it. 5-10yrs down the road she’ll make a video about her definition of a “REAL MAN” and she’ll just describe the very same dude she just curved.

  2. He has video evidence that he tried with a sister. Ladies, not a word when he scoops up a non Black woman.

  3. He fucked up the moment he started qualifying himself to her

  4. Flawed women want to be with flawed men, so they don’t have to improve themselves to get a better standard of man. But then women blame all men for not meeting their expectations, to avoid accountability.

  5. Enjoy the dusty loser you’re going to end up with… Homie is gonna be making big money in no time.

  6. Just because someone is doing well for themselves and is a good man DOES NOT mean that he is compatible with her. Why get with someone if you are going to have a miserable time with them?

  7. Unbelievable! She gets she gets a quality young man and she says he has no substance. I’ll bet if he was a thug or a gangster she would’ve have said he had a lot of substance. Youth is wasted on the young.

  8. she would have shown him some love if he had said he was a drug dealer from round the corner. These women are intimidate by a man with substance and doing something meaningful with his life. They comfortable dating guys who they can control or minitor 247. The fact that he was on point with his personality just let you know what type of woman she is. She don’t seek a high value man, she seeks a corner thug sleepiing in his mama basement. Nothing worth having… Passsssssss!!!!!

  9. Good she just would’ve brought him down to her level anyway, he’s better off without her

  10. @shawndadon44: Bingo! Thats what black men fail to understand about black women… When you’re a man of substance, you can speak english (not ebonics), youre stable, have a greta career, money, and you have your head on straight… YOU ARE INTIMIDATING to a black woman, because she must feel in some way that shes better than you.. or it wont work. She has to feel that she can fix you, change you, tame you or shes not interested. And this goes for black women of all socio-economic classes…. Black men youve been warned

  11. He doesn’t make fast cash like the drug dealers she usually dates & I guess life is boring for these 304s when they are not dodging bullets & swat teams breaking down the door at 3am…

  12. she dont want no high-value man – she want a 30K milli thug that gunna dog her fat azz once she pumps out 2-3 kids. what this MFr should be asking is what is she bringing to the table besides baggage – do she have her OWN money??

  13. She’s on the “single mother” train. He is on the “married and successful” train. Of course they have no business being with one another.

  14. He’s better off without this ignorant gutter rat. Some of these chicks are so fckn stupid, and she thought she was cute while doing it. Effin DUMMY!!!🤦‍♂️

  15. In all seriousness, this is an issue with many black women. They CAN NOT identify a potentially great black man. Look at how many GUYS in these comments are giving him respect. That should be major GREEN flag for women to at least inquire deeper. But instead, they’ll reject a man of excellence and choose a 16% pookie. Our sisters need help.

  16. She is absolutely correct in her analysis, he lacks a personality. He may be accomplished, but that is not going to keep a conversation, much less a relationship going.

  17. @pro se: The mf spoke for 73 seconds 🤣🤣🤣 if you can’t read between the lines and come to see redeeming qualities a person has by running down their resume, it’s going to be a long, hard life as far as interpersonal relationships. This the kind of shortsightedness that has chicks like her being baby mama #5 & fighting in the street behind some dude who lives in the club, can make her laugh and only wears Amiri, but if that seems like a better fit, who am I to judge, right?

  18. I personally just don’t even date anymore. Black women on the whole deal in fear. The energy literally repels them from us black men.
    Non black women can possibly give us rejected black men some hope, however I realize unless a women prioritizes a man it literally is full of strife for a man.

  19. I’m gonna agree with her, also a nuclear physicist for the Navy should know better than to admit his job publicly especially on live in attempt to get a woman

  20. As soon as she opened her mouth after he finished talking, it was OBVIOUS that she was no where near on his level. This is the kind of woman that could make him look like a fool in the wardroom in front of other Navy officers. I’m pretty sure he would have eventually dumped her anyway.

  21. Remember she said “I’m good at reading people” so she shouldn’t have anything negative to say about men if she gets with a pookie or Ray Ray cause she’s good at reading people

  22. Not surprising, what a DOOFY broad at least now she can end up with a weed head that’ll cheat on her and that’s what she deserves.

  23. Basically he’s not Tyrone who can live off her and she feels in control.

  24. Never have a woman interrogate you. You don’t have to qualify for her, it’s the other way around. He’s the prize, she’s just a average entitled woman that wants a gangster in a suit.

    And yes, you can achieve that at 27. A physics degree is 4 yr uni, PhD 2-3 yrs.

    A WW would jump at the opportunity for a guy like this. That’s the difference.

  25. She ain’t even good looking and obviously has no personality, what makes her think she is in a position to choose?

    God took Kevin Samuels too soon.

  26. You literally need dreads and a fk my life tattoo on your forehead to get a black woman. You also need to sell drugs or scam instead of being a productive member of society.

  27. She is the same chick, that will go for the Ray Ray’s and get mad that he doesn’t want to settle.. If she was serious, she needed to clarify her questions… in the meantime if he marry someone that is out his race..Congrats to him.. he could be a hidden gem.

  28. Nah, this guy is playing a role. They “interrupt” him reading a book? WTF? His webcam is on, he knows they are talking to him. He casually name-drops the book (I don’t care what it was), then talks about how he was a pharmacist (probably assistant, because those folks need degrees) pursuing a business degree (good for him, but didn’t say he graduated) then says he’s going to be a nuclear physicist for the US Navy and ships out in a few weeks … what about that past he describes suggest that he is going to be successful in that career, or that he would have even been accepted, even if the NAVY offered it? And even if they did, since he doesn’t have a degree he would be enlisted, which for high-demand fields falls far below the private sector on pay.

    Nothing he submitted suggested high earning potential or high status, therefore she must judge him on his other merits as she did, and found him lacking. Lots of people in the comments blasting her for turning him down, but I get it. Dude was trying WAY too hard, and failing at that.

  29. This is typical of MOST (not all) Sistas in the Black Community; she’s the type to put swag & style (charisma) over SUBSTANCE ! Intellectual Brothas are not appreciated in the mainstream Black Community ! SYSBM !🤷

  30. For all the black women cosigning what she said in the video, keep that same energy when you see him dropping nuke/physicists money on a white or Asian woman.

  31. I would love to see a follow up in 10 years with both of them to see where they are relationship wise. Then she can be a prime example of thots fulfilling their destiny cause I bet you she’ll still be single with at least 2 kids

  32. no chick on the planet wants to hear a dude act like he’s at a job interview when they ask him to tell her a little bit about himself.
    This dude nervous af, sucking on tongue every other word.

  33. To be honest. She realizes that this brotha is so much more intelligent than her. She was embarrassed bc she didn’t even know what his occupation consists of. She lied and said he lacked “personality.” She lacks intelligence and value to him. It’s her loss, not his.

  34. Dude isn’t 30 yet has multiple degrees, has hobbies and a damn good job. Good genes to look so young and healthy at that age. Articulate and well spoken. She realized it would get to a point he would be bored with her, she has nothing to offer. The most basic hoes got such a big ego these days and it’s y’all fault for paying them y’all whole salary to see their toes and shithole

  35. Black women are terrible at picking men. She’ll regret passing on him for the rest of her life. Bruh is solid.

  36. Dude had no game let’s be real, mouth piece out here missing. I used be like this. Can’t hinge everything on your achievements and occupation when interacting with a woman even with people in general. It’s not all about money and security there other qualities like confidence, assertiveness, humor, integrity etc. There are women attracted to this type of men and that’s cool but let’s be real most are not attracted to his type. It all boils down to attraction, can you cultivate it and maintain it. Your achievements get you through the door.

  37. women: I can’t find a man on my level… This guy shows up. He so boring!

  38. A good honest man. Who would be loyal and protect his family and that isn’t good enough. We’ve moved so far away from gender roles that even maximising his role requirements it’s still not enough. She wants a bad boy to blow her back out

  39. He’s out of black women’s league. They’re only fit to be with the charismatic Pookie and Ray Ray who’s going to leave them with 5 mystery babies.

  40. She asked an open ended question, she didn’t ask about the fun stuff he likes to do. She will be with a pookie and ray ray. I’m glad she pineappled him. I hope he gets with a pretty white or latina or Asian white girl.

  41. Salary Ranges for Nuclear Physicists
    The salaries of Nuclear Physicists in the US range from $22,088 to $589,331 , with a median salary of $106,018 . The middle 57% of Nuclear Physicists makes between $106,029 and $266,833, with the top 86% making $589,331.
    In my Fred Sanford voice “you big dummy”🤦🏿‍♂️

  42. Let’s face it our young sisters still don’t get it. They want to be entertained by a potential black suitor versus looking at where a good man is currently at and where he is going. Where are the older women to show them the way? That’s just it, they learned this BS from them, there mothers and aunties, not big momma! The late Kevin Samuels said it best! This is the kind of man that Becky and Marisol would be all over because they see all the great potential and where he will be in the future as a probable high six figure man. Sisters period, with her mindset are in real trouble man!🤦🏽‍♂️

  43. I am former Navy myself (engineering)….and the nuclear program is SERIOUS , he could be on a submarine for six months to a year! So a relationship would be difficult to maintain and I don’t think this half assed chick could keep up with him intellectually anyway as well as her maybe thinking that he was too ”corny”! Sometimes women will turn down handsome intelligent men with a future just for sport to message their EGOS only to regret it later. I am not a fan of the ”pineapple” show ..but like Melli Moneco’s other videos this chick will end up pregnant by some ”pookie” or Ray Ray” type in the hood just because of the ”’swag” and the ”D”……LOL….in the end SHE’S…..the ”corny one!!

  44. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t when dealing with women. This was an example that Kevin Samuels always said. Most men aren’t swaggy enough and end up childless. The dudes that aren’t doing much are having most of the kids.

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